Monday, October 20, 2008

Twinado WARNING in California

We have an emergency weather announcement. A Twinado has touched ground in my back yard!

It all started while I was enjoying a good book (Brisingr is great!) and my perfect little ones were in the back yard frolicking about giggling and being the sweetest little peaches around. Then the weather changed! Miranda and Logan came in and exclaimed "Mom come see what Haylie and Hannah did!" With that I leisurely walked to the door trying to decide if the excitement was something I should be proud of or afraid of?! I decided I should ask if they are hurt, so I did and then Miranda held up a stick with about three inches of the end covered in white. Humph? What could that be, then I was informed they got into the paint. Two 5-gallon buckets with the nice NOT CHILD PROOF unscrewable spouts! As I turned the first corner, Haylie was standing with her hands behind her back looking up at me with puppy dog eyes a little bit of paint on her pants. As I round the next corner to our side yard I see Hannah who was walking out of her hiding space, make an about face and try to return to hide. And there next to the house the two buckets of paint. I am sure there are now rocks inside the paint just and some other items that we will just simply label as garbage now. The stick that Miranda brought me was one of triplets. Yes three sticks. I do admire their creativity though. There is a nice paint swirl on our rocks. Who am I to stifle artistic potential?

Reading this may sound like it was really bad. I really just wanted some sympathy, but alas I will attach photos and you will probably think that's nothing. My kid would have done that and painted half the house. So I am grateful they are dainty little girls but still. Oh and to top it off...we just bought them the clothes they were wearing. Again it is minor but still now we will get accused of child labor. People may think we made our three year olds paint the house before they could eat or something!!!!


Alice said...

AWESOME! Gotta a love kids...double time.

Liz said...

I see what I am in for!! They sure do keep you busy.

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