Monday, June 28, 2010

A giveaway or two!

Crafting blogs all over the web are giving away  Silhouette machines.  Oh how I want one so I can jump on the vinyl band wagon.  You can use it for so many facets of crafting.  Check out their website and see that the possibilities are endless!

You can enter to win one by going to Tater Tots and Jello or Just a Girl and entering.  You can earn up to 10 entries between the two websites!

Good luck if you enter and if you do, would you mind sharing your coolness with me?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bear Creek!

A new couple moved into our ward and kindly invited us over for a barbecue.  It was fun to get to know them as well as some of their friends.  As Jeremy was talking to the husband, Chad, they got on the subject of running.  He introduced Jeremy to the life of trail running.  They decided that they would run in the next one which happened to be a week away.  Jeremy waited until the last minute to register, but he did it.

This morning, Chad picked up Jeremy and they were on their way.  When he got there Jeremy saw another friend.  As they were talking Jeremy told him that this was his first trail run experience.  His friend said that this was the hardest trail run that Brazen Racing puts on, in his opinion.  That kind of freaked him out he was wondering what he had gotten into.  The first three miles was uphill, he had to walk a little.  Jeremy said the last mile was a thin trail where there wasn't room to pass  As well as a couple trees to climb over.  The trail was up and down.  After it was over he was able to see the times.  When he crossed the line, he saw the time was 1 hour and 30 minutes.  He was a little disappointed, but considering the inclines, he thought it was reasonable.  He looked at the times as they were posted and he found his time and it said that it was 1 hour and 11 minutes.  His friend explained to him that the time starts when the Half Marathoners go so you had to subtract 25 minutes.  He also pointed out that Jeremy came in first for his age group.  Woo-Hoo!  I wish I was there to greet him across the finish line.  Needless to say, I am proud of his effort, the only thing that would make him more cool was if he did a Tri-sprint! ; )

Here is a picture of Jeremy when he got home.
A close up of his medals.  One for finishing and one for being an "Age Group Winner."  The bummer part is that since he signed up so late, he didn't get a t-shirt, but there is always next time!
Of course he had to make sure the medals were real!
Sure enough they were real medal!  I would have preferred chocolate but this isn't about me!

Just for information sake, Jeremy Bic'd (you know like the Bic Razor and Shaving gel) his hair so a friend would do it, kind of like a support group.  He didn't do it for wind resistance.  He says now "I will never shave my head again until I have to!"  Here is the "Bald Brothers Unite"  Support Group!
Unfortunately for Jeremy, he is the only one who is not balding so he actually cut off lots of hair!  Chris' hair was longer but he didn't have as much!  I don't think it looks bad, but I think I like his head better with hair, and he does too!

Yeah for Saturday, I hope you have some good memories today, I know we do!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Repentance AND Forgiveness {Wordfull Wednesday}

June 23 - Repentance and Forgiveness - If any of you have never done anything wrong please raise your hand!  All of us have had need to seek out forgiveness, to give forgiveness and to repent. How do you teach your children about repentance and forgiveness? "Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness," (Family Proclamation, paragraph7)

I think this is funny to come up right now.  This week in Sunday school at church we are talking about Samuel.  This is the question that caught my eye: What does 1 Samuel 16:7 teach about how the Lord evaluates us? What does the Lord look for in our hearts? How can we improve our ability and commitment to see beyond the outward appearance of others and look on the heart?

In Chapter 15 it talks about how Saul obeyed the Lord in killing all the Amalekites and he was supposed to destroy ALL possessions, including livestock.  Saul didn't want to see such fatted calves and such go to waste so he kept them and gave them as a burnt offering to God. While offering the best is what God wants He wants us to be obedient even more.  While this is a side note the second part of the question is what caught my attention.  I have a real problem of judging people.  Not in a way that I automatically assume who they are but, "Why would they do that?  I would do..." kind of a way.  It is not good and it is something with this lesson that really was brought to the fore front of my thoughts, it is something that I need to repent of.  This is for this reason that I am grateful for the gift of repentance, I don't need to be perfect, but I need to do my best to be obedient to the commandments that have been given to me.

