Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parenthood...another experience.

On Monday I noticed that Logan's eye was leaking. It was not pink so I didn't think anything of it. Then yesterday when Logan woke up from his nap he seemed a little tired and clingy. When we sat down to dinner he said his ear hurt. Kind of strange, I took his temperature and it was normal. We went to Costco and I asked him later which ear hurt and he pointed to the same one. So I made an appointment for this morning. When he woke up his eye was pink but he said his ear didn't hurt anymore. At least it wouldn't be wasted because he needed medicine for his eye. Turns out that pink eye and an ear infection go together. Who knew? Also an ear infection doesn't necessarily mean fever. My goodness you would think I have never been a mom before. So then we head over to the pharmacy for at least 45 minutes. It is very hard after waiting for about 20 minutes to see the doctor and then more time at the pharmacy, Logan and the twins were getting quite restless, and mean mommy was about to emerge! Luckily they called us up just in time, only to be re-routed because Logan is allergic to penicillin and the ear medicine is in the same family. So we had to be consulted before we even payed for it. Off to the consultation line. I told the pharmacist what the doctor had told me and then had to wait to pay for the medication. We get up there and she has to get the medicine released because I was already "consulted". While paying the lady swiped my card and handed it back at least three times. Finally it went through and we were on our way. Then the trick of getting a double stroller out of a packed pharmacy was a challenge. A challenge that we did survive. We then had to rush back to get Miranda from school, we arrived just in time to pull right through! Phew! Hopefully I will have no more major adventures until Jeremy returns.

And for those of you hanging on the end of your seat for the next installment of our landscaping dilemma...keep waiting. Now we have some sort of poison spread over the dirt, the pretty dirt. So the kids can't even go in the backyard (it's been a week). And still no sign of the new sod. Although I do have to say he has come and picked up all the dead sod from the last attempt! Supposedly the rain got the sod people backed up so it should be here any day! And it goes on and on and on...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When the cat's away...

Well he actually hates cats, but are kids have a few things in common with mice, like there are a lot of them, they like cheese and love to play! I am not an accountant widow, just a wife of a husband who spends more time than most at home. He is on a rare business trip and gone for 5 days. The house is not the same with out him and neither am I. I am trying to keep busy and so far it is working. It is a tough balance to keep moving but stay rested so the baby stays put until he gets back.

Last night was one interesting night. Miranda woke me up speaking a clear sentence at about midnight, which alerted my bladder for the first stop of the night. Logan woke up at 4:00am and climbed into bed with me. He laid down for a minute and then he was up and ready to talk, asking when Daddy was coming home what day is it today, tomorrow, the day after that...? The crazy child was ready for the day. Between me trying to get comfortable and him laying diagonal, that's right diagonal, it was hard to sleep. I had little knees (at least I think?!) poking me in the ribs, and bigger knees poking me in the back. Then my mind starts going about silly things so I couldn't fall back asleep. Then my bladder pleaded for attention, AGAIN! At around 5:00am I hear Hannah...or Haylie say "Momma, faffle (waffle)!" I thought to myself, you have got to be kidding me, my kids are all messed up with daddy gone. Luckily the "twin" must have been hungry and sleep talking. So finally I fell back into good sleep at around 5:30am, to wake up at 7:00 to be the only responsible adult to get the kids ready.

I whine because Jeremy is not here and I actually have to wake up to an alarm clock instead of him kissing me good-bye. Truth is he is probably loving it since he not only gets up via alarm every morning he gets up an hour earlier than he has to in order to study. All the while I seem t be peacefully sleeping in. I am sure when he walks out the door every morning he wonders "Is this the day Miranda will be late because April fell back asleep?" Side Note: Miranda has never been late for school yet! Pat on the back for me, I am late for everything else, even my due date.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Funny and not so funny...

I have to share a few moments from my life, I hope they are appreciated.

On Friday, the kids and I were sitting in our car and Miranda says "Mom, if you put a clip on your finger will it incinerate the blood?" I was shocked that she would use such a big word. I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough she said incinerate. I asked where she heard it, if you have a girl your daughter has probably heard it too. Thank you Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia for the addition to my daughter's vocabulary.

Later that night I was at a Membership Festival for my husbands work. They had this great bounce house to entertain the kids while the parents went around the booths. As we were getting the kids ready to get dinner Logan sat down right behind me. I, of course being naturally clumsy and large with child tripped over him. It was the longest fall of my life. I kept falling and almost catching myself and then fell some more. This happened all across the bottom of the bounce house slide where it would have been a soft landing. Well I soon ran out of soft slide to fall on and fell to the ground. My sweet husband felt as I did that I caught myself and then I would fall some more, so he wasn't able to catch me in time. Needless to say I am OK, I was extra sore that night but baby stayed put and will hopefully continue to stay there for the next week.

