Monday, December 26, 2011

A new language

NovoLog, Lantus, lancets, Glucose, insulin...On Thursday our life took a turn, I won't say for the worst because I am already seeing so many great blessings come from it.  Jackson our just shy of 3 years old was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  It is the kind that will require insulin for the rest of his life!  I blame it on Jeremy, if his family gets the choice of being in the majority or being on the least likely side, the latter is the route they go on.  90% of all diabetes cases are Type 2, and 10% are Type 1.  Type 1 is insulin defendant, Type 2 can sometimes be regulated by diet alone and you can not change from Type 1 to Type 2.

Here is how we found out which I think is a small miracle myself.  We were having a conversation with Bev, Jeremy's mom.  We were complaining how Jackson would wet through a diaper in an hour, like running down his legs full!  We would change him in the middle of the night and he would still wake up covered in pee, and sometimes when we changed him the first time too.  She had also noticed that he was crying for water a lot.  I just thought he was holding it because of potty training and drinking more water due to the new water dispenser in the refrigerator door.  She said "I know I tend to think the worst and worry too much, but these are symptoms of diabetes, you may want to have him checked."  Later I found out as a teacher they train you to look for these signs so they can suggest to parents to get tested.  Diabetes unchecked can be a very bad thing.  So I emailed my doctor and she sent back a message rather quickly saying get him tested that day.  That was a shock because I wasn't expecting her to act on it.  So I didn't quite obey because I had no reason to believe there was anything wrong with Jackson, most symptoms were reasonable with a terrible two/torturous three little boy.  I went first thing the next morning (yes I got my non potty trained little boy to go in a cup!)  Then we left for a play date with a friend. 

On my way home Jeremy called and asked where we were telling me he was at home FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, yipee!  He had taken the afternoon off to take us all to lunch and a movie.  When I got home I checked his lab results on line.  There were two lines that were not right.  The glucose where a normal range is 0-29 his was <1000 0-9="0-9" 15="15" 1="1" 60.="60." a="a" an="an" and="and" anyone="anyone" asking="asking" at="at" be="be" been="been" being="being" bit.="bit." blood="blood" broke="broke" call="call" called="called" checking.="checking." coordinated="coordinated" correctly.="correctly." could="could" couple="couple" course="course" diabetes="diabetes" diabetic="diabetic" doctor="doctor" duress="duress" else="else" emailed="emailed" er="er" even="even" expected="expected" explanation.="explanation." fabulous="fabulous" for="for" genius="genius" going="going" googled="googled" got="got" guess="guess" had="had" happening="happening" have="have" heart="heart" his="his" hospital="hospital" i="i" in="in" is="is" jackson="jackson" ketones="ketones" key="key" least="least" led="led" looks="looks" mean="mean" medical="medical" minutes="minutes" more="more" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" night="night" normal="normal" not="not" of="of" on="on" one="one" or="or" our="our" over="over" p="p" pedi-endocrinologist="pedi-endocrinologist" pedi="pedi" pediatrician="pediatrician" pretty="pretty" rare="rare" said="said" seriously="seriously" she="she" shocked="shocked" so="so" stay.="stay." stay="stay" still="still" straight="straight" stuff="stuff" symptomatic.="symptomatic." take="take" talking="talking" test="test" that="that" the="the" there="there" they="they" this="this" though="though" thought.="thought." times="times" to="to" today="today" told="told" type="type" urgent="urgent" us="us" was="was" we="we" went="went" were="were" when="when" where="where" will="will" within="within" word="word">
We got there at 4:30 and by 6:30 we were in our room, getting instructions and information that was almost foreign to me.  I went and Jeremy took care of the rest of the kiddos.  We were told the overnight stay was really to train us on how to care for Jackson, so I went since I would be the one with him most of the time.

All of the sudden my little spaz of a boy became a sick fragile little thing with one test result.  He was a fantastic patient.  We stayed two nights in the hospital and they helped to get us home on Christmas Eve at 7:30pm.
That night after putting him to bed Jeremy kindly suggested I take a shower (since I hadn't for three days!  GROSS!)  I finally had a moment to cry my heart out until it hurt.  I do truly know and believe that great things will happen in our family.  I know that he will be a normal little boy, and be able to live a normal life, but the thought of him having a "disease" that requires insulin for the rest of his life was difficult to comprehend.  What if he decided he doesn't need it or fights it when he gets older and stronger then us.  Just scary!

It was lousy timing, or so I thought.  I will remember this Christmas for ever as a turning point in our lives.  The next day was Christmas.  Let me tell you the night before I wasn't feeling joy just sadness, especially when we had to stick him with a needle to test his sugars then give him his first does of insulin on our own.  He really is a super cute and sweet little boy.  Before going to bed I calculated the carbs in our traditional Christmas breakfast of bear claws and banana eggnog.  Truly the diabetic breakfast of champions!  It is a new life, and tomorrow it would begin.

And so it did.  With the minor interuption of testing blood sugars, calculating what he ate, and giving a shot, we continued as normal (oh and showering before his insulin), it was a perfect morning.  We got to attend Sacrament (our first church meeting of our Sunday Block).  It was so fabulous to spend the morning thinking about our Savior.  It was a morning of stories and music.  I was near tears during every musical number, sometimes frustrated at Jackson's diagnosis.  Then it hit me when one of the speaker said that Christ suffered for all of our sins.  This wasn't a sin, but he suffered and felt all our pain, he felt our joy too.  But it was the reminder that he felt what I was feeling.  His gift to me was to not let me suffer alone.  I love my Savior, I love that he loves me enough to comfort me in times of weakness, and to celebrate when I realize that he already knew and was waiting for this to happen and lift me up.

A little back story because this post is not long enough...I had prayed recently that Heavenly Father would help me be more consistent and really be able to function with clear thoughts.  I had been so overwhelmed and living in the moment that I was forgetting commitments all the time.  I needed to have meals ready on time so we could have some family time before bed.  I needed this all to happen so the kids could get to bed on time and get there much needed rest.  I needed time with Jeremy when I wasn't too tired to have a conversation.  I am not sure Jeremy prayed for that but I do know he really hoped I would gain these characteristics.  I expected a gentle learning experience, not an abrupt turn for the better.  Because of this diagnosis, meal times are very important, I need to be on a good schedule so Jackson never gets into the low blood sugar zone, and regulate his blood sugar so it doesn't stay too high for too long.  It will involve many things where I have to be organized.  I know it wasn't just this prayer being answered (which I still adamantly insist I would have got there eventually...maybe with out such a dramatic answer) but that He wants me to grow and has something great instore for me and Jackson, and our family since this affects all of us.