I love the topic of repentance and forgiveness.  We use it all the time in our home.  On a scale that the kids can grasp I teach them how it works.  When the so called innocent was wronged and they come tattle I ask if the "wrong-doer" apologized, if the answer is yes, then I explain that we are required to forgive, and it is now between the other person and Heavenly Father.  I have said this so many times that I wasn't sure they were listening anymore.  Then I heard one of my children (pick one) say "Logan, I am sorry" Logan responded with "I forgive you."  I thought that was awesome.  In their sweet innocent childlike understanding, they get it.  After that they walk away and are friends again.

Although this is a gospel principle that I have a testimony of and believe in wholeheartedly, it is hard for me to use.  I kneel down and say my prayers and share those things I am grateful for and the things that I pour my heart out about.  It is very rarely that I think about my numerous mistakes.  Lucky for me there is no time expiration on the gift of the Atonement!

I loved the talk from Pres. Uchtdorf when he educated us about flying.  He explained that when piloting there is always "a point of safe return" or more commonly know as the "point of no return."  Before this point the plane will have enough fuel to make it safely back to the airport.  He goes on to share this:

It’s Never Too Late

Satan wants us to think that when we have sinned we have gone past a “point of no return”—that it is too late to change our course. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the gift of God to His children to correct and overcome the consequences of sin. Christ came to save us. If we have taken a wrong course, the Atonement of Jesus Christ can give us the assurance that sin is not a point of no return. A safe return is possible if we will follow God’s plan for our salvation.

There Is Always Hope

Wherever you find yourselves on this journey through life, whatever trials you may face, there is always a point of safe return; there is always hope. You are the captain of your life, and God has prepared a plan to bring you safely back to Him, to your divine destination.
The gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ provides us at all times and at all places with the blessings of repentance and forgiveness. Because of this gift, the opportunity to make a safe return from the disastrous course of sin is available to all of us. Happiness in this life and eternal joy in a life to come will be our reward if we choose to accept and apply this gift of our Heavenly Father.

Doesn't that bring you peace of mind? It does not only for me but knowing my children have this gift as well.

Thank you Cocoa at Chocolate on My Cranium, for presenting a topic!

The Beach

Yesterday, along with a couple of friends, we ventured out to Alameda and hung out at Crown Memorial Beach.  It is in the bay so the waves are not much more than a lake would be.  It was a great place to go and not stress about the dangers of the ocean.  Don't get me wrong we watched the kids like hawks but there was no huge waves to pull the sand out from under their feet and pull them away! 

It was windy but sunny.  The view was pretty cool too.  You could see the fog rolling over the hills into the bay.

The kids had a blast running around, I was reminded why I hate the beach.  I wish there would be an invention to keep the sand off the kids hands, as well as blankets and really far away from food.  Luckily it wasn't about me but about the kids and they had a good enough time that they even said they would enjoy coming back.

The boys loved playing on the rocks and the girls laid down in the sand and collected about 1,628,158 broken pieces of shells.  Sadly, ahem, we left them in their natural habitat.  As well as the feather...don't tell the girls they haven't asked about it's whereabouts yet! 

Jackson was free for about 30 minutes.  In that time he ventured around the rocks, tried to pet a chipmunk (or are the ground squirrels?), tried to chase ducks, pet geese and really wanted to take home a cute little dog!  So mostly he just stayed in the stroller.

Since we finally got our car cleaned from our cross country trip last summer, I was a little hesitant to get my beach babes into the car, so we headed up to the nearby park/play structure.  The kids surprisingly wanted to play in the SAND.  By then they were all dry so the sand fell off of them.

After a long day we headed home and 5 of 6 kiddos fell asleep in the car.  When I got home this was the most precious reward for a great day.

The kids really love each other and I want to treasure these memories so when they get to be teenagers and everyone is always in their space I can remind them of these moments.

And a quick reminder that she is precious:
She was telling me she didn't like the sand...or maybe she was picking her nose, the face would work for  either situation!
This is what summer vacation is all about!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Brookwood pictures!

