Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordfull Wednesday: Fathers

Topic: Father's Role in a Family "By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families." (Family Proclamation, paragraph 7)

This subject is especially dear to me.  As the years have gone on, I have realized that the people I am drawn to or have a healthy amount of confidence, that seem (I said seem because no one ever REALLY is) well balanced, are ones who have a good, healthy relationship with their fathers.  I think this is so important.  Being raised mostly by my mom until I was 12 when she remarried, I didn't get to really see what a father's role was in the family.  For the most part, my friends also came from a similar situation.  This is the same for Jeremy as well.

I know in the world today it is constantly inferred that women are equal to men, which I agree, but where I feel differently is that men and women each have a role to play.  Men are given the natural desire to solve problems and provide for their families neccesities, using their mind.  Where women are more driven by their heart.  This is also not to say that women are dumb and men are heartless, I said MORE driven, there is a balance.

I see some marriages where the woman is dominant and it seems to work well, but I can't help but wonder how the husband feels when the wife takes over.  Does it make him feel that he doesn't provide well for his family, that she does not trust his ability to care properly for his family, does it take away from his role? 

I feel it is Jeremy's divine role as husband and father to receive guidance, counsel, and inspiration on how to lead our family, it is my role to be his partner in following that counsel.  If I really have a problem then we get to talk about it and since he is a righteous man he does listen to my concerns.  Jeremy is the head of our household and I trust him explicitly with that.  I know with out a doubt that he has the best intentions to care for our family and each one of us knows that he loves us.

I love to watch how each of the kids interact with him on a daily basis, there is not enough time in the day for Jeremy to spend a much time as he wants with our kids, but he makes an effort to hug our kids daily and make sure they know he loves them.  He does not rule our house with a heavy hand or the threat of fear.  Our kids always feel safe in his presence and they are proud to call him daddy.  Ever since they could crawl each of them heads to the door when he gets home from work.  Haylie and Hannah bouce over to him and into his arms with a tight squeeze.  Logan quickly requests some Wii time with him.  Miranda always knows he will ask about her day.  Jackson and Lauren know that we will change diapers and get their milk cups for them, often times followed by some cuddle time.

I am sure Jeremy is probably getting tired of reading about "how awesome" he is, but I could not have asked for a better husband and father to guide our family, to provide for us and to help us always feel safe in our home.  I don't feel that I am the only one who has gotten this lucky, I think everyone who is happy feels this way, it is the way the Lord created his plan for marriage.  We are two equal pieces in this great Plan of Happiness, it was how it was designed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garlic = stinky feet!

Tonight as I was cooking, I tried to sprinkle garlic salt on the boiling chicken.  For some reason the shaker part won't stay on so I dumped it instead, then tried to scoop out as much as possible.  After it had been cooking a while Logan came to the sink and said "what's that smell" so I reminded him of the garlic spill.  He then said "Wow, Daddy's feet are really going to stink!" At first I didn't get it until I replayed it in my mind.  Jeremy often says "Garlic makes my feet stink"  I think it is from a movie or SNL but needless to say when I called him at work so he could enjoy a laugh, he chuckled and the said "How could he remember that, I don't say it that much!"  Appearantly he says it often enough for it to be memorable.  It does make me wonder how many things that I have said "not that often" that my kiddos can quote?

Articles of Faith Challenge

In primary we are challenging the kids to memorize all 13 Articles of Faith.  We think this is kind of a big deal, so we are offering a BIG treat!  If the kids can do it they will earn either a giant cupcake (about 8" tall using one whole box of cake mix), a giant oreo (about 12" diameter), or a huge cookie, chocolate chip or sugar, about 14" diameter).  For the first time around the kids can mark them all off individually and when all 13 are marked off they will earn one of the yummy treats.  Then if they would like to earn a second one they have to recite all 13 in front of primary.
To get the kids pumped up I made all the treats and then asked Jeremy to recite all thirteen while the kids got to follow along and check for mistakes.  He did it and earned the treat of his choice.
Way to go Jeremy!

So in honor of this challange we are practicing the articles of faith at home so the kids can earn their cookies or treat.  We started with the 10th article of faith it goes like this:
"We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon this the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory."

The other night we challenged Hayley or Hannah to recite this.  Hannah took the challenge and it went like this "We believe in the literal gathering of Isreal and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American Idol..."  Then we were all laughing so she didn't finish.  Ahhh these kids are priceless!

