Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another craft...DONE!

I have a very old sewing machine. I am guessing some where in the 50's it was the new supermatic model.

I have a project I want to complete, but I am not sure how to work the machine. I don't have the owner's manual so I (who know nothing about sewing machines...or sewing for that matter) am learning by trial and error sprinkled with blind luck. I think I have it but now I have a new problem with a few of the old ones popping back up every now and then, like missing stitches. Now when I press the pedal the machines gear up to go but nothing moves, so I press harder then it takes off like a mad woman, but then it misses stitches. Anyways, I am going to have to suck it up and pay to get it cleaned and maybe ask some questions.

So I decided to make a little tote to test out the machine. I would rather mess up on a "fake project than on a real one. It turned out pretty cute and all my girls now want one. Even Lauren got her turn carrying it around.

These are left over scraps from Loagan's baby blanket. It doesn't look nearly as femanine on his quilt though!


Gie Bergmill said...


Mama J said...

I don't even sew totes! Job well're craftier than you think!

Christina said...

Adorable. Hmmmm . . . all these projects . . . is someone nesting?

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