We went to the park today.  It was Brookwood Park in Pleasant Hill.  It was my first time so I thought I would do a little review.  Pictures would be help, but I didn't bring my camera. (You can try this link then click on the bottom left little bubble at Taylor and Withers)

The park is in the hills so there are trees surrounding the park.  The down side is that there are no benches to sit on near the play structure.  Also there are no swings.

This park is probably great if your children are walking,  It is really not good for crawlers.   There was a basketball court and picnic benches, they just happened to be further away than you would probably like with little ones.  There is a great grassy area but it is up above the park so you can't really see the grassy area if you need to be at the play structure.  For older kids there are trees to climb and be a little more adventurous as well as a really little stream, but when watching little ones at the park, the adventure could be a little dangerous.

My opinion:
For 5 and up I think it is perfect.   For crawlers, I would suggest finding another park. For mixed ages I would suggest not going alone, then everyone can be happy and be supervised!

If you came to this park and have something to add please feel free to leave a comment!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The story of the day...

Today was our Stake Conference.  Twice a year all the wards and branches (congregations), about 6, in our stake meet together and get the same leadership direction.  Our stake boundaries are kind of long and skinny so we actually hold two meetings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Jeremy got to speak at both of them.  For the first one it was perfect, I got to stay at home, the kids ran free, albeit too free, but free nonetheless.  Then the second one came around.  I kept Jackson awake so he would sleep through the two hour meeting.  I even became "one of THOSE mothers" and put sleeping Jackson in a stroller, so he would stay asleep through the meeting.  Since Jeremy was on the stand it left me and my dear mother-in-law to keep 6 kids reverent though out.  The first 30 minutes were perfect.  Jackson stayed asleep, Lauren colored and the other four didn't have any problems.  Then Lauren got hungry, then thirsty, then cranky so I had to take her out.  After I sternly whispered at her I went to sit back down and I tripped over the stroller.  Which woke Jackson up.  So for the next 20 minutes I spent wrestling with Lauren and pushing the stroller, going to the bathroom and getting more frustrated with Lauren.  I brought her in a room and bear held her while she screamed.  I am not sure the spirit was with me at this moment, but I prayed for patience.  My goal was to be able to hear Jeremy speak and things were not looking good.  I keep wondering if the Lord is trying to teach me humility, but honestly I didn't think I would get to sit through the whole thing.  Together Jeremy and I have not sat through a whole Stake conference yet, so I didn't believe my kids were any exception to two hours being too long for the kids to sit still!  Maybe I think my kids are pretty awesome and that they can do it and I was being taught that my kids are like everyone else's.  So after near tears and frustration to the ends of my capability we made one last trip to the bathroom since Lauren was screaming "Poo-poo! Poo-Poo!" I asked her several times are you sure, and she said "yeth" so I took her, it was not a successful mission, back to my empty room I went.  I might have been pouting and stomping at this point but there are no witnesses that I am aware of so what I mean to say is, I walked back to my safe haven full of grace and poise, with the patience of an angel, and sat in a padded Relief Society chair wondering why couldn't I just be able to hear Jeremy's talk.  Lauren continued to scream in my ear.  The good part was that I just told her to sit in the chair next to me and she did, she actually stayed seated, she continued to scream.  Then she calmed down put her head on my lap and fell asleep.  She stayed asleep for the rest of the meeting and I got to hear Jeremy's talk and it was wonderful.  I will not lie I am so happy to be his wife, and I always love to hear him speak.  The second hour was perfect, well a little warm with Lauren asleep in my arms, but I heard the last three speakers in their entirety.  Towards the end Logan handed me his note book which he had written his favorite things.  Here is how he wrote it: the ( ) contain my editing