So here's to the beginning of our new forever.  Cheers!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Grandpa

Two summers ago we took a long road trip to Ohio to visit my mom and family.  During that trip I drove a few hours to visit my grandpa Ron, my mom's dad.  It was the first time in many years I got to see him and it will be the last.  It was a visit I will treasure.

When I was about 4 my Mom and Dad separated.  Then for a short month for me (so short I don't remember it) but one long month for my grandparents we lived in a trailer in their driveway.  My memories all blend together but there are many things that blend together.  And for memories sake I would like to jot them down.  We loved to go visit them in their house on the hill.  They had some property and in the back was an acre or so that they had to mow and maintain which required the coolest ride on lawn mower!  Me and my sisters would sit out in the garage when we would visit and pretend that we actually knew how to drive.  They would also go to Pismo Beach.  I only remember one trip and I remember lots of sand.  My grandparents had a couple quads, what they called a rail runner (?).  On the way home one of the families flipped their trailer, so we pulled over on the side of the road waiting for emergency vehicles (no injuries!0 and we ate left over turkey sandwiches (it must have been around Thanksgiving) and the sandwiches were well sandy! My grandma and grandpa separated close to this time.  The things I remember about my grandpa were all in my early years.  I definitely remember his gold El Camino with grapes on the door to represent the Napa based construction company that he co-owned.  I remember going to his house with my grandma Debby, his second wife, in Benicia where he tried to fight the city about the parking right at the 680/780 interchange and that it was an eyesore.  He was very passionate about what irked him.  He is the one that introduced me to the Yule log burning on TV.  Wow that was cool.  I know I had more interaction with him than what I can remember but those memories are locked up tight.

What I know of him is that he was a gruff man, and could be a little intimidating.  He was not mean, he just spoke his mind.  I can honestly say that you would never doubt how he felt.  One of his characteristics that we have named is the Hill glare.  It is a stare of intimidation and one with a raised eyebrow.  While he gets the credit, I am sure every parent who holds any authority, has the same stern look.

When we went to visit him, it was just me and the kids.  He did get to meet all 6 of them and for that I am grateful, even if Jackson and Lauren were too young to remember.  I knew him best as a man from California so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well he fit in and loved the country life.  I shouldn't have doubted since that is where he was born.  He just returned to his roots.  He lived on a hill, come to think of it all three houses that I can remember him in were on a hill, which happens to be his last name!  He got pizza for all of us.  I loved watching him interact with the kids.  His personality was still gruff, but the years had softened him.  It was a sweet surprise to see him be gentle with the kids.  He took several trips on his little buggy to show off his property.  It was neat when he took me and Jackson back there.  He was very proud of his land.

One thing that I will remember is to see the devotion to his wife.  I have no doubt that he loved Grandma Debby.  He showed me this area in the woods that was hard to get to, but he pointed out how Debby loved that area especially because of the butterflies.  He said it inspired her to paint.  He was proud of her.  They were a perfect match for each other.

When Grandpa took them on a ride, they picked flowers for Grandma Debby.
I am sad that he is gone, sad for my mom as well as her brother and sister who have lost their father.  I am sad for Debby who has lost her husband and best friend.  I am at peace with the fact that he is in pain no longer.  I am also grateful for the knowledge of eternal families.  I love the idea that it is a temporary good-bye and I know I will get to see him again.  In the meantime, whenever I look at my feet and laugh because they are exactly a half size difference, I will remember comparing feet with him on his porch and having him tell me that I got that from him! So thank you, Grandpa for passing that on to me!  God be with you til we meet again.  I love you Grandpa!
Jackson was pulling on Grandpa's extra skin.  It made Grandpa laugh!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Not a proud mommy moment!

On Halloween I had the glorious opportunity to chaperone 3 darling 1st graders to the San Francisco Zoo.  It was a lot of fun and the day was perfect.  It didn't start out that way.  In order for me to go on this trip I did some babysitting so I could swap and Jeremy wouldn't have to take the time off of work or worse I wouldn't be able to go!  Let me tell you getting 6 kids ready for the day including lunches and the other things was stressful.  We get ready and things are going smoothly although I am panicking because I am dropping off two kids and picking one up.  It is always more stressful getting other children to school on time and not just your own.  So we get everyone in the car as I start loosing my cool because my keys were not where I left them two days prior!  To say I threw a full on fit would be an understatement!  I recall throwing things and when the yelling started Jeremy started looking as well.  I could not find them anywhere.  The sad part is that we live a few houses away from the school.  And the sitter lives easy walking distance as well.  But I had to drop the 2 little ones off and a carseat.  If I had planned on walking we could have done it had I know 15 minutes earlier! I couldn't even find the spare key! I then started yelling at the kids to help and they got out of the car.  Then I told them to get back in the car.  I looked some more.  At this point Jeremy offered to let me use his key, but I was too mad, proud, accept, besides I didn't want to hear him say a word about how I am always loosing stuff especially my keys!  Finally I decided we would just walk and be super late.  I told the kids to grab the booster out.  I could just imagine the yelling I would have to do to get Lauren and Jackson to walk FAST so we could attempt to get there on time.  Then I threw the booster seat down and yelled "Dammit!" and ran back inside for one last check for the spare key, which happened to be in it's rightful place. (That is how Jeremy places everything...where it SHOULD go!)

We got in the car and made the swap and ran into the school.  I had at least 1.5 minutes until the teacher walked us in.  Yes we made it on time and my blood was still boiling.  I know where I left my keys and they were not there.  So what if it was on the piano where they do not belong.  I know where I left them.  That day after school I bribed the kids with a slice of cake to find my keys.  Logan found them under the roboquad.  I totally forgot I had hid under the end table and tried to use my car keys to turn on the silly robotic toy!  Oh wait it wasn't me it was one of the dynamic duo who stared at my doe-eyed while I continued to be so uncool as a parent!

And the real reason why I am writing this post.  Tonight at scripture study we were reading and something happened and I said "dang it or should I say darn it?"  And Jeremy quickly responded "Well either one is a lot better than what we heard you say the other day!"  And Miranda said "That is the first time I have heard you swear! Have you ever used a swear word before?"  Wow hello humility!  Then Logan pipes in "Yeah I remember, get in the car, get out of the car, get back in the car, out of the car!"   Jeremy said "I figured I had to wait a few days before I could tease you about that."  Then I asked "You heard that?" to which he responded "I think everyone heard that!"  then we talked a little bit more and Logan piped in "Get in the car!"  Oh man was I embarrassed.  Luckily we were all laughing at my expense.  I try to watch my temper because it can be bad and I have done a pretty decent job to never let it get that bad, it was not pretty or admirable or anything remotely close to keeping the spirit close to me.