All this happened on the day of the bees, what a crazy day!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Life as a Horror Flick

Life is great right?! Lucky for me my brave little, well younger, taller, sister was here to save me. We had been having a nice and enjoyable conversation. I just laid all FOUR kids down for quiet time. This is the time that I fix myself lunch so they don't hover and beg for whatever I am having, even though they have already eaten. So I get things out and my sister noticed a bee in the house. Kind of weird but bugs get in, it happens. She frees the bee and we go about our business. As always I got a little distracted and decided to check my email before continuing on my pilgrimage in the kitchen. As I am pulling up the ever coveted Outlook I here this swarm of buzzing coming from the fire place next to me. Eight months pregnant and can't hurry fast enough to the bathroom, but I was across the room quicker than The Flash! Another bee flew out of the fireplace safely into the blinds where it stayed for the rest of its life. My cool headed sister said lets tape something up and seal the fireplace. So of course I have to call my knight in shining armour, who by the way is having a crazy/busy day. He says he is on his way home. In the meantime, Katie and I get a garbage bag and I am dancing around the living room as she tapes up the fireplace. I had to venture close every once in a while to cut the duct tape, but quickly get back across the room. The trapped bee would buzz so loud just to let us know it was getting ticked off and that we are not fun to be around. The top got taped up fine then as she was taping the left side a third bee flew out. She fell to the ground like she was avoiding stray bullets and I hid behind the couch. The tape landed where it may and she continued diligently taping away. During mid-taping, the third bee stopped flying around so I made her whack the bee with a poor princess coloring will never be looked at the same way. As she is finished, Jeremy walks in and I tell him where the bees are , the dead one that Katie knocked off still lying on the floor and the ticked one in the window. So Jeremy decides it might be best to raise the blinds. He then proceeds to swat at the bee with the coloring book at least 12 times. As I am telling him don't kill the bee I want it on video for my blog. There was no stopping him this bee was going down. There is no video proof I apologize! Sure enough the bee has been exterminated. I kept peeking outside and seeing bees swarming by our door (well only two but still freaky!) I can't help but think of a bad horror flick. The buzzing in the fire place was so creepy I thought at any instant 2 million bees would infest our house and ruin quiet time! Needless to say pest control will be here in an hour and I will have three heroes in one day. Am I a lucky girl or what?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too bad for me!

We'll last night was a great t.v. night Sanjaya was booted from American's about time. He's a nice kid but it is a singing competition as Simon would say. While watching it the contestants got to see Shrek 3, which looks funny. We got to see snippets of the movie and I heard the best line ever. "What are you the king of stupid!" I was rolling, then I came to the depressing conclusion I could never use that line towards anybody, it is a little mean I guess. TOO BAD FOR ME!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's not easy being green!

Here is the back story:

We bought our house in March of 2004, it had beautiful landscaping, over 20 rose bushes, a beautiful Bougainvillea and other plants. We don't even know how to purchase a green thumb so it didn't take long to realize we needed to rip it all out and put in simple grass. So in May of 2005, we got a friend to do our landscaping for the price of the materials. He said it would take two weeks to rip everything out, pour concrete, plant a new tree and lay the sod. We had this very nice tree but the roots were so shallow that it was impossible to have a beautiful lawn and the kids could trip over the roots. So the tree went too. The tree ended up taking about a week to rip out. So the job was stretched out to a month. At the end of the month we threw a surprise party for Jer's Mom this is what our yard looked like:

Well mostly, he did clean up the sidewalk and flatten out the dirt as much as possible.

I think it was August or September that he actually laid the sod in the front yard. Then December of 2005 He laid the sod in the backyard with an unattached sprinkler system. I wreaked havoc on that grass. It grew, and grew and grew. I think it was April or later I decided to give it it's first mow. I did learn alot, like you are only supposed to cut 1/3 of the length. I think I cut at least 1.5 feet. Sure enough within a month the grass was pretty pathetic and the next month it was DEAD! So last summer we had dead grass. After lots of calls and trying to get our landscaper over here, doing small things here and there Jeremy called him the week before Easter (yes 2007) and said get over here and finish this or I am going to pay someone else to do it. He took Jer seriously and worked pretty hard. So Saturday he said he would finish the sprinkler system and lay the sod, that was delivered that day, on Sunday morning. As usual it was more than he thought so it took a whole day and he still needed stuff to finish the system. So he said he would lay the sod on Monday. Surprisingly he showed up for 10 minutes and then headed to Disneyland for 3 days. So now it is Thursday before he shows back up. He gets into the groove and realizes he needs more pipe for the system. He shows back up Monday to finish the system, WA-HOO it is done, and the ground is all ready for sod. Remember the sod is still out front pleading for earth again. So yesterday Tuesday, 10 days after the sod was delivered, he starts to roll it out. Sure enough it is in terrible shape. He said it may take but I am not going through this again so he rolled it back up and headed out to order some new sod. This will be the third time. It should be delivered on Friday and completed. I am sure he can't wait to be done with our yard, but to tell you the truth it will be nice to have a beautiful backyard.