My faveourite
Drawing, writing, Playing with Legos, Movies, Star Wars transformers, Playing video games, Playing with Dad, Coloring Pictures, Playing, My friends, Money, gutairs (guitars), Lego sets, Reading, Quack Quack (his stuffed penguin he got when he was 1) When Gramal (grandma) and Uncle Chris come, Playdates, Bugs, Akchen figurs (Action Figures), going to my cusens (cousins), Origamy, BaskettBall, Baseball, going swiming, My Birthday, Christmas (7 days after his birthday), talking, being funny, My Brother, playing wiht fake wepens (weapons), Baking wiht mom, eating, Reseling (wrestling), sleepovers, going to gramals house, going to the Movies, Going to the CD credet Union (Jeremy's work), Doodiling (doodling), sleeping, Running, Hallidays (holidays), Dasert (dessert is Da-bomb!), dinner, lunch, snacks, Breckfest (breakfast), naps, long naps, Activities, Milk, Jiuce, Lego watches, finding legos, My best friend Aiden, spanesh (Spanish), Romote kuntrol things (remote control), Music, speshal nihgts (special nights-this is when one child gets to stay up late with just me and Jer and choose what they want to do, usually involving "da-sert!"), Books, Animals, Webkinz, Wii, My Mes (Miis from the Wii), Gifts, School, Being chaste by girls, Mom and Dad, Hoolihoops (Hoola Hoops), tricks, climbing, Gum, Blizzards (you know the ice cream kind from Dairy Queen), candy, Ice cream Cream (yes he put it in twice), going to the parks. 

When I read this a few things gave me reason to smile, like the food part, I am sure he was starving when he wrote this.  The part where he wrote that his Brother was one of his favorite things.  I am glad to know that special nights mean that much to him.  The nap, long naps, that was funny too.  My all time favorite was when he wrote Being Chaste by girls!  Of course he meant chased, but I thought how cool that he spelled it wrong and it means something virtuous and awesome.

According to the third definition of chaste means 3.pure, decent, or modest in nature, behavior, etc.  I hope he truly is chaste in all his actions.

After reading his list, I couldn't help but be in better spirits.  I was impressed with the amount of things on his list.  I was grateful to see how we don't have him involved in anything extra curricular, yet he still has over a page full of "favorite" things.  It also made me think how grateful I am for him and his example.  He is the best big brother that I could ask for these girls and even Jackson.  I know he loves them, and that makes me happy.

Except for the rough 25 minutes, it was a success.  I was so glad to hear the words shared.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye my friend!

Logan's first grade teacher is going to teach her last day of school on Monday!  Yes you read that right our last day of school is Monday, how weird.  Not important, the point is we decided that this end of year class gift needed to be something special that represented her near 30 years of teaching and at least 10 at this school.  She taught abroad as well.  Truly  an amazing teacher.

One of the moms came up with the idea of a quilt, I took that idea and ran with it using my all time favorite tutorial on the web.  Homemade by Jill has a tutorial to make Custom Silhouette Pillows.  Using this technique I not so sneakily barged into this teachers classroom at a super busy moment...twice and got all the kids profile pictures.  Then I did the prep work and brought it back.  Each of the kids got to pick the border around their pictures as well as paint their own profile.  This is a sample of my "trial" block.

Then another mom took all the blocks home and sewed the quilt together.  As for the back the "idea" mom got all the kids to write their name on a piece of paper and I scanned it in, cut and pasted rearranged and printed it out so it looked like this:
This is done by using fabric and sending it through your ink jet printer.  I bought some expensive stuff for this than later learned if you iron your fabric to freezer paper, than attach it to paper it will work the same and it is a whole lot cheaper!

The "sewing" mom has a sister who quilts and did the quilting for us!  It was fabulous!

Here is the front of the finished project:

On the back is the "signature block," it is the key to whose faces are where on the front.  Then it is surrounded by matching fabric from the front.
Since school ends on a Monday and a few kids wouldn't be there, we presented "the teacher" with her gift.  And a few pictures that show how surprised and pleased she was.  The "Quilter" mom said our goal was to make her cry.  That is how we know it is a great gift.

Let me tell you it was a great gift.  It really was a group effort.  From the parents who donated financially to those who shared their creative talents, and the mom who got the whole thing started in the first place.  I hope it was worth it for all involved.  When I asked "the teacher" what she was going to do after retirement, she said "I am buying me a nice sewing machine and I am going to make stuff for my grand kids."  Because all the parents donated so generously we not only were able to give her this great treasure but a large gift certificate to JoAnn's.  Overall it was a great success!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

FAITH ~~ {Wordfull Wednesday}~~

 "Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer..." (Family Proclamation, paragraph 7)