As I was kissing the kids goodnight, I asked Logan "I know you remember that moment and it wasn't pretty, but can you think of a good moment where you were so glad I was your mom?"  The best he came up with was "when you cook for me"  It wasn't what I was looking for.  I wanted a specific memory, something that confirmed when he grows into a man that he won't look back at his childhood and remember that ugly mother who visited for a brief moment.  I wanted to hear that he remembered a time when we laughed or when I talked to him after he cried.  Or a moment when he was hurt and I was the one that was there form him.  Later Jeremy said that he is a boy, we don't think that sentimental.  I am satisfied with that, only because I know the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach!  I then asked Miranda and was a little unsatisfied when she answered "Your birthday, my birthday,...."  Then I asked for a specific moment, and it took her a second but she responded "When we went out to frozen yogurt."  It was a good night and a good memory.  It was nice to hear her say that, but at the same time I am truly humbled and know how important it is to ALWAYS be a good example, because it is that one time that they will remember.

Had I been smart enough I would have said it was my Halloween costume, I was acting like a witch, I just hadn't put on the green make-up yet!  Here's hoping I won't have to worry about a repeat appearance!


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Really? Did That Just Happen?

Be grateful there are no photos!

Jeremy is starting his second Mission Prep class tonight and this is how it went down while he was out.  Jackson fell asleep crying because I was making him pick up 1 mess.  Even though his siblings clean up after him EVERY SINGLE DAY!  (SIDE NOTE:  Is it too much to ask a 2.75 year old to pick up little blocks and put them in the bucket that they are all surrounding?)  When he was awakened he wouldn't stop crying, so I held him to calm him down.  I told the rest of the kids to brush teeth and go potty then we would read scriptures.  All easy-peasy right? Not tonight!  Logan apparently was afraid to use our bathroom because of some creepy noise, thank you Halloween!  So when he went to use the kids bathroom, Miranda quickly got on the potty, isn't she clever?  Logan being 110% inventive boy decides to sit on Jackson's training potty, har-har!  Well apparently it is hilarious, which we do encourage laughter.  I wish it ended there.  Miranda was laughing so hard that she started coughing.  If you know Miranda at all you know the girl could pretty much throw up on command.  One thing that makes it easy is when she is coughing.  Low and behold, she threw up.  Again she is a regular so not a big deal, she knows how to clean herself up (but doesn't need to because she always...usually makes it to the potty).  This time it was in the sink of our long galley style bathroom.  Unfortunately Logan has a weak sauce stomach, but was trapped between a wall and a stinky throw-up.  I think his thought process went subtly like this "I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE PRONTO!"and proceeded to drop his shoulder like he was pushing through the offensive line in a football game.  Unfortunately the gagging got the best of him.  He on the other hand never throws up and when he does it rocks his world.  He made it almost to the door.  Because they were goofing off I said they had to clean it up.  Then Logan proceeds to dry heave.  If you have ever been near a male when they are tossing their cookies, you know that just their stomach contents is not enough, they go for all of their internal organs with the most forceful upchuck noise possible.  The third gag, ended in results, luckily he was at the toilet.  Unluckily he hadn't lifted the lid!  Miranda, bless her sweet little heart, was talking so nice to him to calm him down and even cleaned up the seat.  I sent them all to bed (after re brushing their teeth of course). Lauren was stuck between the dirty toilet seat and the pile on the floor, crying expressing her fear in being stuck between...well you get the idea.  She was able to escape and head to bed.  I cleaned up the floor and made sure the toilet seat was clean, then a thought crossed my mind which truly shocked me.  Not one time was I completely mad at Jeremy for not being here, that is unusual for me when I am cleaning throw up, and he is not.  Maybe I am more mature now that I am 34!  Nope! I just wrote a blog post about throw up!

Oh and I hope you don't mind all the words and no pictures, I was only thinking of you sweet reader, when I did not put them in!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I hear it's your birthday

Ok not yours, but mine. Yes I am officially one year older and wiser too! Jeremy took the day off and we lounged around the house. I then got to work in Logan's classroom while Jeremy did the Costco shopping with the four little ones, I know he is amazing! After that a good friend showed up with goodies in her hand. After welcoming her in and talking for a minute, Jeremy says "I haven't told her." She was there to watch our kids so we could go out to lunch, eat SLOW and TASTE the food. It was really nice, I am grateful for such a wonderful friend. Then we hung out and Jeremy cooked me dinner, Tri-Tip and baked potatoes. Then I made dessert, Apple Turnovers, those were almost as good as the Tri-Tip. While things were cooking I got to open my presents.

Jeremy decided to switch things up this year. He handed the kids a baseball cap with slips of paper in them. I got to pick out a paper, one at a time. As I quickly found out, the slips of paper held the clue/location of each of my gifts. There was a gift hidden in the bathroom, our bedroom, mixed in with jeremy's GRAPHIC NOVELS aka comic books, my china cabinet and a few others. It was a fun way to receive gifts. The kids and I enjoyed running around the house to locate my treasures. I felt extremely spoiled.
Thank you to the man who takes care of us, even though his plate is jam packed with responsibility. We are still number one to him and he spoils me even when I am a little less than deserving. Thank you for all you do and thanks for the fabulous gifts. I love every single one!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blogs are for bragging right?

We had a super crazy busy Saturday (Do I hear a oh yeah? I am sure mine was busier?)!  It ended with the culmination of Miranda's first year of being on swim team.  They expressed that starting after the age of nine is hard and it only gets harder from that point on.  Since they are swimming against people who have been on swim team for years!

Miranda got her trophy and it was a gold trophy (well the name plaque anyway).  I learned that 1-15 PBs (personal bests, popped times or you may easily say, beating their fastest time recorded) gets you a silver, 15-50 gets you a gold and 50+ gets you a green (I am sure it has something to do with the GATORS!)  Well Miranda got a gold.  I am so proud of her.  Every time she went out and performed and got better every time practically.

When she started the year her breast stroke was a combination of breast and butterfly, it was actually comical. I thought she would get DQ'd (disqualified) for incorrect stroke but they said it was fine.  It has been so amazing watching her grow.  As the season progressed she smiled less when she swam and wore a more serious game face.  She WANTED to do better, but was so happy to participate in any race she could!

Which leads me to her next award.  Most Improved.  There were a lot of first time swimmers, like Miranda, this year which means lots of room for improvement.  The coaches picked one boy and one girl from each age group.  They gave a nice intro using phrases like "this girl" so we didn't know until the end.  Then I was bummed that I didn't record it.  The words were so nice I wish I had!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Young Women's Camp

Last November Jeremy and I were asked to attend girls camp. By January it was decided that I would be the Level 2 leader.  Jeremy was called as the Priesthood leader at camp.  It was a big job, he was great at it as always yadda yadda yadda, but since this is my blog I will share my experience.  Our theme was Quest for the Best: Seeking after Gems of Truth and Righteousness.

