Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That's TWO!

I left today for a total of 2 hours max. When I came home our second sign was gone. I kind of thought maybe Jer brought it in for the night. So when I saw him he kind of chuckled and said "No it was ripped up and left on our porch." He is heading out to get more. I told him if I get egged while walking the kids to and from school I am drawing the line. The funny thing is that our neighbors replaced their sign from last night and there's was not touched. It may help their blinds were open and both cars in the driveway.


April P. said...

Ridiculous. We just got our sign, so far ok. We will see later. I will bring it in tonight. Don't you kind of feel like the pioneers...persecuted for their beliefs? Sheesh!

Lacy said...


That is messed up. Isn't that considered vandalism?

Camelia Bradshaw said...

We have been having our sign for a while now and I thought it would not last more than a day but so far so good. It is kind of creepy though knowing some people were at your property. Few more weeks. Hang in there. You are doing the right thing.

Something funny happened tonight. Collin wanted us to tell him a story before he went to bed tonight. And of-course it had to be about lighning McQueen. We told him "once upon a time there was a car named lightning McQueen". Collin goes, "who had a mommy and daddy"

That got me thinking later, he was right. The car had a mommy and a daddy. How natural is that for little kids! Anyways, keep up the good work.

Gie Bergmill said...

We had some kids who kept shaking our trees in the front yard, so I coated the bark with honey. (You don't see it until your hand is gooey and its tough to get off.) Want to try it with the signs?

Hee hee.

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