Faith - There are many religions throughout the world. They are different in doctrines, traditions, beliefs, rituals but there are also many similarities. Faith is what keeps families grounded, helps to bring meaning and purpose to our lives. Tell us about your faith - no matter what it is - and how it has helped you in your life. How are you teaching that to your children?
For the first eleven years of my life we pretty much didn't attend church.  We did for a time attend a catholic church but really I am not sure I learned anything from that.  When I was 11 we moved in with my grandma.  We met some girls and they invited us to church with them a few times.  Later my mom met a christian man whom she later married.  As they started to get serious they started "shopping" for a church.  There were a few I remember walking out mid service.  We ended up attending our neighbors church and it was the one that they got married in.

This was my true introduction to faith.  While attending this evangelical church, I had many awesome opportunities such as going to Mexico and doing little day camps for children, then returning the next two years as a team leader.  Back at home I got to help with summer day camps as well.  Then I started working and church really landed on the back burner.  Then I moved out of my parents home and it was something that was just part of my past.  While I didn't make perfect choices, I didn't get into too much trouble either.

Then in came my night in shining armor.  You know the one I brag about in practically every post about families!  He gave me a book of Mormon for Christmas, said I love you, but I am only getting married in the temple, then left for college, to meet lots of ladies who were prepared to meet that requirement.  I was lonely and I had this book, which if I read and believed it would lead me to the temple and be sealed to this man for time and all eternity.

I look back at that time and know how right he was, I was a little offended that I wasn't good enough as is, but now after 10 fabulous, imperfect years, I see!  We have a family were we are unified in what we believe.  We are unified in how we view our Savior and loving Heavenly Father.  Because Jeremy and I are unified in our faith, we have a strong foundation that is stable for our children.  I watch them grow and change.  I love that they are not ashamed of who they are.  They know that they are the children of our Father in Heaven, and what their purpose is here.  I can't help but believe that this has come about because of the wisdom of that young return missionary who didn't compromise his standards.

We had the opportunity to go to a Christian Family Camp with my parents this last summer.  There are lots of differences in how our church runs and how they run theirs.  It was such a neat experience, we got to talk to our children about some of the differences and some of the similarities.  I loved how we as Mormons fit in there.  I am not sure any one knew or if they did if they would have thought of us differently.  We had the opportunity at the very end to thank the Pastor's wife and we explained that we were Mormon and we really enjoyed their camp.  There were so many aspects of it that we wish we could start here.  There were so many great memories.  I am grateful that just because we have different beliefs we didn't miss that opportunity.  I love that people can be of different faiths and still love to be in each other's company.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Prayer, do you do it?

We had a great lesson on prayer yesterday and it really got me thinking.  I love the ability that we have to pray to our Heavenly Father, to share our deepest struggles and our brightest moments.  We get to ask for needs to be met and share our gratitude for our many blessings.  It is an amazing time to contemplate and receive personal revelation.

As I sat there listening I was reminded of the struggle that I have with prayer.  It is not that I struggle with the concept, or struggle with the belief of its power.  What I struggle with is the fact that I HAVE to do it.  I never felt I have been a rebellious person, but in this area I really feel rebellious.  I know when I get in to bed I need to say my prayers but there are times when I just don't want to and it really is because I don't want to HAVE to do it. 

Another rebellious reason I don't like to pray is I don't want to be challenged.  I know when I pray for patience the next day is going to be extremely trying, when I pray to help me with what I eat, guaranteed there will be extra awesome food temptations.

All the above makes it challenging, but I do realize it is all by my own choice.  I had the sweetest experience with Lauren and prayer that I shared recently.  She can be a lot little challenging at times.  It was a particularly rough day, and I am sure the night before I prayed for patience, especially patience with her.  I prayed that I would know how to love her, how to make sure she is getting what she needs.  If I need to change please help me.  With all that I asked I wasn't terribly surprised when I wanted to blow my top.  Clutching my hands I went into my room and kneeled down to converse with my Heavenly Father, first asking for forgiveness for the way I lost it with Lauren (I come from a family of yellers, and I am not too different!)  I got a peaceful feeling and the prompting came to me that I needed to let Lauren know that I pray for her.  So I went in and told her how much I loved her and that I was sorry for yelling.  Then I asked if we could pray together.  She said yes.  As I started to pray out loud, she repeated everything I had said.  It was such a sweet moment.  I kid you not when I tell you her countenance changed and my attitude did as well.  Then we cuddled on her bed, she was adorable and happy and we read some books together.  It was exactly what I needed.  I also learned that she needs to know that we love her and she needs attention too.