I was terribly nervous as I hadn't been to girls camp before, ever!  I had no idea what to expect, and to top it off, one of the girls was really sad that the previous Level 2 leader was not coming this year.  I did lots of google-ing and asking of questions.  I knew it would be a great experience and it did not disappoint.

I spent many hours trying to be creative and worrying about bribing these girls of their affection.  Much did I learn about that too.  They just wanted to be acknowledged, known and valued.  They enjoyed the fun stuff but they enjoyed when I took the time to get to know them.

When I got my list in May, I looked over the names and of the 12 (later 13) girls I knew 2.  One is my good friend's niece and the other, I hadn't seen since she was7.  It just dawned on me that she is in YW's haha!  We drove up on a Monday and got there about 11:00am.  It was so wonderful to be in such a beautiful place (I will not lie from the beginning I knew I would be dirty the WHOLE time between the dirt and the REPEL bug spray).  The trees were gorgeous and camp sits right on a beautiful little lake.  One of my favorite times was chapel in the morning.  At 7:30am we met lakeside and had personal scripture study, the view was breathtaking.  I do think anywhere there are trees and water I will feel at peace.

I was extremely nervous to lead these strangers who throughout my planning I started calling "my girls"  just like my mom affectionately referred to me and my two sisters.  They came up to our designated camp to lay stuff out and it was a little less then easy going.  Most girls slept in one central location, 2 girls slept off to the side, quite a bit away.  Making them a little excluded during the night time chatter.  One of the other issues was that there seemed to be two groups of girls. The second group wanted to stay all together and though the sleeping was a little uncomfortable they stayed together.  The second day my goal was to try and bridge the gap.

That first night for our fireside they did a faith walk.  It was so amazing!  They had the girls blindfolded and asked them to follow a ropes course.  It started out with a sweet sister giving them loving advice reminding them they are daughters of God and they needed to simply hold to the rod and they will not go astray.  They had to turn corners, step over rocks, there were temptations along the way.  People trying to deceive them, tricking them with candy, even offering them a false rope.  It was quite the journey but not one single one of my girls ever fell for it.  I would like to say that they are all spiritual giants (which they are pretty amazing) but it was mostly because they stayed close.  What a great message.  When you surround yourself with people that have similar standards, beliefs and a common goal it is easier to stay on the straight and narrow.  Because they were so bunched up, they heard what was coming and new they weren't going for it.  When they reached the end of the journey they were welcomed by many people who loved them all dressed in white, hugs and joy was felt by all.  It was a reverent place.  The girls finished by walking up to the "tree of knowledge" and picked a "white fruit" bead representing the pure love of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.  So cool and what a way to set the tone for our week at Girl's Camp!

The next day we did all the things you normally do, attempted many certifications, dirty duties (bathrooms and dinner clean-up for us).  We made lake water Top Ramen over a fire that the girls built.  I got a little more comfortable with the girls but spent a lot of the day just observing them.  I am so grateful for these youth.  I couldn't help but think of the future when Miranda heads to girl's camp.  My Level 2 girls will be her YCL1 (Youth Camp Leader first year) when she is in her 2nd year at camp.  I will not be disappointed!  That night two of our girls went home sick.  I was so sad and kicked myself for not seeing them before they left.  I do hope that even though they were there only about 24 hours, I thought of them often through out the rest of the week!

The third day was our hike.  I started the day with scripture study.  I came across a scripture and little did I know it would come in handy that day.  1 Nephi 16:29 (And there was also written upon them a new writing, which was plain to be read, which did give us understanding concerning the ways of the Lord; and it was written and changed from time to time, according to the faith and diligence which we gave unto it. And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things.)While I wouldn't say the hike is hard by any means, it is trying.  It isn't like a hike you normally would do on a family walk.  There are steep parts and beautiful views...and blisters and lack of water...not to mention elements out of our control.  I am a person with little patience.  My mentality is even if you don't like it do it anyways.  I am that way with my children, but knew it wouldn't fly in this situation.  We hiked up and up and up.  (you can see the breathtaking view in the video).  We came back down and were ready to hike around the lake.  We started out bushwhacking our way around the shore of the lake.  It didn't take too long to realize the snow melt was so high we wouldn't be able to make the scheduled hike.  One of my favorite moments was watching the girls hold branches and hands helping each other, making the next girl's journey a little easier.  We ended up heading back.  When we reached the point where we originally met up with the lake, girls were upset, some just wanted to go home (camp), some had lots of blisters, others were disappointed that we weren't going on the scheduled hike and still some were getting frustrated that they were out of water.  (Had I been experienced this is when I would have pulled out the iodine tablets that I had to check off water purification certification, but lesson learned!)  We started heading back and our priesthood leader took us up the trail a little ways, it was the way we would come down if we had been able to trek around the lake.  There was an incident that happened.  I was shocked, disappointed and hurt.  I didn't know how to deal with this but it really was more than I could handle.  I tried to bite my tongue with tears streaming down my face.  I prayed for the right words or at least get my emotions is check.  Then I let it go.  I didn't yell but I told the girls several things but the biggest point was that we are in a beautiful place away from the world, close to our Father in Heaven.  So many people sacrificed a week of their time for these girls and they all had a choice.  They could find the bad and be miserable or choose to seek the good in all that was surrounding them.  (The days theme was "Choice and Accountability too how fitting huh?) It was embarrassing for me and humbling as I went around and apologized to all of them for my outburst.  What surprised me was when I heard them say, don't apologize, we needed to hear it.  I honestly didn't feel I did what I should have done, I felt far from Christ like in my approach.  But it really changed how I interacted with the girls.  It was like I became more human and more approachable.  This night the two girls by them selves joined the rest of the group.  My heart was full as I thanked Heavenly Father.  It was only through Him that it happened.

The fourth day I made it to the crafts area and actually did some crafts.  I noticed friendships growing and diffferent pairings.  I really got to know the girls, their personalities, which most of them are spunky and fun, even the quiet ones.  This night we had a group skit.  Of course my impatience got the best of me, when the girls wanted to hurry up and go do "fun things."  So I threw my hands up and said I was done and they would have to come up with what they were doing.  I was humbled again, when they were superb!  They came up with their skit all on their own, they were hilarious and fun.  I was very proud when people came up to me complimenting on what I had helped the girls achieve, they were even more pleasantly surprised when I told them it had nothing to do with me. I have a completely hands on bossy personality.  When I threw my hands up and let them take over, they really shined.  Again a great reminder, I didn't need to tell them what to do, I just needed to let them be the beautiful daughter Heavenly Father created.  What Gems!  That night the other group of girls split up and some came over and slept by me.  One girl in particular spent some time telling me more about herself.  This was one of my favorite nights.  I fell asleep to the girls chattering about all kinds of stuff.  Some of it caused me to laugh out loud and wish I was young again.  And then I went to sleep, I slept like a rock, which speaks a lot when you are sleeping under the stars with the constant bear warnings.

