Friday, October 31, 2008

Ice Cream Follow up

Thank you to everyone who voted via e-mail or blog. Miranda had 167 votes total. It was awesome. I can't remember the exact for each but I can tell you each Ice Cream Sundae stamp represent 5 votes. I forgot to take a picture of the graph but Just to let you know of the choices she gave:
Mint Chip was the bomb-diggity for most people with 8 Sundaes
A close second was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with 7 Sundaes
Vanilla 5 Sundaes
Stawberry 2 Sundaes
Chocolate 6 Sundaes
Bubble Gum 3 Sundaes
Rainbow Sherbet 2 Sundaes

So there you have it. I thought for sure Vamilla would be the all time favorite but now I know when guests come to have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip with Hot fudge of course!


Happy Halloween!

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and believe it or not it was HOT! We had to take Lauren's costume off because she had glowing pink, although beautiful, cheeks! I love everyone's pumpkin patch pictures and one of these days I will love mine too. I just can't seem to get the picture from my head to the camera to look the same. Anyways here are a couple shots since I love to show off my munchkins.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little reminder

One of the blogs I follow, Cheryl, reminded me of the talks I heard at conference. I am so glad they are finally in print because I remember thinking that I need to read and re-read these talks. Although I look forward to Conference it is still hard to pay attention with the kids and get the message. There are people who can do it but I have always had a short attention span, or focus of interest. I get side-tracked REALLY easily. What was I saying...oh, yes. So the talks are now in print and I remember Saturday afternoon being most touched with the messages of hope. Looking quickly over the topics I came across this talk Come What May, and Love It by Joseph B. Wirthlin. What a great talk and what a wonderful time to be reminded of it. I posted previously about the Prop 8 sign being stolen and the banner that a friend got to replace it. I know it is a serious matter but it makes me smile and even chuckle. Another friend hosted a calling party for Prop 8. It sounded like so much fun. I loved how she made something that most people find dreadful into something to laugh through. Not saying it wasn't hard but they still had fun. What the nation is going through right now is crazy, economy issues, same-sex-marriage, presidential election. I am not sure if I am caring more about what is happening as I see it affecting me and my family or if times are changing that much that I can no longer live in that bubble of ignorance or innocence.

I do have to say that come what may after all this is done I WILL love it! I have a loving family, I couldn't be happier with the man who choose me as his wife. He treats me better than I ever knew a husband can treat a wife. I have five children who are no doubt exhausting but they love me so unconditionally I can't describe it. I am so blessed. All the other stuff is just STUFF. We roll with it, and even learn to make jokes about it and laugh lots.

Elder Wirthlin interprets his mother when she would say "Come What May and Love it" to mean this :

...that every life has peaks and shadows and times when it seems that the birds don’t sing and bells don’t ring. Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result.

He goes on to say:
But I do believe that the way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life.

If we approach adversities wisely, our hardest times can be times of greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest happiness.

With all the stuff going on there are so many people that I admire their class when dealing with adversity. The lack of retaliation or bad mouthing. Pure class! Some may see it as weak, but I see it as strength. Acting on those negative emotions such as anger does nothing to fight your cause and not controlling those emotions creates hasty and not well thought out decisions.

In closing his talk he says "Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives." Of this I have a strong testimony. I know first hand well I guess first hand once removed (hee-hee) that adversity can send someone to depths they never thought possible, and going through it is so awful that it is hard to even find reason to press on. Looking back at that dark time, so much strength and so many blessings have come because of that time, I wouldn't trade it for anything...nor would I wish to live that time again. I am so grateful for the eternal perspective in all these trials, this is a short time that we have been given to show our faith in Heavenly Father, in His Plan for us, and in the love he has for our imperfect selves. He has promised us blessings, we just need to do our part. There is no better way to do it then laugh through it, keep that eternal perspective, know that we will be compensated in His time, and trust in the Father and the Son. All of which Elder Wirthlin speaks about in his talk.

What a great talk! I can't wait to read other talks, I'm feeling stronger already!

Kind of Funny

I was looking through my Facebook friends and came across this picture:

I think it would be very fitting for us except add a line or two mine should read:

So someone stole my FIRST Yes on 8 sign, then they destroyed my second sign and left it on my lawn, the THIRD sign has battle damage because we caught the teenager in the act and he walked away not looking back. Yet it is still standing strong.

