Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Playing Catch out!

I have so many things to blog about in such a short amount of time. Life is great.

Let's start with Halloween. We had a great day. We started by baking up a storm. I made some cute graveyard cupcakes, spider cupcakes, and ghost cupcakes. I worked fairly hard and I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, there is always next year. Then I picked Miranda up from school and we headed to Jer's work to show off my 5 lovely kids. Here are four of them:

Then we headed to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm where we took some pumpkin pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

After we went to the pumpkin farm, we headed to the Preston's for a fabulous halloween party with home made scones (which may now be a halloween tradition) and a fabulous pinata. It was lots of fun. Then we headed home to Trick-or-Treat. We mad one pit stop at my uncle's house where I made the treat providers come to the car so I didn't have to unload the treaters! We go home and ran the little ones for about 1.5 hours. We knocked on all the doors with lights on from here to Grandma June's and Grandpa Ralph's. Where the had a special treat for the kids. We came home and Grandma Bev had her traditional home made donuts. We get to frost them and top them as we please. It was so late we made the kids save theirs until the next day. Jer and I enjoyed at least for each that night!

And that was our

It was about ice cream!!!!

OK so Brittany found a quiz that labeled you as ice cream...of course I had to take it. I think I answered some of these questions in the wrong way here was my answer:

You embody the perfect blend of sweetness and seduction. You personality is just as luscious and irresistible as chocolate ice cream. You have a flirty, melty attitude that's easygoing and delicious. You appreciate luxurious, extravagant things, like the way ultra-soft fabrics feel against your skin. Some people want to hog you all to themselves, but you find ways to make everyone feel special.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Awesome Gift!

The gift's keep coming! Hannah is my favorite child for the hour. She is I would say 90% potty trained. She wakes up dry and has one accident in 3 days. Here is a picture, I wanted to show her big girl underpants, but I thought that may be inappropriate. So I kept the picture but edited it. Just so you know she is not wearing a diaper or pull-up. She is officially the youngest to be potty trained! Yeah for me...I guess she did some of the work too...OK Jeremy gets a little credit also!
I also get to go see Hannah Montana with Miranda for my birthday and I am also excited about a gift card to Home Depot. I am torn between several projects right now, oh the decisions!
This really has been birthday month. I have been able to go lots of places, be treated fabulously by a multitude of people. Life at 30 is good!
Haylie if you are reading this birthday month is not over. You have 1 day to be potty trained! I guess if you are reading this I will let the potty training slide for a little bit longer and celebrate your (fictional) amazing milestone of reading at age 2.5!


Last night for Family Home Evening we went to Jeremy's grandparent's house. We wanted the kids to hear a few stories from Grandpa from when he was a kid and to share his testimony with us. It was so cool to watch the kids listen to their great-grandpa tell some stories. They were truly enthralled.
Thanks for letting us come over and sharing your stories with us. More importantly thank you for being such a wonderful example to us in so many ways.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am offically 30!

In honor of turning 30 I thought I could share 30 great things that have happened in my life. Lucky for me I have 6 right off the bat.

  1. I married the best husband of all time in May of 2000.

  2. I have a beautiful, kind, sweet daughter, Miranda who is now 6.5

  3. I have a superbly handsome son (who looks like his daddy I might add), Logan age 4 and 5/6.

  4. I have an energetic, gorgeous twin daughter, Haylie who is 2.5

  5. I have a super cuddly momma's girl, twin daughter Hannah who is surprise 2.5 (and Potty trained...mostly

  6. I have a dream baby, Lauren who is 5 months old, by the way she is beautiful too.

  7. I own my own home (well we own it together.)

  8. I get to be a full time stay at home mom.

  9. I graduated from DVC with my Associates degree.

  10. I was able to spend a semester of college away from home. It was a short stint but I got to try real college life. I totally recommend it for my kids.

  11. I have been to Disneyland lots of times, again thank you Honey!

  12. I can cook way better than I could 10 years ago.

  13. I am the aunt to 8 soon to be 9 and hopefully 10 not too long after that!

  14. I drove with my kids to Ohio and back to visit family.

  15. I have worked at the following places, Nature Company, IHOP, Going to the Game, Wells Fargo, Ross Gordon & Associates, Vinyl Specialists, Blanding Boyer & Rockwell, LLC, Aqua Products Group, and sorta CD Federal Credit Union. BB&R was where I met a great friend!

  16. I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Where I met the rest of my great friends.

  17. I have completed scrapbooks of my wedding, and Logan & Miranda's first year. As for Haylie and Hannah I am up to two months and Lauren well that's another decade away!