Our last full day approached I wish I had more pictures of this day.  We spent the morning doing dirty duties, then tryouts for the talent show, lunch and then a service project for the camp.  At this point I was wiped out and exhausted.  Besides the tears I felt like all I did was boss the girls around taking them away from their "free time."   We had our water fest it was a team expereince, and it is a story and a half.  But needless to say I learned from camp that I  have thick skin so the mosquitoes don't really care for me, unfortunately I wear my emotions on the outside of them.

I really hope I have many more years of camp experiences in my future.  I was surrounded by so many great leaders and future leaders.  I learned so much just being in their presence.  I have a fear of Junior High and High School for my children.  I learned that these people love the youth so very much, it is FOR REAL!  My children will be surrounded by the most wonderful bubble of love and support, people who encourage them to follow close to the Savior, to seek after those things that will make them happy by serving our Savior, as well as confirm that each and everyone of them is a special and unique gem in the sight of their Heavenly Father.  As much as I hoped to touch these girls lives, they touched mine more.  I learned so much being in their presence.  And by the end felt a tinge of jealousy that they were able to have such an experience as a youth.

I do have a testimony of our Father in Heaven.  I know at those times when we feel we are failing Him, He will help us grow and He will use each one of us to help others.  I know with all my imperfections He loves me and I am valuable in His sight.  As long as I am willing to serve Him and let His light shine through me, He will continue to bless me.  The best blessings are experiences like these that I will treasure forever!

As a reward for reading this LOONNGG post I have attached my video montage of pictures from camp.  If any of "My Girls" read this.  I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart.  Each and everyone of you, Level 2s, YCL1s and especially my Assitant, boy I learned alot from her too!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

This summer we have been busy having fun with lots of new things for us.  The biggest is supporting Miranda on swim team.  Last summer she taught herself how to swim, it wasn't fancy, but she could get across the pool and jump off the diving board with her friends.  We thought swim team would be great for her.  She has done an amazing job.  She went to practice on many days in the rain without complaint.  She has loved almost every minute of it.

Our very first swim meet it was a torentual down pour THE WHOLE TIME!  She has conintued to improve her time at each meet.  Her very last meet she was not feeling well at all.  She was not her normal joyful self but she participated and even "popped" her time in her butterfly.  She is so fun to watch swim because she is smiling the whole time!

At time trials we stood at the end of the pool cheering her on and one of the other moms told me to cheer louder her.  I couldn't cheer at all because I was on the verge of bawling!  I was so grateful for the dark glasses I was wearing so no one could see I was such a crybaby.  (In my defense Jeremy got a little misty eyed the first time he watched her race too.)  There was my baby girl competing in something for the first time and hearing people cheer for heart was full!

She had her pictures done recently and I am afraid to brag about her, but she is a beauty!
 And her fabulous team:
It has been such a great experience that I hope next year we can get at least the four oldest and maybe even Lauren to participate.  I love watching these itty bitty kids jump in the water with hands and feet facing the water!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I did it, I made Fondant!

We had a ward birthday party and I loved the opportunity to make a cake.  I am by no means an expert but it is a hobby that I do enjoy.  I chose the month of September.  It is a month that is the least theme-ish.  I chose a back to school theme.  I decided to try out a rainbow cake and fondant.  I have always been intimidated by the beautiful look of fondant that I never tried it.  After a day of baking and about 2 hours of making and using the fondant, I learned a lot.  This is the finished product.

There is a great tutorial series on fondant so you can learn too! Here is a link to one post but there are several!

Deeper thinking...

Remember this post about prayer?  Well I have been thinking about how effective prayer is and I was thinking about the incident with the parking meter.  I was thinking about how I only had a nickel and I needed more, but it was all I had to give.  Then the though of repentance came to mind.  We all make mistakes and wish we could erase what we have done, and sometimes we alone can not undo the problems we have caused.  When I was baptised several years ago the story about the little boy who wanted to buy a bicycle was shared.  The boy saves up to buy a bike and he works hard and ends up with a rather pathetic pile of change.  As he goes to buy his bike and pours his collection on the counterm, it would never amount to enough, but his loving parent decides he really put forth everything he had and paid for the difference.  And so it is with our Savior.

So going back to my experience, I was reminded that I needed more than I had when I went to Martinez to get a copy of Lauren's birth certificate.  All I had was one little nickel which is about enough to get the kids out of the car.  Wouldn't you know that the Lord provided the difference!  It was like my own little repentance experience.  I was doing something good, it was needed, but I hadn't prepared.  I did scour the car, if that counts as doing all I could in my situation, which isn't much, but it was all I had to give.

I know He loves each and everyone of His children and only wants what is best.  Sometimes we can give 80% and sometimes it is all we have to scrape up that little 1% but he doesn't quantify what we need to do, we just need to give Him all we can, show we are trying.

Hopefully it makes sense because it was a light bulb for me.  I hope you have a fantastic day and know, no matter what life throws your way, you always have His strength to get you through!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Our happenings

I keep thinking that I will get to post about all these fabulous things that have happened but I have been so sidetracked, with all these things that aren't as fabulous!

Miranda took part in her first science fair and took 5th place out of the whole 4th grade!  She is a smarty tarty!

Miranda, Haylie and Hannah all learned to ride bikes with the persistence and patience of a good friend!  Yeah for them!

Our computer had a drive crash, now I am working from scratch until I get my address book off the old computer!

I ran over Hannah's bike, then I put on facebook I needed a new rim.  Within and hour I had another 16" bike for Hannah to ride!  I love Facebook!

I lost my diamond from my wedding ring, then found it!

I got to visit a friend in San Diego for the weekend to celebrate the arrival of her little girl.  Boy was it fun and such a long desired trip!  Can't wait to do it again.  I was shocked that 7.5 hours in a car with friends who know all my stories still didn't get old and the drive went by fast!  BOTH WAYS!

Jackson took a faceplant and caused a gruesomely bloody nose, two fat lips (top and bottom) scraped chin, upper lip and nose.  The stroller got caught on the lip of the curb and Hannah kept pushing.  If there wasn't so much blood, it probably would have been comical as Hannah fell on top of the stroller that contained Jackson, who was not even awake from the nap that I rudely woke him up from.

Two days later he tripped over a friends foot, caused his nose to bleed a itty bitty bit and scaped his forehead.  He looked real cute for a couple days!  But my resourceful two year old solved the bloody problem by sticking a round Trix up his nose.  Luckily I was able to get it down with out a trip to the Dr.  He came around the corner and pointed to his nose saying "Mommy, it stuck."