So far Miranda has 6 memorized, Logan has 4, with a tiny bit of help Haylie and Hannah have about 4 memorized, and I have 6!  It is amazing to hear these young kids be able to memorize something that is a little beyond their understanding.  But I have come to realize that these are our core beliefs and can answer a lot of questions about what mormons believe.  It is such a great missionary tool to have these kids KNOW what they believe. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Miranda came home from school and was dutifully sharpening her pencil over the garbage can when she yelled some one had cut their hair.

Look at those beautiful golden ringlets.  It is so sad, almost tear worthy.  I know the beauty of childhood hair doesn't always stay around very long.  Pretty soon it will probably be a head full of awkward, straggly, not sure if it's curly or straight, hair.  Now I get to try and figure out what to do with what is left on her head.  We won't have to shave her head and start over but it will probably need to be cut to her shoulder and it will break my heart as those golden locks fall to the ground.  I know it is quite silly to get emotional about hair, but it is almost like saying good bye to her years as a toddler.

And because story telling is probably the best part of reading this here blog I will tell you a little bit.  The twins have such a fascinating way of handling each other.  They play well together, they fight well together, and from the time of infancy if you tickled one both would laugh.  They truely find joy in knowing the other is happy.  On the same note they are pretty funny when one is in trouble.

So we have the obvious evidence that hair was cut.  As they are the only two with those golden delicious curls they couldn't deny that part.  I asked whose hair it was.  Upon intital inspection you can't see it because we are still growing out their hair from when Logan cut Hayley some new bangs.  Then Hannah showed me where her hair had been cut on one side. (Coronary, heart palpitations and that rock welling up in my throat!)  Who cut your hair!  Haylie and Hannah both look at each other.  Haylie looks with pleading eyes at Hannah, Hannah then turns to me and quickly rats out her sister.  Haylie denies it, then I start laughing.  I ruined the learning moment and I am grateful for the laughter.  Watching them communicate silently is comical.  Haylie continued to deny it until Hannah gave more details.  Haylie didn't intend on admit it but she corrected Hannah's story which said she was the one to hold the scissors so I called her on it and she realized she had tattled on herself.

So both are in bed, Haylie for cutting Hannah's hair and lying and Hannah for letting her.  With a tear in my eye I gatherd the ringlets from the garbage can and place them in a bag where they were quickly smooshed and looked like a rats nest.  Realizing it won't be beautiful I pulled out the ringlets that weren't tangled and took a picture.  After all pictures speak a thousand words, and now this memory is forever with me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinner and a Movie ideas

We try as often as possible to do themed dinner and a movie.  SOmetimes it is easy to think of somethimes it is a little more difficult.  Here are a few taht are in the making.

The Princess and the Frog
For dinner we will have, Gumbo, Beignets, and Cajun Corn Bread

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
This is probably a no brainer but Spagheti and Meatballs, and Pudding in a cloud for dessert.  We will probably add some gummy bears on the side just beacuse that is a part that the kids quote a lot!

Here are some movies we have done:

High School Musical 3
We ate High school food.  For us it was Cheese Zombies (bread with melted cheese inside!) corn, and Tots (as in Napolean Dynamite "Give me your Tots!")

We did omelletes for dinner with all the culinary fixin's and for dessert we had strawberry crepes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A song

I was cleaning the girls room today and was picking up lots of papers torn out from journals.  Miranda loves to write and the other girls love to destroy.  They make an excellent team.  I didn't look at most of the remnants as I crumpled them up and tossed them.  Then I picked up this one.  It is a song entitled "To Shy Little Girl"

Use to be a shy girl,
the shye-st (I assume that word is to be held a note or two!) on the street.
This is here to encourage you.

To shy little girl to sing your heart out.
To shy little girl to spread your wings and fly to your goals.

Now I have grown up to be helpful, kind, brave and true
to become a wonderful person.

Repeat Chorus 2x

Who knows who she will be when she grows up, but I know her heart is so full of goodness.  I am so thankful that she is such a good example to me and to her siblings.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordfull Wednesday

I am getting the hang of this Wordfull Wednesday thing, if you want to join in here is the link to the topics for the next two months.

This weeks topic is: Nurturing love and friendship in marriage "Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other..." (Family Proclamation, paragraph 6)

I have been married for going on ten years, phew, can you believe I am that old?  I was able to marry my best friend.  In the years that we have been married, we have been abundantly blessed to grow in affection, adoration and respect for one another.  On a sad note we have seen several seemingly great relationships end in divorce.  It is heartbreaking, the thought of families falling apart is so sad.  I truly understand the importance of a mother and father in the home.  Both Jeremy and I come from families that resulted in divorce.  We both know of the emptiness that can result from the lack of having our father in our home rooting for you, or teaching you the things that only a father can.  I was fortunate enough that my dad always lived close but my mom also remarried and she found quite the catch.