They tried to take away my freedom of speech yet I still respect theirs.

What's next??? Calling ME hateful?

Rumor has it that this sign is close to a busy intersection, I may have to drive by and show my support.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Treat

Jeremy has some good Halloween costumes. We were going through pictures at his mom's house and he was looking for two costumes that he frequently talks about. One is the patriot costume that originated with his Uncle Mike a few (wink, wink) years prior, then to Chris, his brother, then to Jeremy. The next year he creatively turned it from a Patriot to Pirate. Is that OK? So we found the Patriot picture and Jeremy was extremely excited, then his joy immediately turned to sorrow when he noticed his head from his eyes up was cut off. Luckily the true purpose for his search was successful. For all of you who grew up in my generation, you may remember under-roos. Well here is a living memory of them:

For those of you who don't know that is little 3.5 year old Jeremy in his underwear getting ready to trick-or-treat. To top it off he was the coolest tricker treater that year. To this day he is still proud of his costume...I must also add it was his idea, his mom DID NOT make him wear his underwear as a costume.

To be fair I thought I would post a picture of my self at the same age. Here I am at 3 years old as none other than a fairy:

And with that Happy Halloween and anjoy this treat from us to you!

Miranda's Homework

Miranda is doing a project for school and has to graph some data. She is choosing to graph people's favorite ice cream flavor. If you have a minute can you look at the poll on the side bar and click on you favorite. I have made it so you can vote for each member of your family. I will post a picture of the end project to reward you for your input. I did send out an e-mail so you don't need to do both, you can do one or the other, we want the data to be fair!

Thanks so much, Miranda and I appreciate your help.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another craft...DONE!

I have a very old sewing machine. I am guessing some where in the 50's it was the new supermatic model.

I have a project I want to complete, but I am not sure how to work the machine. I don't have the owner's manual so I (who know nothing about sewing machines...or sewing for that matter) am learning by trial and error sprinkled with blind luck. I think I have it but now I have a new problem with a few of the old ones popping back up every now and then, like missing stitches. Now when I press the pedal the machines gear up to go but nothing moves, so I press harder then it takes off like a mad woman, but then it misses stitches. Anyways, I am going to have to suck it up and pay to get it cleaned and maybe ask some questions.

So I decided to make a little tote to test out the machine. I would rather mess up on a "fake project than on a real one. It turned out pretty cute and all my girls now want one. Even Lauren got her turn carrying it around.

These are left over scraps from Loagan's baby blanket. It doesn't look nearly as femanine on his quilt though!

In honor of 300

This is post 300. Who knew I had so much to share! If you know me you may actually be surprised that this is ONLY post 300. If you don't know me then I am a very quiet person who hardly shares anything, so 300 is a big deal. In honor of post 300 I am here to announce I am officially 30 weeks along in this pregnancy. So I must share another cartoon.

pregnancy cartoon

This one is particularly funny to me since just this morning Logan said "Mom your belly is huge, it keeps getting bigger!" Well he may not have said huge but that is what I heard. As hard as it is to see my girth getting bigger, I am happy that Baby Jackson and I are extremely healthy, and I will say that my weight is mostly in the belly region and most importantly I am still a ways away from how much I weighed with Lauren and the twins. Nonetheless I am still huge. If you want to laugh at my aches and pains or commiserate, email me and we can talk. I'll give you a laundry list...well not that many, this pregnancy has been pretty good that was. Give it another week and I may be say "This is Terrible!"

Here's to 30 and 300! Please don't get them confused I don't want to be 300 weeks pregant!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat and annual Chili Cook-Off. Although Jeremy said my chili was first to be emptied, the Bishop won first prize. For those of you who are wondering what trunk-or-treat is, here is your answer. People from church park their cars, some even decorate, and then sit on their bumper or trunk of the car and pass out candy to the kids. The kids run around like crazy sugar induced hybrids and do laps around the parking lot until the last bit of sugar has been claimed.
As part of it they do a costume contest. This year it seems the adults won more prizes than the kids. All Logan could talk about was how cool his costume was and that he was for sure going to win. I tried to explain that there would be lots of people dressed up and even if he didn't win I thought he would be the cutest cowboy there. He corrected me by saying "you mean the c-c-coolest" (He's working on beginning sounds at school!) I agreed he would also be the cutest. So on to your favorite part the pictures. I took the route of I am pregnant and being a cow twice is a little humiliating, so here is my Bah-Humbug for costumes this year.

