Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Introducing our newest family member

Ha-ha gotcha! Logan and the girls (sounds like a band name) found a Praying Mantis. They were a little scared to capture it so their dear ol' Dad put it in a jar. They named it Jackson, like our little soon to be boy! Should I be worried I am going to give birth to a giant insect?

I can tell you what isn't cute. While eating dinner Jeremy asked Logan to bring him to the table. Oh my I couldn't look at the bug even if it was in a jar while I was chewing my dinner. UGH! Then we had to go, when we came back Jackson was still alive. But let me tell you how creepy it is when you turn on the light and walk passed a bug hanging upside down in a jar and it follows your every move. Thankfully, Jeremy released him before the kids went to bed. He hung out on our BBQ for most of the next day, then it moved on to greener backyards!

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