  18. I was able to give birth 2 times with only the lamest drug ever given to anybody, Demerol, and my biggest baby was without any drugs what so ever.

  19. I have beaten Jeremy in Lord of the Rings Trivia (he edited to add once).

  20. I have been labeled the "Best Cooker in the whole wide world"

  21. I am, for the most part, sane with lots of youngin's running around!

  22. Although this is a repeated accomplishment, I go food shopping with all the kids in tow!

  23. I am co-room mom for the second year in a row.

  24. I have single handedly fattened up my husband with lots of love and cooking.

  25. With the help of friends and family I am able to work in the classroom with Miranda once a week.

  26. I have not had a moving violation in several years. I did go through a bad streak for a bit though.

  27. I have read ALL the Anne of Green Gable Books and they are Grrreat!

  28. I can spend hours on the computer, my new fascination besides blogging is making slide shows to music.

  29. I have made my own television debut on The Concord Channel in an Adopt-A-Street commercial.

  30. As of next week I will have seen the following musicals: Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked.

I am so grateful for the life I have and the wonderful friends and family that surround me near and far. I feel I am abundantly blessed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween recipes

I went to and they had a download-able cookbook of Halloween recipes. I thought I would share the link here. Maybe you are going to a Halloween party and are looking for some spooky yet savory treats!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just can't stop smiling. Last night we celebrated my birthday with family. It was a fun evening and as always I am truly spoiled. I am not going to list the gifts but I am going to brag about what my awesome husband did for me. He told me about three weeks ago that he was done shopping for my birthday. Since then we have bought a few things to put away for birthday or Christmas. The kids gave me a few smaller but equally desired things. Then Jeremy handed me a box and told me to open it from a certain side. I opened it and it was a two pack of Barbies, if you know me you are probably thinking "I didn't know she collected Barbies. Well you would be right. These Barbies were Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West (there was a little Munchkin one too). As I opened them I thought "I know I wanted to see Wicked and love the music, and these collector type dolls are pricey but I don't collect Barbies" So I tried my best to fake happy but I was waiting for the "punch line." Then Jeremy said turn it over and on the back were two VIP tickets to see Wicked down in L.A. We are driving down next Friday and staying with Jeremy's sister and her family. They will babysit our kiddos and we will see Wicked Saturday night relax with them on Sunday and then drive home on Monday. Needless to say the Husband of the Year Award has been won by my husband so I wish your hubby better luck next year!

Here is a video of the evening. As always I am not thrilled with me but hey I am what I am. As you watch the snap shots make note of Logan, he cracks me up.

Thank you to the rest of the family and the wonderful gifts, as always you made me feel especially spoiled and special.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jane Austen Fan???

OK I am totally a follower not a leader. My friend Tammy had this on her blog so I, of cousre, wanted to see which Jane Austen character I would be most like. Here is the answer:
:: E L I N O R ::
You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.
I am Elinor Dashwood!
It would be interesting to know what you thought so here is a quiz

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lauren and her buddy

Lauren and her buddy Tyler had a great time playing around. Here is a cute video of their friendly ways.

They were so cute. Although we didn't get it on video there were other cute moments. Tyler tried to kiss Lauren in the form of a bite on the head and Lauren tried to unbutton Tyler's pj's. Fortunately Tyler is an upstanding young man and put an end to that behavior! All the while Ethan was enjoying the swing without a care in the world.

Girl's trip

A few (ten) of us try to get together at least once a year and have a great time. We call it scrapbooking, but we usually don't get too much of that done. This year we kept it close. It worked out well in that a few people's circumstances changed and they wouldn't have been able to come at all had we needed to travel far. One gal was not able to come because she is expecting her first boy but child number three in a few weeks and her doctor said she can not fly to get here. Another gal flew in from Arizona, it was great to see her too. I always get so caught up in my life I forget other people are living their lives too. We missed one friend but another came for dinner it was a nice addition.

A little about us is that we have had no fewer than three babies on each trip. This year there was five (including the "newbie") and there was one preggo mama with us this trip.
Anyways, we had a great time. I got to stay Wednesday through Friday. Acquiring a whopping 6 hours of interrupted sleep. I brought Lauren so she woke up twice in that three hours each night. I am not sure how much I can share but it was lots of fun, and a nice break. I look forward to a trip next year.

She makes me proud.

