Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Jackson

Earlier this week we were walking to school and Logan was saying his legs were tired. As usual I was a slave driver since we were running too close to late so I made them walk fast. I told him I know, I'm sorry we are running late but I am tired too, I have a big belly to carry. That was the end of the exchange or so I thought. We dropped Logan and Miranda off at school and were headed home at a leisurely pace. When Hannah said "I think Baby Jackson is tired." I usually tell them when he isn't kicking that he is sleeping, but you never know the connections little minds make so I asked why? and she told me that it was from all the walking! Oh the irony! He sits in a fairly comfortable stretched out womb with a warm bath being gently rocked a lot of the day. I can see why HE is so tired!

Then yesterday as we were walking home, Haylie said "I think Baby Jackson is taking a bath." Now this was another opportunity to see how creative my little twinies are! I asked how he got the soap in there. They didn't get the question, so after I asked for the third time I changed the question, "Is he using soap?" " Yes" was the reply. "What kind of soap?" "Pretend soap!" Don't know why I didn't see that one coming!

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