This is not the best picture, but trust me it was bad!

He is talking so much and showing signs that he is ready to potty train (which I firmly believe is the worst part of rearing toddlers!).  He came up to me and said "Mommy, I stink!"

We hiked a little on Mt. Diablo.  It is one of our favorite family activities.

We have only two more birthdays to celebrate until October as far as our immediate family is concerned.  Lauren and Jeremy.

Lauren is maturing into a sweet girl.  I just adore watching her.  She is quick to tattle on Jackson.  What she omits is that he learned it from watching her.  He mimics everything!  She is three and everyday she asks "Is it my birthday party?  Is that my cake for my birthday party?  I am going to be 4 at my birthday party today!"    Jackson ressponds by singing Happy Birthday to her.  I guess that is what happens when we celebrate birthdays every month! 

Lauren spells her name, but says it with such self assurance, it is so funny.

Haylie and Hannah still enjoy ballet.  They love it so much that Haylie now wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up.  Logan is enjoying cub scouts, and Miranda continues to enjoy Acheivement days (kind of like Pioneer girls or girls couts...sort of) with our church.

Life is busy but I wouldn't change it and we still manage to have good family moments.  This past friday we did pizza and a movie.  I won't name names but some people really enjoyed Camp Rock 2.  After dinner, Jeremy surprised all of us with Drumsticks with SPRINKLES.  Boy were the kids excited.  I wish I had a video camera showing Jackson's response.  He was so giddy!  Then I wish I would have taken a picture of Lauren's Chocolate go-tee and the puddle of ice cream that was on Jackson's fist as he gripped that cone so tightly! Oh and a picture of Jeremy's face when he realized the mess we would have to clean up!

I ran a whole three miles in the rain!  When I say ran please know it is the loosest sense of the word.  It was almost my slowest 5k.  But there is always room for improvemnt.  Now I know I can do it, I just need to step it up...faster!  I am starting the real training for my little Tri-Sprint in September.

So these are the highlights in a nut shell!  Memories I don't want to forget!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Prayer Works!

I have been slowly working on my personal progress which is a program for the young women at church, ages 12-18. As Relief Society sisters (18+) we have been invited to participate as well. The first value is faith. With each value you need to complete 6 experiences and 1 project.  The first experience was to read some specific scriptures and prayer regularly in the morning and at night for 30 days then share your experience.

So I have been doing that.  I have surpassed the 30 days and immediately got a little lazy.  I noticed when I stopped talking with the Lord I got a little out of sync and more sensitive, emotional and depressed.  During this time I went to Martinez to get a copy of Lauren's birth certificate.  When I got there all BOTH of the free parking spaces were taken.  So I had to use a metered space.  I searched the car and came up with a nickel.  I had just purged the coinage the day before paying late library fees.  I knew a nickel gets you about no time on a parking meter.  So I prayed that it would work out.  In the grand scheme, it isn't that far of a drive and could be done another time.  I decided I could put in my nickel then run in and at least get it processed, drive around and hope I see some one pull away.  I got the two kids out of the car got them all strapped in the stroller, then was about to put my nickel in when the car in front of me pulled away.  He had about 11 minutes left on his meter.  So I left the kids on the sidewalk and pulled up the space and added my nickel to it.  Then I was pretty much going to follow the same plan.  I put in my paper work and figured I would wait for about 8 minutes, I got called right away and was back to the car with 1 minute left on the meter!  How is that for a blessing?

Fast forward to today, I have realized that one important thing about prayer is communication.  Heavenly Father wants us to talk to him and he wants us to want to talk to him.  Just like we want our children to come and talk to us, we want to know what is going on in their lives and we want them to want to talk to us.  Huge revelation that prayer is important!

This morning I was getting out of the shower and my ring caught on my towel.  I didn't think anything of it, until it caught on my shirt as I was getting dressed.  I looked at my ring to see if a prong was sticking up and my heart fell to the pit of my stomach.  My diamond was gone.  I had already been to exercise, in the car, put away dishes, brushed my teeth, thrown stuff in the garbage, not to mention shower with the big drain, you know how that works!  I was so sad, it isn't something we keep money for, but I also knew it was just a symbol, it was not life threatening, and it was replaceable.  I looked around the house and decided to head to the church like a friend had suggested (that is where we exercise in the morning).  I sent her a text and she said "I will be right there!"

On the way to the church I sent up a little prayer and said that if it is His will please help me find that diamond.  Then the doubt crept in and I really felt why would this happen for me?  Then I countered that thought with "remember the parking meter?  He cares about the small and simple things too."  We got to the church and my friend went on the stage to turn on the lights.  I walked in the gym and decided to start where I put my mat, which is in the same place everyday on a specific line of the basket ball court.  Sure enough, my diamond was right there.  We found it!  I could not believe it, not only did I feel so blessed but I felt so humble because I doubted when I made such a silly request to our Heavenly Father.

As I was sharing the little prayer I had plead on the way to the church, my friend said "It may seem little but He knows it is important to you!"  That is the key.  I can't tell you much I feel His hand in my life.  I can tell you though that I have no doubt prayer works, He is waiting for us to talk to him about the things that are important to us.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just not good enough...

WARNING: This is a RANT post but the end there is a good message!

To say the month of February has been an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. If there is a message that has been sent to me over and over it is that I am not good enough. I am not a good enough mom, a good enough wife, friend, sister, church member, athlete, I am not skinny enough, pretty enough, dynamic enough... I just simply am not good enough. There have been highlights like Valentine's Day, my little twingles turning 6, I have had some successes like moderately good looking cookies, some decent craft projects etc. But I can tear each of those apart. The crafting is probably my saving grace, it is the thing that I feel I have value. Then in looking into my calling I came across a talk by Sister Julie B. Beck.  She talks about prioritizing.  She talks of the necessities like reading the scriptures, prayer, those things that are necessary for you to return to live with Heavenly Father.  Then she talks of the needs, like eating, sleeping and much to my dismay cleaning.  I would have scoffed at the last but she said something along the lines of your home is like your temple everyday, if it is dirty and chaotic, how can you feel the spirit?  Which hit home, I look around and there are piles everywhere, and it puts me in a terrible mood, I can't think and I don't want to deal with any of it!  Then she talked about my favorite, the portion where I spend about 95% of my time.  The "Fun-To-Do" part.  They are good things, but not when they take up your time, and replace the things that are on the other two lists.  It is the part that I hang on to the most because it is what I want to be, it is where life focuses on me!

So as I was laying in bed this morning, having a pity party for one, not wanting to get up for the day and cursing just about everybody and everything and repeating my February theme that I am not good enough, I was reminded I am not supposed to be!  I am not supposed to be good enough, I am supposed to be lacking and I am supposed to turn to our Savior to make up where I lack.  It is only through him that I can ever truly be good enough at anything.  In all honestly it is not comforting, but I know that it is OK to not be good enough as long as I am leaning on the Savior.  I have so much to work on when it comes to priorities. As weird as it sounds I also know that when I take are of the first two categories I will have plenty of time to do the things in the last category.