I think so often that we use prayer as a last resort, because we don't stop to listen until we are in crisis mode.  I know for me when I can't do it anymore and I am pleading for help, I get a quick answer.  I am sure I had been given the answer so many times before I just didn't stop to listen and obey.

As I was thinking of these experiences I realized that Heavenly Father doesn't challenge us with this type of answer.  Yes, He wants us to grow, He does want us to change in any way that brings us closer to Him.  But the thought that touched me the most was the realization that He knows what I am capable of.  He promised he will never give me more than I can handle, this is His way to help shape me into a better me!  When my patience is tried to the very tips of the end, He knows I can handle it and I will grow from it.  So in a round about way, I know that prayer works, it works to let us know we are not alone, that we are loved.  I am so grateful for that knowledge!

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with the post but I know it is like dessert after a heavy meal, and she is super sweet!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

House Party Rocks!

Have you heard of House Party?  It is an internet based company.  They set up and organize parties for products.  You go to them and click on parties that you would like to host, then they send you a party pack in a box.  Right now you can sign up for several events including a PS3 (PlayStation 3 for you non-gaming folk) they are creating the sign up list for that one.

In March I hosted a Ziploc Party and this is what my party pack included:

•(1) Ziploc® Brand Big Bag XL
•(1) Ziploc® Brand Flexible Tote XL
•(1) Ziploc® Brand Flexible Tote XXL
•(1) Ziploc® Twist and Loc® Medium Round Container
•(2) Ziploc® Brand Extra Small Bowl Container(12 each)
•(4) Ziploc® Twist and Loc® Small Round Container(12 each)
•(7) Ziploc® Brand Divided Rectangle Container (14 each)
•(15) Home Organization Pads
•(15) Sharpie Pens
•(15) Home Organization Brochures with Money-saving Coupons
•(16) Ziploc® Brand Big Bag Large Swirl  

Each guest got a bag with one of each of the multiple containers listed above.  There are a few things I just didn't see myself using, the zipper under bed bags.  Did you know they even exist?  So I gave those away.

It is a little frustrating when you start signing up for lots of parties and don't get picked but trust me you will!  Keep trying.  There were a few that I REALLY wanted but didn't get. Like the Ball one that they sent you a free canning pan, how awesome would that be?  When I applied for the Hasbro game night I hoped that we would get it considering we have a LARGE collection of games.  Sure enough I was picked woo-hoo!  I got my party box on Thursday and I opened it up.  It included:

•The latest version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT Bet You Know It
•Coupons ($5.00 off one of the following games Taboo, Electronic Catch Phrase, Scattergories, Pictionary or The Game of Things---this game is a hoot!)
•1 bag of Hershey’s Pieces candy
•1 Box Triscuit classic
•1 Box Reduced fat Triscuits
•1 Box Triscuit Thin Crisps Quattro Formaggio
•1 Box Triscuit Thin Chrips Parmesan Garlic
•1 Box Wheat Thins

Can you believe, they send it to you for FREE as in costs you nothing?  Jeremy and I decided to play the Trivial Pursuit Game so on party night I won't be playing it for the first time.  I am so glad I did.  It was a lot of fun.  Even though Jeremy creamed me and he didn't even feel the least bit of shame, not one bit!
That stack of tokens is actually Jeremy's winnings, there was maybe 8 (1 point) tokens left in the bank, Jeremy had earned over 200 points.  It really is a lot of fun and I can't wait to play with my friends!

I am looking forward to the party and having some fun.  To add to the gaming theme, I asked all guests to bring a food item, where they will compete for some prizes!

If you know a person who likes to play games, this is one that I would recommend.  If you live close and would be interested in playing let me know!  Oh and a side note this game won't hit the market until this fall so you will be among the first to play it!

Should I be proud?