The sad thing was he did give us a deal and it has cost him so much money. But for our back yard it isn't easy being green. When it is all done I will proudly post pictures of the completed project and four happy children playing in the grass!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's what friends are for...

Well amongst my close friends there has been a theme...I have the greatest friends around! Being this is my 5th yes count it one, two, three, four, five...child, we, well Jeremy, insisted that I not be thrown a shower and anyone who did would be thoroughly maimed. So my friends decided to have a "No-Shower Baby Shower" as I believe it was called. We all went out for dinner tonight and had a great time. Well they are stubborn as all women are entitled, and got me the two things (of course besides a healthy baby) I wanted most for this child. They got me a Sit-N-Stand Stroller and a gift certificate for a Pack & Play. I have to say I am truly the most spoiled girl out there...and so are my babies.

In my close group there are (were) 5 pregnant people at once. My friend Brittany was blessed with her first baby girl on March 12th, My friend Tammy was blessed with her first child, also a girl, today. Hayley, who we are starting a trend to share all pregnancies together, will be expecting her baby boy on Wednesday, April 18th (or so help the hospital that tells her not today), then there will be me sometime in May. We will take a short break until September when Tara will have her first baby. You know that song it's raining men, we should write one that says it's raining babies.

As always, life is so good. There are times when it would feel so good to just run away for a time. Those times are always followed by a time where you can't even imagine leaving any of it behind.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just an update on US!

We are horrible parents! Of course we celebrated Easter but we didn't take one single picture. It was a nice relaxing day. We got to spend it with Jeremy's family. It was nice to have our home filled with cousins, and even get a little ping-pong time in for Jeremy and James.

On to other news: Jeremy found out yesterday he has shingles...for the second time in his life! Today we had our doctor's appointment and found out our stubborn child just is a procrastinator, indeed he/she has inherited that from me. The baby is head down, and snuggling into postion. Everything is great and we are just cruising along. Only 4 weeks from tomorrow, with lots of things to keep me busy and make the days go by quickly.

I guess that is all for now, if I think of some funny stoies I will post them or make something up so I sound exciting!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WARNING! Proud Mommy Moment!

OK I have to share because I am so excited. In Kindergarten they do an end of year play. Miranda was very excited about her role in the play. When I picked her up from school she ran to me and said "Mommy I am Goldilocks!" Thinking that it was a hodgepodge of stories I was tickled she got the small role. Turns out their play is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My little girl is the star, I am flattered that the teacher chose my daughter for the role. Thoughts went through my mind "My daughter has the cutest ringlets when I put her hair in sponge curlers, she is always singing, the way her eyes sparkle, it must be her flair for dramatics..." Then as all pride must be humbled so was mine! As I was talking to Miranda it turns out Ms. Z put all the kids' names in a bag, like all experienced and intelligent teachers would. She then drew the name for each part. So it was by lucky chance Miranda got her role. She was also supposed to get her part yesterday, being the "star" it must be huge. We all know what Goldilocks says. So today a friend of mine tells me she got Miranda's part in yesterday's envelope. She then goes on to tell me that Miranda doesn't say ANYTHING. She just has to know when to move, and she will be on stage the whole time. So my stage mom moment came to a close. Now I will just sit in the audience (hopefully) holding a very new born, or being terribly, uncomfortably pregnant, and watch my daughter pantomime the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and you better believe I will be just as proud clicking away with the camera and probably video too (or at leasttelling Jeremy what to do)! Stay tuned for a picture or video, May 10th!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Madness!!!

Ok it isn't really madness, but a few people don't really get to se my girls in action. Here is video of a typical night. Dinner is done, Jeremy puts on music and does dishes. The music varies and tonight he chose Music of Pachelbel. And this is how the twins chose to accompany the music. Just in case you were wondering Logan and Miranda were in their bedrooms getting their jammies on at a turtle's pace.

Just a little sweet comment to share while I am here. Today Miranda was waiting patiently for lunch as I helped...I mean watched my sister create some onsies for a friend. She finally decided she wanted to make lunch for her and Logan. She made cheese sandwiches all by herself (not grilled cheese :-) Later I was cleaning up and thanked her. I was amazed that she was so independent.

Miranda: "I don;'t want you to have to do anything."
Me : "What? Why don't you want me to do anything?
Miranda: "Well because you are pregnant. Well actually you can do anything!"

I guess she has been listening to her daddy when he tells me not to do stuff because I am pregnant. It is nice to have my 6 year old daughter care enough about me to follow in her daddy's ways.

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