Jeremy- well he dressed up as...his favotie answer was Tim Doll 10 years ago. He won for the wildest costume. Although every one tried to discretely ask Who is he?

Miranda - a fifties girl

Logan - a cowboy

Haylie - Minnie

Hannah - Aice in Wonderland (although she wanted to be Minnie instead)

Lauren - a Hybrid between a Pegasus (cause she had wings) and a Unicorn because she had a horn.

And finally my festive family. Hannah is frowning because she doesn't like Daddy's wig.
We won the award for cutest family group. Well-Duh! Just kidding, but they were cute. I think we won since we out number most families.

In Jeremy's defense he does have a better costume for Halloween, we just hadn't got the pieces yet so he dug through and had a couple ideas. I voted for K-Fed, If I hadn't borrowed all my costume parts I would have dressed up as Britney Spears.
Note my "No photos" hand gesture. I was born to be a star! Oh and my tank top said "I have the Golden ticket" with an arrow pointing to my belly!

A Logan Funny

Jeremy was doing his daily routine of getting ready for work. The kids, if they wake up early. will go sit on the floor in the bathroom wrapped in their blankets form Grandma Nel and watch him get ready. As Jeremy religiously flosses his teeth Logan says, "Daddy why do you use canker floss?" I don't think we talk about those very much but you never know. Then he seemed very confused when we told him it was Dental Floss, not canker floss. When asked why it is called canker floss, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A first for me!

I am notorious for thinking of projects, getting supplies, starting them, but never completing them. If on rare occasion I do complete them I never put them to use. I think this is a very strong quality of women so I don't think that I am unique, but maybe I am. Needless to say, I thought of a project, got the supplies, started, finished and put them to use. Yeah for me! I thought I would share the end product.

One of these days my project will be to learn how to hang pictures straight! It kind of fits the theme at home...lived in with 5 kids running around!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was thinking last night about Prop 8. In all honesty I have never felt like such a horrible hateful person in all my life. The media and blogs have done a great job of making Prop 8 about hate. If you vote yes that means you hate gay people. It is trying, and it would be so much easier to throw my hands in the air and give up. It is not fun being viewed this way when I try so hard to be friendly to all people no matter what.

This maybe an imperfect analogy but it came to me and I thought I would share it. In the movie Incredibles, towards the end Syndrome is sharing his plan. He wanted to create all these cool trinkets that allowed him to be like the super hero. Then he plans to sell them to everyone. Then he states "When everyone is super it will make nobody super" Or something similar. I love that quote for so many reasons. I usually associate it with comparing myself to other moms. There are a million super moms that have qualities I wish I had. But if we were all the same we would have nothing to offer. We have all been given gifts and attributes that make us, EVERYONE, super in our own unique ways.

So thinking of marriage, it is special because it has been kept unique in that it is between a man and a woman. For a lot of people it is thought of as sacred. I know the "super" analogy makes it seem like I think marriage is "super" and those who aren't or can't are not worthy or less then those who are married. That is not how I feel. I want to keep marriage as that sacred union that has been honored for centuries. Why can't there be a new legal union that allows people with differing opinions on what marriage should be have their own special, or sacred term? Am I hateful for wanting to protect that? If prop 8 fails, am I going to raise a fit and start egging people who want to be married to the same gender, or start making fun of them, or ostracizing them? The answer is no. Or if it passes am I going to stick out my tongue and say neener-neener. There is no celebratory side on this particular issue some one is going to be sad which makes me sad. I have no desire to be mean to anyone even if their views and beliefs differ from mine. I respect their opinion. I would also hope that standing up and acting upon my beliefs instead of hiding them or going with the flow to avoid persecution would be honorable too. However I know with my vote that I am standing up for what I believe, and am defending it with the rights I have been given as a citizen of this country.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day on the Green

A funny title for a family who doesn't golf huh? Well on Friday, Logan and Miranda's school has an Annual Day on the Green. This is when all the parents get to go the school and have a barbecued lunch with their kids. Bringing their blankets chairs and siblings. Lucky for us Jeremy works close to the school and was able to take his lunch to eat with us. We got to visit with other families and see some of our favorite teachers. It was a fun Friday treat and look forward to this for quite a few years to come!