When we first got married I would get so frustrated and stomp off.  I knew that I am fairly similar to a tea pot.  I simmer, simmer, simmer, then blow.  He, on the other hand, never simmers, and never blows.  He has always been patient with me and knows when to let me blow off steam, then I am reasonable.  We have found better ways to communicate.  Some of our favorite times are when we are sitting in our living room just chatting away about anything and everything.  It is not always fascinating to both of us, but we each take our turns pretending that we are interested.  Truthfully, even the stuff "I don't care" about, is educational.  I learn who my husband is, who he is becoming, and who he wants to be.  We all change over time as we gain experience in life.  I definitely do not want to wake up when our kids are grown and wonder, who is this man that I married and where did he come from?

We have a relationship where we both get to play strength and weakness, luckily it has been at different times.  Although it was a hard time when my husband was struggling with a stressful situation, he felt like falling apart, I was able to be his strength, to encurage him and just be a support.  It was hard to watch my rock, fall apart.  On the otherside though, it was wonderful to be his rock.  I learned how important I was to our relationship.  He is not perfect but he is to me, so I feel I fall short of deserving him.  This was one of the first times that I felt worthy of all his hard work and dedication to our family.  Of course he is my strength every other day, when he comes home from work to a messy house, pans boiling over, kids screaming, and me at my wit's end.  He comes home, gives me a kiss and a squeeze, even when I give him the infamous "Hill look" then gets right down to business, usually filling up milk cups, then changing poopy pants.  Followed quickly by starting the laundry, getting the kids to clean up after miraculously only asking one time.  Setting the table, and hugging me again.

In all the ways that I feel inadequate, he accepts me and loves me.  I know his devotion to me will never waiver.  Of that I am confident.  This is all about how my companion and best friend loves and nurtures me.  I get to love and nurture our relationship too,.  What means the most to him is all the cooking.  The saying that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach is so true in our marriage.  I learned fairly quickly that my man can eat.  He was patient as I learned to cook.  Now he would claim I am a good cook.  Don't take that too seriously, his taste buds are pretty easy to please.

Together we try to make the moments we get to be together quality and memorable, making sure to laugh and enjoy that time we get.  One of our favorite dates is when we put the kids to bed and get dinner and dessert take out and putting on a good movie.  It is those moments that really help bond us as friends and as husband and wife.  I love him so much and cannot think of a better person to spend all of my life and there after with, the best part is that I know that he feels the same way.

What a day...phew!

As some of you know Miranda turned 9 yesterday.  This is my last year with all my kids as sweet little children.  Next year begins the into to tweendom, dum, dum, dum!  WE celebrated with just our immediate family yesterday and had a good time.  We got to go to San Francisco Creamery in the WC.  It was the first time in a while that we actually went out to a restaurant with all the kiddos by ourselves.  It was perfect.

Today was the day where we celebrate with Jeremy's family.  As the day got closer I realized I had a short list of time consuming projects/tasks to complete.  On my to-do list (this is the part where you might get exhausted), get kids off to school.  Come home sew Miranda's Twirl skirt that should have been done yesterday, oh and her black Apple Doll.  Next chaperone her short filed trip to Walnut Creek's Dean Lesher Theater for the Percussion Discusion.  Come home put together Lasagna and bake the cake for tonight and set timer so when I walk through the door after taking the kids (yes all 6) to the dentist for their routine cleaning dinner will be ready and I can relzx enjoy the company with dinner made and the dishes will be done.

Well this is how my day went.  Get up shower as I am getting in Lauren made a thunk and cried.  Jeremy was walking out that way so I didn't think any thing of it.  For you experienced , inuitive, sympathetic, parents you may have checked, but some one is always falling around here, if it's bad you usually know failry quickly.  The older two got to school on time.  I came home and got two rows pressed and ironed togetther for Miranda's skirt, then needed to pack up the kids for the baby sitter.  I lifted Lauren into her carseat and she cried like I hurt her.  I thought maybe I bumped her or my finger went into her armpit in an uncomfortable way. I then dropped her off at the sitter and made it to Miranda's class about 5 minutes late to chaperone her field trip.  It was a blast, we had such a good time.  It was a group of 5 pretty spunky fun girls.  I picked up the kids and was getting Lauren into the car and noticed that she cried in pain again.  That was weird.  So we came home, and I wondered if I was being one of THOSE parents making smething out of nothing.  She was a little off but not too much.  She used her arm fairly normal she was happy, playing, dancing and the normal stuff.  I took off her shirt and she cried in pain, but when I was done she was fine.  So I called the advice nurse and she said to bring her in, "I have one appointment in Minor injury art 4:45"  I said I would take it.  The kids had dentist appointments at 3:30 and 4:00.  That should be enough time.  Then it dawned on me, we were having family dinner tonight and I needed to kick it into gear.  I did get the cake baked, the lasagna prep'd and in the oven on a delayed-timed-bake.  I had the frosting made so when I go home I just had to put the cake all together.  I even made the flowers and set them aside so I could just place them on top of said cake.

