Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Movies please

I was wondering if you know of a good movie that has come out. I am in need of some romantic comedies rated PG-13 or better, not a lot of language, violence or skin.

I have wanted to see What Happens in Vegas but I am not sure, so if you can tell me about that movie that would be great.

All righty then, hopefully I will get some good comments!


smith scratch said...

Hey you. Do you know that you can get detailed info about movies at www.screenit.com and www.moviemom.com

check it out... if you find something good, let me know! :]

Lacy said...

Sorry, wish I could post a good movie, but I can't seem to find one. We have looked at going to the movies twice in the last month and didn't because absolutely nothing sounded good.

High School Musical 3 comes out October 24th. For reals, I love this show. If you are a HSM fan, this might be a good one ;)

Gie Bergmill said...

I saw the Vegas movie and hated it. It was crude, mocked marriage, and the story was not only far-fetched but ridiculous. If you like it and see it, my apologies.

That said, I had a baby this summer, so I am now getting to see movies I wanted to then. I luv "Becoming Jane" and "Made of Honor." Carl & I saw "Eagle Eye" and if you like adventure/thriller/ spy films, you'll enjoy that one. Pretty clean from what I remember - language was the issue.

I also addicted to old movies, so if you ever want any recommendations from that era, I am your girl!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

We recently watched what happened in vegas and honestly, I loved it! We had no idea what to expect but decided to give it a shot and we both really liked it. I actually appreciated the fact that it was about marriage and making it work. Even though the story itself is ridiculous, I think the overall story is good. Not to mention it is hilarious. Anyway, that was just out take on it. We are struggling to find good movies these days too. It stinks! anyway, Good luck!

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