Twinado WARNING in California

We have an emergency weather announcement. A Twinado has touched ground in my back yard!

It all started while I was enjoying a good book (Brisingr is great!) and my perfect little ones were in the back yard frolicking about giggling and being the sweetest little peaches around. Then the weather changed! Miranda and Logan came in and exclaimed "Mom come see what Haylie and Hannah did!" With that I leisurely walked to the door trying to decide if the excitement was something I should be proud of or afraid of?! I decided I should ask if they are hurt, so I did and then Miranda held up a stick with about three inches of the end covered in white. Humph? What could that be, then I was informed they got into the paint. Two 5-gallon buckets with the nice NOT CHILD PROOF unscrewable spouts! As I turned the first corner, Haylie was standing with her hands behind her back looking up at me with puppy dog eyes a little bit of paint on her pants. As I round the next corner to our side yard I see Hannah who was walking out of her hiding space, make an about face and try to return to hide. And there next to the house the two buckets of paint. I am sure there are now rocks inside the paint just and some other items that we will just simply label as garbage now. The stick that Miranda brought me was one of triplets. Yes three sticks. I do admire their creativity though. There is a nice paint swirl on our rocks. Who am I to stifle artistic potential?

Reading this may sound like it was really bad. I really just wanted some sympathy, but alas I will attach photos and you will probably think that's nothing. My kid would have done that and painted half the house. So I am grateful they are dainty little girls but still. Oh and to top it off...we just bought them the clothes they were wearing. Again it is minor but still now we will get accused of child labor. People may think we made our three year olds paint the house before they could eat or something!!!!


Well this is on honor of 29 weeks pregnant. Last night I woke up at 3 am to the sound of little feet running to the bathroom. It was then I was inspired to write a blog post. From my very first pregnancy my symptoms have been contagious. Starting with heart burn and a small bladder. Sorry Jer if this is too personal. One of the first signs I am pregnant is Jeremy can't get through the night (not every night) without using the restroom. I thought that was the extent. These two things seem to happen with each pregnancy. This pregnancy I must have the hormones of several women pumping through me (that would be funny if I was pregnant with multiple girls huh?). I have suddenly become aware that Haylie, Hannah, and Miranda are now often waking up in the middle of the night to relieve themselves. I am grateful that they make it to the bathroom though. They are quiet but I still wake up, otherwise my bladder would allow me a good nights rest. My poor family who has to suffer with the cold middle of the night trips. I can say I am glad it is you and not me!

Please forgive the language but the cartoon is funny and so true:

pregnancy cartoon

Friday, October 17, 2008

Messmaker Messmaker, Make me a mess!

As you look at these pictures sing this song to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.

Everywhere that Lauren went,
Lauren went
Lauren went
Everywhere that Lauren went,
The mess was sure to flow!

This is laundry Jeremy just folded the night before.

Or Matchmaker

Messmaker, Messmaker Make me a mess, find me a drawer, make me a mess.

Newspapers that were neatly stacked, pulled off the barstools (Notice at the side of the picture there is a toy basket that sits undisturbed.)

Just to let you know she gets the messmaking quality form Jeremy, he is SOOO messy! OK that is not true he spends more time cleaning then most husbands I know.

1. Lauren took the dish towels and potholders out of the drawer, the magnets off the fridge and for light reading enjoyed browsing through some cookbooks.

2. For a little heavier reading she pulled off this weeks jewels from the library. Apparently it held no interest for her.

3. She decided Logan needed to clean out his drawers. He was a great sport and refolded his clothes and put them back in his drawer. He even got a little forceful when I offered to help. What's a mom to do?

4. The tornado in action, with a book in hand. Her passion for books is from Grandma Bev!

This happened in a short period of time, and I didn't manage to get a picture of the Kleenex Box that was emptied in our bathroom one valuable Kleenex at a time (yes we have snotty noses again!)

Would you ever think this little cutie could wreak so much havoc?

Baby Jackson

Earlier this week we were walking to school and Logan was saying his legs were tired. As usual I was a slave driver since we were running too close to late so I made them walk fast. I told him I know, I'm sorry we are running late but I am tired too, I have a big belly to carry. That was the end of the exchange or so I thought. We dropped Logan and Miranda off at school and were headed home at a leisurely pace. When Hannah said "I think Baby Jackson is tired." I usually tell them when he isn't kicking that he is sleeping, but you never know the connections little minds make so I asked why? and she told me that it was from all the walking! Oh the irony! He sits in a fairly comfortable stretched out womb with a warm bath being gently rocked a lot of the day. I can see why HE is so tired!

