Tuesday, November 09, 2010

You do the math.

What do you get when you add an expert, an apprentice and a Jar of peanut butter?  Maybe you are a visual learner so I will use pictures.  The equation I will be working with is (A+B)*C=D where:
and the answer to the above mentioned equation is the following.

Skippy how we love you!

Oh and before you judge too harshly, I was trying to learn to play the piano, this equation added up in about 15 minutes.  Fast and sneaky is a dreadful combination.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I posted this on Facebook so please forgive the redundancy.  I was walking home from picking Haylie and Hannah at school.  My friend turned to me and said "Are you expecting number seven?"  I was a little confused and had no idea why she would ask.  So I responded "No I have just been working on my abs so it makes my stomach stick out more."  The next thought was "I really did eat too many carbs and not work out enough to earn them!"  I guess Miranda had said something about number seven.

As I was sitting here checking up on all my fabulous blogs that I stalk the following conversation happened behind me:

Logan: "Moooommmm, Lauren just said shut U-P"

Lauren: "No I didn't.  I said SHUT UP!"

It is so Lauren to tell you exactly how it is.

And just as a reward for reading this, Lauren has a freakishly long tongue.  I think she gets it from me but there is not photographic proof of that.  Lucky for me Lauren will still sometimes do what I ask and not question my reasoning, especially when it involves sticking out her tongue.

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