Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't you just love giveaways?

At Natalie's Sentiments she is having a contest for two people to win 50 designed cards from Freshly Squeezed Designs. The cards are super cool.

This is my favorite:

She, I assume it is a she! ; ) has lots of stuff with more colors, but with my large family we need all the photo room we can get. Go check out both blogs, they will inspire you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

One more school year down.

The kids finished another year at school. Miranda is now happily heading into 3rd grade. Logan is off to first grade and the big kid playground. We are very proud of both of them.

The above picture is Miranda on the first day of school with her teacher, below is the last day. Time flies and she is growing up. Miranda has been very fortunate to have such excellent teachers. We are grateful for all that these ladies have done for our kids. Miranda still is a great reader, she loves it and is good at it. At the beginning of the year I worried about math, but she really stepped up and did excellent. She ended the year with all 4's which means she has mastered end of year standards.

Here is Logan getting ready for his very first day of school.

He had no problem waving good-bye as he entered the wonderful world of learning.

Below is Logan's first teacher, who also taught Miranda when she was in Kindergarten. So she falls under the category of excellent teachers as well. Logan also ended the year with all 4's just like Miranda. He is tying his own shoes and is reading pretty good. His strength is math which I think encouraged Miranda to do better, she was not going to be out done by him. Healthy competition. Logan's teacher got a pink slip at the end of this year. We were all hoping that a miracle would happen and she would get her job back as well as the other 5 teachers who will also be sadly leaving their school. It is such a bummer. I can't explain how sad it makes me. All the fifth grade teachers also got pink slips so that will make it interesting for those going into fifth grade. I hope to see these faces back here soon.

I am so proud of both my little smarty pants. I am also excited to have a busy summer of fun plans. Then for next year, only having to make two trips to the school, since Miranda and Logan will be on the same schedule!

Brace Face

Miranda got her braces on today. It is weird. She thinks she is a teenager and now she is starting to look like one. Well except for the acne! Here's her progression.

Before any equipment.

Miranda had a cross bite. Also she had an abscessed tooth that was pulled and all her teeth started filling in the gap. The next picture was taken after two weeks of using the expander:

It is amazing to see how fast things can move. The gap in her front teeth got really big and then it slowly started getting smaller. It will be amazing how much will change in 8 weeks at her next appointment. The next picture is of her today:

She chose red, white and blue bands, we asked if it was because of the 4th of July and she said "no, because I live in America!" She says it doesn't hurt at all, but I am sure it is like a good work out, it doesn't hurt until the next day or so, I will be giving her Motrin soon. What a beautiful young lady.

Project: Complete

About two years ago my friend introduced me to the idea of recovering dining room chairs with light fabric and then putting plastic over it. It has taken me a while, but on Thursday while Jeremy was at Yosemite I decided I would bite the bullet and get it done before he got home. So I took all the kids to JoAnn's, bought the necessary fabric, borrowed a staple gun. I should have taken some before pictures of the dining room chairs, they were in pretty bad shape, at least the ones the kids sat in.

It was really easy. They are not perfect but I am pretty happy with them. I also got fabric for the snack bar chairs.

Yesterday after lunch the kids got a chocolate covered ice cream bar. As I was cleaning up and realized that Hannah had spilled some of her chocolate on the chair, then it smeared. It was so exciting to be able to wipe it up! The dining room table needs to last about 2.5 more years. We figure at three the kids are no longer banging the prong end of the forks into the table while throwing a fit when we we insist they eat their veggies, or they didn't get the right spoon, or they wanted water instead of milk, well you get the idea. So way to go me, not only did I start a new project I completed it and even fixed a few lost screws!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What a good feeling.

It was sometime last week when I was overwhelmed and actually had the thought "maybe six kids IS too many!" I remember thinking how odd I had never thought that before, but I was truly overwhelmed and feeling like I was not giving everyone my best.

So today was quite the nice reassurance that I am doing good things. I don't mean to brag but I want to remember this day. So feel free to skip this post.

I got the kids to school, more or less on time. I have been driving them to school to make sure that happens. Yes I realize it is 6 houses away but still it can make all the difference. Especially when 5 of the seven (that includes me) don't have to be dressed with their hair done. This morning Haylie and Hannah had their 4 year well check. I had enough time to get all dressed but they all were styling the Medusa hair style.

So I made them get in the car. We dropped off the older two and headed out to the doctor appointment. We got their early enough that I styled their hair in the car so when I arrived to visit our fabulous pediatrician, on time mind you, we looked like a pretty together family. I had 4 of the 6 kiddos, and I still got the "Wow, you have your hands full!" Haylie and Hannah are growing well. Then they got shots. It was a little tricky holding the human pin cushion and making sure the other didn't watch her counterpart get poked with a needle, while keeping Lauren out of the refrigerator that contains all the vaccinations. Jackson was a peach staring at the boring white wall, not complaining a bit. Phew that was over. Now I had the chance to feed Jackson in the car (not while driving like some crazy lady). We stopped by Jeremy's work so he could give the girls a hug for receiving four shots, they were pretty tough little cookies. Then I headed home and whipped up 24 miniature chocolate cream pies so we could surprise Grandma Bev and her class with a birthday treat. Then I picked up Jeremy and headed off to deliver said goodies. It was fun to be in her classroom. I think all kids involved enjoyed it. I then returned Jeremy to work. I like borrowing him when I can, haha! Off to the park, even though most people are already gone from our scheduled playdate. Luckily I caught two friends still there for a little bit. When they left I called my mom. It is a rare occurance. I figured I would make use of the quiet while the kids were playing and Jackson was eating. The conversation ended abruptly when Lauren started getting too adventurous and meandering towards the busy road across the park from me. Time to go get Miranda. So I headed home to pick up Jeremy's suit coat, he is heading to the temple tonight with the youth and wouldn't have a chance to stop by the house before meeting up with them. We pick up Miranda and head to Jeremy's work AGAIN to deliver the coat and have all the potty trained kids go potty before I head to Costco. Off to Costco where we shop and hit a few sample tables. I should probably be way embarrased when I take 5 samples but I am only slightly embarrased, who doesn't like free food? For dinner I splurged $6 to feed us. We ate our hot dogs and drank at least half our drinks before Haylie was doing the pee-pee dance. Most days I would be near tears at this point. Things were working out today. Miranda took Haylie and Hannah to the bathroom while I hopped in a...can you believe it...super short line, and ordered some soft serve frozen yogurt for all of us. Then I met the girls at the bathroom. As I was leaving the bathroom (this is the beginning of the good part) a gentleman complimented me on my "beautiful family". He chatted while walking us over to the food court to pick up our treat. We sat down and I divied up the ice cream and the kids ate up. We cleaned up and were heading out the door. As we got our smiley face on our receipt, the same gentleman came up to me and said he was watching me my kids and said "There's not a C.E.O. that could handle a company as well as I handled my kids." While I know that is not true I am still on cloud nine! My kids have been raised in a loving environment, I take a third of the credit for that. But each of our kids gets to make the choice to be good and make things easier for me. They make me look like a great mom.

So the part that I want to remember most is that even though I feel I am not doing my best on some days, it is the marathon that counts not the sprint. Overall I am doing great even if some days are hard. I love being a mom, even with the hard days!

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