Then yesterday as we were walking home, Haylie said "I think Baby Jackson is taking a bath." Now this was another opportunity to see how creative my little twinies are! I asked how he got the soap in there. They didn't get the question, so after I asked for the third time I changed the question, "Is he using soap?" " Yes" was the reply. "What kind of soap?" "Pretend soap!" Don't know why I didn't see that one coming!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A cool blog...

I have been addicted to this blog, mostly because it is a well connected citizen in my area. He is usually up with the media on breaking stories. He tends to follow local crimes and the School District along with other community happenings. Sometimes his topics get a little sensitive, but it is a place where you can communicate or at least get your opinion out there. So anyways here is the blog link He calls himself the Mayor of Claycord, which is Concord and Clayton put together and has a couple other names such as Pittioch for Pittsburg and Antioch.

Note, I never realized the crime that actually does happen in our area, so having this has made me be a little more observant and cautious while I am out. If you already worry to much it may not be the best site to follow.

Also note, my brother-in-law told me he is mostly correct with information but sometimes he is a little off.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That's TWO!

I left today for a total of 2 hours max. When I came home our second sign was gone. I kind of thought maybe Jer brought it in for the night. So when I saw him he kind of chuckled and said "No it was ripped up and left on our porch." He is heading out to get more. I told him if I get egged while walking the kids to and from school I am drawing the line. The funny thing is that our neighbors replaced their sign from last night and there's was not touched. It may help their blinds were open and both cars in the driveway.

Movies please

I was wondering if you know of a good movie that has come out. I am in need of some romantic comedies rated PG-13 or better, not a lot of language, violence or skin.

I have wanted to see What Happens in Vegas but I am not sure, so if you can tell me about that movie that would be great.

All righty then, hopefully I will get some good comments!

Here I go again...

I knew I had a problem but now I am admitting it to the world wide web. When a problem or difficult situation happens I can't help but think about it constantly. I can't help but think about Prop 8 ALL the time. I think I lost a lot of sleep, partly being pregnant and needing to toss and turn a lot, but when I would turn I would think about it again and again!

I think about the different ways this can affect our lives. Of course the threat for good ol' California is to be the fore runner to whatever happens in other Connecticut, is scary to all. Now I want to remind you that I am writing from my own thoughts and perspective, not as a mouth piece for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). While I hope what I say is in accordance with what I have been taught and how the church stands, I am an individual and am prone to mistakes.

It has really bothered me about how much the word hate has been used in this campaign. Whether in reference to hate speech, hate crimes, etc. Why does differing opinions have to result in that? Never has that kind of action been endorsed or promoted by the church. It has always been approached as this is what we believe but you are never to treat others unkindly. I was thinking about how Jesus would respond, you know the ever cliche WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). The more I thought of it the more I turned to his example. Jesus was amongst the sinners, the poor, the outcasts. Those are who he was most compassionate towards. He used their situations to teach others how to love all. Of course some of the practices about cleanliness were just ridiculous and Jesus showed that there is no reason to isolate them, that we are to show compassion. The people who sinned, for example the lady who was taken in adultery (John 8), Jesus loved them. He also did not say "although I know what you are doing is not in accordance with My Father, keep doing it, it's your choice. He loved them, taught them what was right and told them to "sin no more." Would he love them less if they chose to continue on with their mistake, NO! He loved all.

While we are not to judge others ever, it does not mean that we are excused from following His teachings. None of us are perfect, but when I think about what could happen it makes me sad. There are a lot of different points of view on this matter. I would never mock or say mean things about some one else, but at the same time I want to worship in a way that I feel is pleasing to the Lord, not because the government decided it is not politically correct. We, as members of the LDS church have what we call the Articles of Faith. There are thirteen of them and they state pretty clearly what we believe as members of our church. There are two I want to point out.

The first is 11. We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

The other is 12. We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

These two in particular stood out because we believe we need to uphold the law, we also believe that we should be free to choose how, when and where we worship. This of course is not limited to only members of the LDS church, it is for all people. This allows interpretation for religious beliefs, but it also, to me, means that others should not force their beliefs on you as an individual. Most churches have a structure or core belief system, if that structure does not suit your beliefs then you have the right and privilege to attend else where. Where the conflict occurs is that we need to follow the law. If the law dictates how we worship, what are we to do? That is why the argument of Prop 8 attacks religious freedom. I think of marriage and it is a word that means a joining of two people before God, and the God I believe in, have faith in and a testimony of, has taught me that this is between a man and a woman.