I showed up on time to the dentist and said "Hey Lauren's shoulder is hurt we have an appointment at 4:45 can we be done hear with ALL my kids by 4:15"  They said yep and went to work.  I am sure the little voices inside their head were saying "I can't believe she still came to the appointment if her daughter needs to be seen by Minor Injury"  After we were all done I am sure the little voices were saying "Her daughter is fine she is over-reacting."  Lauren was playing their arcade games and shaking them beeting them, you know all the stuff that would scream "this is a normal healthy two year old."  So we left and headed to the Minor injury clinic.  We showed up late by 5 minutes but they still took us in.  After sitting for what seemed like forever with all the kids in tow inside a little doctor's office the doctor came in and touched all the spots that indicate something might be wrong and asked the non-speaking two year old "Does this hurt?" With each question Lauren said "Nyah"  What is that yeah,  no?  I don't know but the doctor went along and said yeah I am pretty sure she broke her clavicle bone.  Then we proceeded down to the X-ray department where we again waited.  At this point I dug in the bottom of my purse to find one tiny bag of Halloween candy, Skittles, that I put there for a recent trip to the movies.  Jackson was starting to loose it, Lauren was wanting food, milk, a shirt I did what any reasonable parent would do after leaving the dentist office and fed them Skittles.  Sorry Dr. Cheng, but it was practically life or death!  I also realize I was giving my little baby a huge no-no, but I watched carefully and then reminded myself I was in the minor injury clinic, if there was ever a place to give a baby something they could choke on, it was where they dealt with emergencies, right?  (I did soften them first and he chowed down on them no problems.  Had I really any doubt I would not have even attempted it.)  Back up to get the verdict.  I was starting to think I was crazy and that she was fine and I made Miranda late for her celebration for nothing.  Turns out it was a small break, but not misaligned.  I got to see cute pictures of Lauren's bones.  They put her in a little sling, if it wasn't so pathetic, it would  be adorable.  We got home to a clean home with dinner made.  Jeremy came home cranked up Jack Johnson and went to work cleaning up my tornado of a mess, set the table and made the salad and garlic toast for dinner.  Needless to say I am exhausted but everyone is OK.  Miranda still feels her birthday was special and we get to drag out the celebration one more day because I still need to sew and her cake is scattered around the house in pieces begging to be put together.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hunger Games Trilogy...

Just found out the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy has a release date of 8/24/2010.  That is not that far a way right? Right!  Looking for a good fun EASY read?.  This is a great book.  When you explain it to some one it sounds like an awful book but it is awesome!

Have you ready any good books lately?  I would love to have some new recommendations!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Swagbucks and a 5k

It's official I have signed up for my first 5k.  I am not a runner and not in shape.  I made a goal this year to run in a 5k.  I want to further that goal by saying I want to run (well jog) the whole thing.  I have never ran 3.2 miles, I think the furthest I have ever gone is 2 miles in a college circuit training course.  And to go even further my goal is to do it under 30 minutes.  So there you have it, any advice or encouragement...or offers for training buddies let me know!

On to straightening a few things out because my guilty concience won't allow me to mislead you even if was unintentional.  First off in my last post I said I was probably at 45 minutes for a 5K.  That is what I assume as I have not tried it.  I know I can walk a 5K about that fast.  It could be worse.  Secondly, I misunderstood the whole swagbucks thing.  When you refer some one, you can earn up to 1,000 points from them, I thought you received 1,000 points automatically.  So let's say I refer you, you then have to download the search bar and use it.  When you earn points, I earn those same points up to 1,000 points.  So if you want to delete the toolbar I totally understand, but for those who have signed up to support me thank you!

I have already earned 60 SB from my referrals, so thank you.  If you are interested in earning points you can check it out here.  If you would like to still sign up click here. (Thats my special I referred you link!)  You don't have to do anything additional then use their bar as your search engine.  You will randomly earn points.  If you are trying to earn something there are ways to get the points quicker, but it does take time.

Anyways thanks again, Honest April!

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