Last year I decided I wanted to start exercising, I have spent the last 9 years dedicating my body to the science of being a balloon.  9 months growing 1 year shrinking,  and the cycle continued with the shrinkage being less and less.  Here is the perfect time for an embarrassing confession, don't you love those? When I was pregnant with Jackson, I gained the least amount of weight, I think it was 25 pounds, which was down from close to double that with the rest!  I was pretty sure that loosing that weight would be a piece of cake then I would start working on the other 30 I had yet to loose from the preceding four pregnancies.  So I get home and two days after birth I stepped on the scale.  I was shocked to discover that after having a 9lb baby I lost 7 pounds, how on earth is that possible?  I blame it on the milk supply coming in, is that valid?
My Goal

Last September a good friend did a Triathlon sprint.  I knew I wasn't in any shape to join her, but I really wanted to do a 5K.  It is so hard to find one on Saturday.  I have come to love SeeJaneRun.  They do 5K and Half Marathons, and also a Triathlon sprint.  In a few locations, lucky for me they do one of each close to me.  In January, one of my New Year's resolution was to run a 5K.  I had 6 months to train and I set a goal of running the whole way and under 30 minutes.  AS time went I found multiple excuses, the biggest being I don't want to run by myself in the dark.  The second, I don't want to run in the rain and the third, I don't want to run by myself.  Kind of makes it hard to train.  Well the time change happened, then the weather, and another good friend signed up for the Half Marathon.  I asked if she wanted to run together.  Being that she is in far better shape then me I thought it would help me keep up.  I found out that I have recurring shin splits, which made running very painful.  We would meet up at a track so she could run and I would walk.  I decided I will still exercise, but try to let the shin splints heal.  Then on race day I could run, if I injured myself then it would be OK, I would deal with that pain when it came.  Up until this point I would say (yes embarrassingly so) that the furthest I ran with out stopping was MAYBE .25 of a mile.

So race day came and I was pretty positive I would walk the whole thing and my goal was to do it under 45 minutes.  I was walking about a 16 minute mile. So I would have to pick up the pace.  We watched all the amazing ladies leave for their Half Marathon then 30 minutes later we were in the que waiting for the start.  I decided it was best to stay towards the back and things would clear out.  There is something amazingly invigorating about running surrounded by people.  I actually ran a whole mile without stopping.  Then it went down hill about 1-2 minutes running/jogging then 2-3 minutes walking.  It was awesome to have the iPod to help me time myself.

As I was getting closer to the finish line I was wondering if Jeremy made it there and if my family would see me cross the finish line.  I was totally trying to keep emotions in check, I don't know exactly why, but I had to talk myself out of crying.  I wasn't going to look then I heard it "Go, Mom"  "We are proud of you!" I looked just in time to see my own personal cheering squad!  It was so awesome.

I will not lie and say I am totally fit.  I told Jeremy it is hard to brag about this because I didn't achieve any of my original goals.  Not to mention I had several friends doing the half marathon, when next to that 3.2 miles is not much!  But I am proud I finished and I ran more than 2/3 of the run.  My crowning achievement that I am most proud of was that I ran the first mile.  I feel I should clarify when I say run I mean jog!   I did it in 10:58.  I did the whole thing in 39:34.  That was probably close to my high school run when I didn't care, you know when you didn't put forth any effort.

The theme for the race was "I run for Chocolate and Champagne" I am not sure I totally get the running then consuming alcohol, putting religious beliefs aside it just seems wrong.  I did however claim my empty glass with chocolate and a real medal that I actually earned!  Don't I have the best fan club a girl could ask for?

As for today, I have a sore ankle, which didn't stop me from wearing my nice black high heal boots to church and my shins hurt, but definitely not as bad as they have in the past.  When my training partner can run again we are going to train for the triathlon Sprint in September.  My goal is to finish in under two hours.  Is that possible? I don't know but I am going to try and I definitely need friends to keep me getting up at 6:00am to either swim, bike, run or cross train.  If you want to join in the fun and go at your own pace, cause I am SLOW, let me know.  There are a few people who have already said they want to try it as well.  I am excited!

And by the way I am proud of my achievement!

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