With that being said we all have the right to free speech. We put a sign in our front yard and so did a couple neighbors. They were all stolen last night. I know we are not the only one that this has happened to. If all the political signs were stolen it would at least be fair that some one wants no voice to be heard. Or if all Prop 8 signs were taken down, but only Yes on Prop 8 signs. This is frustrating, and I am not saying that this action represents everyone who plans on voting no, it doesn't have to be this way!

ETA: I have been told there was a news story that this is going both ways, I am sorry that people feel they need to do it either way. I would also say the few people who are taking the signs down ruin it for both sides. It doesn't help your cause.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 28

and another cartoon:

pregnancy cartoon

This is funny because for the first half plus of my pregnancy I had little to no sweet cravings. Now I am looking for something yummy revolving around chocolate and can be found in the freezer isle, with maybe some peanut butter swirled in, I am actually looking forward to Halloween and getting some good candy from the kids while they are sleeping, oh and baking is happening again. Not alot, but more then the past 6 months. I think little Jackson is developing his sweet tooth at this stage of the game. (I added the "little" for positive thoughts!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm flooding your inbox

When I went away in August, Jeremy surprised me by taking the kids to get their photos taken. We were supposed to get them via the Internet but it never happened so I finally got around to scanning them in. In order of appearance (in our lives):
Miranda Leigh "I'm so grown up" 7 and a half
Logan Michael 5 and three quarters just about to start kindergarten
Haylie Anne (Orange) followed by Hannah June (Yellow) 3 and a half

Lauren Grace 15 months
The first picture was the best group shot they could get. After They were done looking at all the pictures there was no one waiting so the lady brought them back in and took the two pictures that are "tall" or portrait style like the first one. Jeremy liked how the older ones were looking over the younger ones. Props to Jeremy for all he does. He is never afraid to take the kids all out. He took them shopping to get similar shirts and did a great job with the colors. Miranda did her own hair but Jeremy did the twins hair. He was made to be a dad and loves every minute of it!

Lauren's busy

She is not exactly walking independently yet. Crawling is still her preferred mode of quick transportation. She is however standing up on her own and taking multiple wobbly steps. Every once in a while she will take 6-7 steps that are very controlled. She will get there, she is just making it known she is going to work at her own pace. Her new favorite thing is pushing her stroller. Since we walk to and from the school 3 times a day, one of her siblings will push her to the school and as soon as we get there she gets fussy so I take her out. It didn't take long for her to push away from me. She has decided that she will walk home. So she holds on to her too tall stroller and pushes it. It is funny to watch!

The kids figured out a while ago that the play baby strollers work really well to push each other around in. Hard wood floors are excellent for mischief! Lauren has been using them to walk for some time but she has now discovered it is fun to push her sister in the stroller. Here is a little video of her giving Hannah a ride. On a side note she will push the stroller around and go up and down the steps. She has a hard time walking but she manages to take a step or two carrying the stroller to lift it up the step.

Pumpkin Farm

I got to be one of the lucky volunteers to go to the pumpkin patch with Logan's Kindergarten class. It was CHAOTIC but lots of fun. The wind was pretty intense and it was cold. We got to go to the petting zoo, and then see a show in a barn where we learned about new instruments like the washboard, a jaw harp, sticks and then another one that used a wash basin a string and a broom, kind of like a big guitar with one string. It makes a deep sound.
Then we took a little tractor ride to the back of the corn fields and picked out pumpkins. It was tiring but fun all the kids enjoyed it and I think it would be a fun place to go as a family.

Date night with Dad

For Father's Day Jeremy received a coupon book. Each of the kiddos got to choose something fun to do alone with Daddy. Logan and Miranda wanted to do an A's game and agreed they would go together. So he got the tickets in May and the three of them had to wait until September. It was the A's verses the Angels. Back in July the kids did a bake sale and earned money to buy treats at the game. Miranda and Jeremy got:

Logan enjoyed his Cotton Candy. Here are some pictures from the fun night at the ball fields, oh and the A's won that game.

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