Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here is a video about Jackson's Poke!

Here is a little video showing how well Jackson is doing with his pokes.  Thanks to tips from Bev's cousin Alayne and help from Tamra shots are getting easier.  He will take his shots only if he gets to give a shot to someone else afterwards.   He has even given Jer a shot in the bum-bum, that was priceless, (through his jeans of course!)!


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Two weeks later...

It was two weeks ago that we learned more about diabetes that I really ever wanted to know.  I have cried whined, made people shed a tear for our family.  I really felt I should let you know how we have adjusted and how things are going.  For some reason the worst part of life is the not knowing how long you have to endure something.  Once you are through it, it doesn't seem as bad.

It started off Jackson would cry saying "Don't poke me mommy it hurts."  As he would ball his little hands into fists and hide his fingers behind his back.  One night as I snuck into his room while sleeping on his back, I must have startled him.  Without waking up he slid his hands under his tiny body!  I thought it would be months before it wouldn't be a fight.

I can tell you I am pleasantly surprised at how well he has adjusted and as long as I don't think about exactly what I am doing, it is easy as pie!

The other day Logan was calling Jackson down from the snack bar to play with him.  Jackson in all seriousness said "Just a minute Logan, I need to get my poke first."  And another time we sat down to eat and Jackson with a worried expression said "Wait! I need my poke."  Just the words doesn't do this justice.  His eyes were open wide with a very serious expression.  Here is a little one who is not going to shirk his duties!

We now tell him we need to check and see how sweet he is so it is time for a poke.  Starting a couple of days ago, we let him help pick the testing strips for the glucometer (not even sure if this is what it is called) and insert it in.  We are letting him be a part of it and something we do together and who ever is interested can watch and learn.  He puts in his strip which turns on the meter.  We are teaching him to check and make sure that the number on the canister match the number that shows on the meter.  Today for the first time,  he helped me get the lancet (pokey thing) ready by putting in the tiny needle and twisting off the protective cover.  I put the other part back on.  He picks a finger...(side story, he held up his two pointer fingers and shook one and said this finger is happy, this finger is sad, so he chose the happy finger to get poked).  After he has decided which finger I push the poker up to his finger.  We sometimes count to 4 then today he actually pushed the button.  Then with a smile he looks at me and smiles "It worked, it poked me mommy."  Sometimes he even goes far enough to say "Look there is blood."  As for shots we are working on that part.  I still might run and hide even pretend to be upset, but as soon as it is over he has forgotten all about it.

He is such an amazing kid and cracks me up everyday.  Being part of  a big family makes it hard when so much time and energy is needed for one child.  The other kiddos are taking it in stride.  All of their teachers know, and have been very supportive by letting them talk about it.  We are returning to normal and getting special moments with each of the kids.  We had a great Monday, before really starting the new year, we had a day of fun and games, reading watching movies, pajamas until 3:00pm.  It was so much fun.  I am loving these kids, that they are old enough to play games with us, you know fun games!

Who knows what my future posts will tell, but Diabetes will not be our whole life, just a tiny little element that has settled in nicely!

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