This isn't my story to tell but I will share it anyways since it is about my daughter. Jeremy had this week off and spent a couple hours alone on a father child date. This is about Jeremy and Miranda's date. They went to McDonald's for lunch (that in itself is amazing since he doesn't like it at all, the sacrifice for kids). As they were standing in line there was a young mom and daughter behind them speaking in Spanish. Jeremy speaks Spanish so he could understand what they were saying. The little girl wanted a happy meal so she could get the toy. The mom basically said we are only getting the food. It was a My Scene toy. So Jeremy asked Miranda to think about something. He said the little girl would really like the toy so if Miranda wanted to she could give it to her. I think more was said but I don't want to embellish the generosity of my little girl. As they were leaving Jeremy asked Miranda if she thought about what he had said, she said yes and she wanted to give the toy to the little girl. She walked up to her by herself and handed over her new toy. She walked out holding Jeremy's hand. She said it felt good to make that little girl happy.

When Jeremy told me about it I asked if Miranda was sad after she gave up her toy. He said no, she was too happy that she made this other little girl happy. I am proud of her for being so generous. I can learn alot from my children and this is one of those times. Not only that but it shows that we are doing a good job raising our kids, we all need a little reminder every once in a while.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween 2007

We have this phenomenal group of friends that we hang out with once a month for "dinner group". One couple will host and provide the entree and the rest of the couples will bring the rest potluck style. We rotate the job of host every month. Jeremy wanted to do Halloween so we threw a Halloween party. It was a ton of fun. We ate Chicken Cordon Blue Mummies, Mummy toes, Graveyard Dirt, spider web cookies and other equally yummy dishes. Following that we had a pumpkin carving contest. In while our guests were armed with carving knives in walks a police officer...well she's actually my sister-in-law. It turns out I have some shady friends that she was following...just kidding. She had to work so she wasn't able to come but wanted to stop by and say hi. We have some super talented and creative friends. A tarantula pumpkin won first place, followed by a pumpkin with the A's emblem (there were lots of fans there), and third prize was a more traditional pumpkin face. Although all the pumpkins were great. After that we did a mummy wrap. The first person to wrap a whole roll of toilet paper around their "mummy" wins. One guest fell to the floor! Lastly we gave out ribbons for costumes. It was a lot of fun. Here is a slide show of the evening.

As always I want to brag for a moment. We have a harder time finding sitters on the weekends, and especially one when we are home. So we decided to keep the kids here and have them stay in their room under the supervision of Miranda (age 6.5). We did bribe them with a small gift if they were good. With all the commotion and fun they stayed in their room, and played so well together. Miranda read them stories, and they played a card game or two. I still feel a little guilty "locking" the kids up while we had a party. They were awesome, I have the BEST kids ever!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEWS Worthy!

Channel 2 News was doing a story about local teachers who are voicing the fact that they are doing their job with out getting the deserved benefits. Having married into a family of teachers I feel for them. Their job is an important and often thankless one. I am grateful for the teachers who have taught Miranda so far. She has been blessed to have such a great foundation to her many years of required education.

Onto the point...I am sure the news crew scoured the district classrooms looking for the best teacher, the cutest class, and smartest group! The search was over when they came across the Scholar Class. Here is the news clip. I hope you enjoy.

I told Miranda that she would now have to wear dark sunglasses and a baseball cap whenever she went anywhere. People would constantly stop her for her autograph, since she was on the news she will be famous. I wasn't sure if she took me seriously until the next day when she said in a surprised manner "Oh I forgot to wear my shades and hat and NOBODY asked for autograph!" Maybe for the adorable little cuties that got closeups it may be another story!

Thanks to a Technological Savy brother in law who could record and edit this for me!

Monday, October 08, 2007

30 Flirty & Thriving.

I am not quite the big 3-0 yet but real soon. Friday night some super amazing ladies threw an awesome suprise dinner party for me and two other good friends who are slightly older than me! ha-ha! We ate a great dinner and did a birthday girl roast! Each guest brought a gift for the birthday girls. Thirty of something, then they got to make us blush by showering us with deserved ...or undeserved compliments. We then played a few party games. Pin the lips on Timmy (Tim McGraw to all you who don't know Teri). Then the real fun began as we attempted to smash a pinata with the GOOD candy. First off watching April P. try to re-hang the wet pinata back up was comical, luckily no-one was hurt. A few of us gave a reat effort, but the fun continued as I was swinging and the sprinklers went on, holy moly they were impressed that I could move that fast! Then when April P. swung the pinata was scared to make contact but just threw candy at her. Little did we know that sweet Liz packs a wicked hit! She made contact with her first swing but NAILED it with the back swing. It was obliterated. I think the candy landed about 15-20 feet away. After laughing so hard we had a cookie cake and some ice cream. They had a picture of us on a TIME magazine cover framed. All the attendees signed the frame with more wonderful comments. You girls are the best. Thanks for making this a great night.