I was reminded of this verse found in Matthew Chapter 11
28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Life is all about learning, growing and reshaping, it is not always perfect, but I do know it is worth it and that is what I tell myself on those days when I want to climb in a hole and never come out.  I am thankful for those around me that love me despite my imperfections or maybe because of them.  I am thankful for a Savior who is willing to put in the .99 cents when all I have is a penny to make that dollar.  What a perfect plan.

P.S. My theme song for February "I'm Trying to be like Jesus" was the practice hymn in Relief Society on Sunday, at a moment when I was in a particularly bad mood!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Jeremy and I spent a fabulous night away last month in an early celebration of Valentine's Day. So yesterday we focused our love on the family. We had a great potluck at the church. There were over 30 kids on bikes, scooters and other various items with wheels, including two Plasma Cars
Had I got it together in time we would have had a Mom vs. Mom race, but I was too late in processing that idea.  I look forward to next time.

We came home and I started our dinner.  The two things that mean the most to Jeremy are a clean house and dinner ready on the table when he gets home at 6:00 (or 6:15...maybe 6:30).  The main reason is that if this is done he gets to actually spend time with the kids which doesn't involve him getting on the kids to clean, and if dinner is at 7:00 there is no family fun time, just dinner pajamas, scriptures and good night.

So that was my goal, of which I didn't REALLY achieve any but I was OH so close.  On our menu was heart shaped raviolis with homemade pink Alfredo sauce, broccoli and cheese casserole, home made dinner rolls and a cottage cheese and Jell-o salad.  For dessert I made caramel popcorn then covered it in chocolate.  It was pretty much DELICIOUS!

We used the fancy dishes, fancy goblets and even some fresh flowers from our neighbor's garden.  The kids really felt special using the "grown-up" dishes.  We ended the night with family night, scripture study and the meanest gift ever!  We gave the kids each a box of See's candy, then made them give it back unopened so they could go to bed.  Isn't being a parent delightful?

As we were sitting eating dinner I couldn't help but feel so blessed and loved.  I looked across the table and my heart was full of gratitude, without the man at the other end this would not be possible.  I love you Jeremy, not because the calendar tells me that I have to but because you have given me an awesome life everyday of the year!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To List Follow-up

Here are the results of my To-Do list:
1: Get off the computer:  (Please note, cleaning off the computer desk was NOT on my to do list!)
 2, 4, 6, 10: Do dishes, I did not take a picture every time, but trust me when I say I did a TON of dishes yesterday...and I didn't even cook dinner!)
 3: I did bake over 12 dozen sugar cookies that I will frost tonight after the kids go to bed.
 Unfortunately I got a little sidetracked with one batch and they got a little too crispy, I guess "that's the way the cookie crumbles!" name that movie!
 4:  This is Miranda scooping the 3rd batch of cookies.  She did make all the dough, and I cleaned up all the dishes.  The cookies and write-up is complete.  I will carry over the poster board completion for today's to-do list!
 7:  The dessert for Logan was using Vanilla wafers and some dark chocolate and mint chocolate chips.  We melted the chocolate chips and dipped the wafers in them.  They were like home made grasshoppers or Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Delicious.  This showed resourcefulness "because we melted chocolate and dipped the vanilla wafers" according to Logan.

8:  As for the centerpiece showing resourcefulness, we were told to use something that they made.  Well Logan loves putting together Legos so we brought one of his Lego Ships.  It was from a kit, but he has made some pretty fabulous things from his own imagination.  Logan is also a pretty fabulous artist remember this he was 4 when he drew it!

9:  I sewed on one patch and Logan earned another, so I guess it washes and will continue to be on my to-do list!

12:  Jeremy was able to find Logan's scout book, as it turned out we had done it all already and I just needed to sign it off.  Logan now knows the scout motto, theme, sign, what WeBeLOS means, and a few additional things pertaining to scouts.  So here is Logan with his Bobcat patch!  Way to go Logan.  He did his "good turn" before leaving by helping clean up while other kids were playing.  He turned his patch right side up!
16:  The kids did eat lunch and it was actually soup, rolls, fruit, and I think candy.

It was a busy day, I had to count to ten several times to not blow my top, which I did, right before Jeremy walked in the door.  He came home from work an hour early just to help me.  That was an AWESOME surprise!  Then I had to apologize to Logan for loosing patience with him.  I am so grateful he loves me.

All in all it was a good day, and this day is looking good too!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today's To Do List

  1. Get off the computer!
  2. Do dishes from last night's birthday party.
  3. Make a mess in the kitchen by baking 11 dozen valentine cookies to frost tomorrow (Who ever thought six kids was a good idea followed by the need to make something homemade for each child to pass out in their classroom?)
  4. Do dishes!
  5. Help Miranda make 4 batches of cookies for her science fair project.
  6. Do Dishes!
  7. Help Logan make a dessert that shows resourcefulness for tonight's Blue and Gold for scouting.
  8. Make a center piece...I mena Logan Make a center piece for above mentioned activity.
  9. Sew Logan's patches on scout shirt for the above mentioned activity.
  10. Do Dishes!
  11. Help Miranda with her Science fair display board (due Wednesday for display on Thursday!)
  12. Find Logan's scout book so I can work with  Logan on the Bobcat path.
  13. Learn what it actually means to finish the Bobcat path.
  14. Make a Huge list for tomorrow as I plan for the school carnival meeting on Thursday.
  15. Make lists for grocery shopping.
  16. Feed some kids...chocolate chips and marshmallows?
  17. Sleep..nah!  Maybe I will put that on tomorrow's list!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Trying

I have said the canned phrase I am not perfect on this blog so many times but I know that and don't pretend to think perfection is an attribute I possess.  With that being said I have been struggling with a particular person.  I truly believe it is personality clashing.  This person is not bad just I do not respond well to this person.  So anyways a situation happened brought tears to Tuesday and plain spiteful anger to Wednesday. Then the following event occurred Wednesday night:

I am not sure why but Jackson loves me to sing him to sleep. OK I know it isn't that he loves me to sing, he just loves that I fall for it and he gets to stay up later.  That is the bonus of being the baby of the family, I want to treat him like a baby far longer than I should.  Tonight as I was standing next to our piano that usually sits very lonely against our wall, I was flipping through Our Children's Song book that we use at church.  I was trying to broaden my song selection.  I came across the song "I'm trying to be like Jesus" (click that link to hear the music)

Here are the Lyrics:
I'm trying to be like Jesus, 
I'm following in his ways
I'm trying to love like he did
In all that I do and say
At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice
But I try to listen to the still small voice whisper
Love one another as Jesus loves you
Try to show kindness in all that you do
Be gentle and caring in deed and in thought
for these are the things Jesus taught
I'm trying to love my neighbor
I'm learning to serve my friends
I watch for the day of gladness when Jesus returns again
I try to remember the lessons he taught
Then the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts saying


It was one of those moments that kind of take the wind out of your sails.  I have known this song for a long time but it isn't one we sing all the time, but man was it perfect.  I love the children's songs.  They are simple and straight forward, right to the point.  And usually if you are an adult they hit you on the head like a hammer.