Once I get the pictures I will post them. I am sure the pictures will not do the evening justice. It was a blast!

Wanted: Potty Trainer

Potty training is the hardest thing as a parent of young kids. I loathe it! I am not good at it. Please remind me that most kids do not enter school in pull-ups. I wish there there was a magic remedy to it. Then if it's not hard enough potty training one try doing two. Two that are different. This is getting complicated. I keep telling myself once I get passed this it is smooth sailing. OK enough whining the truth is I am not trying too hard or being too consistent (which is my nature...lack of consistency). I just wish you could sit down a two and a half year old and say: "Don't let anything come out below the waist unless you are sitting on a toilet" they would respond in a robotic a-firm and that would be that. Well here is to parenting in la-la land!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Remember My Name

It is a requirement that you post these rules before you give the facts.

1. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.
2. If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3 At the end of your post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

D-Dynamite...I wish this implied my looks but it is for my temper, once the fuse is lit WATCH OUT!
I-Inquisitive, I like to know lots of stuff about people so I as lots of questions.
O-Outgoing, this is a new thing for me, so if you've known me a while you may be surprised
N-never uses the phone, well I do sometimes but I use e-mail most frequently and as often as possible avoiding the phone.
N-Nice, well I try to be.
E-exuberant, well I am not sure it fits but I think it is a cool word.

I Tag:
April P.
Alice (Hello Zurich!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Haylie and Hannah or is it Hannah and Haylie?

It is so fun having twins. I still have to remind myself that is what I have a set of imaginative, adventurous, messy, intelligent, twin girls. It is so fun to stare at them and compare. Anyways one of the fun little games we like to play is: "Are you Haylie? or Are you Hannah?" Hannah quickly caught on and would get it correct. Haylie, whom I think is the brains behind the operation!!!, started like this:
Me: What's your name?
Haylie: ME!
Me: What's her name?
Haylie: Hannah
Me: Her name is Hannah is your name Haylie?
Haylie: ?
Me: What's your name?
Haylie: ME!
She just didn't get it.

Then went to this:
Me: What's your name?
Haylie: Hannah
Me: You are Hannah?
Haylie: Yah! hee-hee I Hannah!

Now it is this:

Lauren's rockin' and a rollin'

Lauren is so funny. She is starting to roll over. She still has problems with her arm getting stuck. If you remember the baby dolls that you laid down and their eyes closed and you lift them up and they open...well Lauren is similar. If she is on her back she is happy flip her over on her tummy and she cries. It is like her tummy has a little button on it. This little button is highly inconvenient for me. My baby used to sleep through the night since she was less than a month old (I would say like two weeks but you know the first month is a blur anyways). Now she rolls over on her side which she will sleep very peaceful that way. The force of gravity then helps her roll the rest of the way and wakes her up. Well it is either that or she could be teething. As my friends and I have all figured out teething is the cause of all unhappiness in babies!

In true ME fashion here is a little clip of my baby going from happy to ...uh-hmm, upset with a push of the aforementioned tummy button.

Logan's Owie

A story about every mother's nightmare...I guess after the spider in my purse what could possibly worse right? As always I am completely and utterly over dramatic! So as usual I am at the computer and the middle of the Jacobs' Sandwich (Miranda and Lauren are the bread, Haylie, Hannah and Logan are everything else) is outside playing. I hear Logan crying and mosey to the door to see what's going on. Hannah says something like "Gokie, hurt" interpretation "Logan is hurt, Mommy come quick and make it all better." So then Logan comes trailing behind with both hands over his nose covering part of his eyes. First thought "Please don't take you hand down I am not sure I can handle blood in large quantities!" But having several years of maternal experience, I quickly decided to give my self a pep talk "suck it up" I told myself, "it's just thick red liquid." So I finally get the courage to look at it and "'tis but a flesh wound...but my goodness was there a lot of gooey snot coming out of his nose!" I couldn't help but try not to laugh at my son while he is in pain. Truly I was relieved because what I pictured was much worse. It turns out my son was running and slipped on some rocks and skinned his nose up pretty good and a little bit on his forehead.

He is still completely handsome. Now he just looks tough too! Just to let you know his injury did not stop him from continuing to be 100% BOY!

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