With all my frustrations and straight venomous anger, I forgot my purpose.  I was definitely not being gentle and caring in THOUGHT and in deed.  It felt awful, and honestly if I would have come across that song Tues, I probably wouldn't have paid attention.

In any situation, it really can turn out as good or bad as you allow your self to think it is.  Life is not perfect and can be down right painful at times, but choosing to make the most of it can keep your head afloat.  So my renewed commitment is to keep this song in my head and heart.  Even the most irritating people have something great to offer if you just allow your self to focus on those good attributes instead of the...well...not as good attributes.

This particular person is a great example in so many ways and I honestly do admire many qualities.  So we will see if I can control my emotions and have that great growing experience Heavenly Father has in store for me.  Hang on life is an awesome ride!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Blessings abound!

It was not more than a couple hours ago that I posted about having out pictures erased that I got an instant message from my mom saying she emailed me some pictures of her visit.  This was the first one I opened.
Please don 't think I am a baby when I tell you I cried when I saw these pictures!  In this picture Jeremy is explaining how they will hold hands so Logan can cover his nose when he is baptized by immersion.
 This was like the only photos I took.  I am beyond grateful that my mom was snapping photos.  Not only did she get these but she took others that included the loved ones that were there to support Logan.

As for the baptism, Logan asked Miranda to give the talk on baptism.  She did an excellent job.  Then she and her good friend did a duet of the song Baptism.  At this point I have an image I want burned into my memory forever.  While Miranda was singing, Logan turned and looked at Jeremy with the biggest grin on his face, Jeremy looked down and smiled.  So precious.  It was definitely a day that he felt very special.  Then I followed with a talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  He was then baptized by Jeremy and later confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was a great occasion and we were so pleased with the many family members and friends that were there.

Oh and for the record we are two for two with the water being freezing.  Jeremy showed up early to fill the font, then locked it all up with the water running and came home to change.  When he got back less than 20 minutes later some one had emptied the font and with it went all the hot water.  It takes about an hour to fill up the font and we had to settle for about 40 minutes.  It was enough.

After it was done, Jeremy and Logan were changing back into their church clothes and Jeremy asked Logan how he felt.  Logan responded "I feel very proud of myself."  Logan we are proud of you too!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It is a clean slate

What I choose to do with it, that is the real question.  A friend asked me today if I had any New Years resolutions.  I said "Of Course" in a monotone voice "the usual, loose some weight, get more organized, you know what I resolve to do every year." 

While those are true, I set those goals at least every Sunday.  One thing we are going to work on as a family is to read the Book of Mormon.  The theme in Primary is "I know the scriptures are true."  What better way to supplement what they are learning at church then studying it at home.  In my useless web surfing I found this great book mark incentive idea.  For each book that you complete as a family they have goals that you can tie to the book completed.  So much fun.  We will be editing the prizes to fit our family, but will totally be enjoying this.

Also this year, Jeremy and I have been asked to help at Girl's camp this summer.  It is for girl's ages 12-18.  It will be a first for both of us.  This ties to my goal to complete the Young Women's Personal Progress Program.  I get to go as the Personal Progress Person which I am barely familiar with, so I figured I would start now and see how much I can get done.  It will help while I am there, but also strengthen my testimony of a fabulous program that will turn nice young ladies into well rounded and well prepared young women.  This is probably my favorite and most exciting goal.

With this goal I am debating if I should use this blog as my Personal Progress journal or if I should keep it more private...decisions, decisions.

Other things that I am planning on doing this year is beating my time from last year's See Jane Tri event.  I am already registered (for FREE, thanks!) and looking forward to lighter mornings when I can train with my good friend Teri...and any other lady that is interested.

In other 2011 news, Jeremy has completed his Bachelor's Degree through the BYU General Studies Program.  While this is actually 2010 news, we are going to take a family trip so me and the kids can watch him walk and accept his degree.  We are truly proud of him and think it is a very neat experience for the children to know that it really is a big deal and it is really important to Jeremy.

What are your 2011 hopes, dreams, goals?  And how do you plan on accomplishing them?  With out a plan how do you get started?

Knock, Knock...

...nobody's been home!  Well that is not true.  We have been home and very busy.  During the second week of December I finished sewing up some skirts for the girls first ballet recital, I started my first lap quilt, my mom came to visit, Logan was baptized.  Of course we got pictures of all these super cool events...then a glitch happened, Christmas Eve we knew we need to empty the memory card to make room for the festivities of Christmas day, food, gifts, family oh-my!  Oh, my it was when we put the card into the computer and all our pictures were gone.  Yes we have no pictures of Haylie and Hannah in their cute little ballet recital, including some short video clips.  We only took two pictures of of Logan and Jeremy all dressed in baptismal clothes.  GONE!  Jeremy and I took a twin and helped them in the classroom to build gingerbread houses, POOF!  My mom bought the kids some drawing stuff and was teaching them how to use it, cute pictures..NO MORE!  We had my mom take a family picture, you know the one we take every year at home with a timer...this year we went high class and got a good one, I think all eight of us looked there is no proof!  It makes me sad, but fortunately not heart broken, well the baptism pictures I am pretty sad about, since it is irreplaceable.  Oh and the ones with my mom since we don't get to see her too often, it had been a year and a half. The rest I can get pictures that are pretty similar.

I did finish a quilt and I am impressed with my self.  As with any learning experience, I shoulda, coulda, woulda.  But none the less I am extremely pleased.  As soon as I get another opportunity I will take a picture.

For those of you who think my stories are something equal to "blah, blah, blah..."  Here is a cute photo to make up for my rambling.
This picture is adorable in color, but when I used it for the quilt I didn't download it from the camera, I just saved the edited version.  Still cute, but Color would have shown you a little more.  These kids are growing so much, personality wise, physically and mentally.  They all make me laugh at least once a day, sometimes make me cry, once a week.  And 100% of the time they make me feel like a super hero.  I am so fortunate, and don't take it for granted that I am this lucky!

BTW take a look at Lauren's angelic pose.  I'm just sayin'.

Happy New year and I hope to be catching up real soon!

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