Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Less of a Man...

Tomorrow is the big day for my husband. No it is not what you are thinking! He is getting his Gallbladder removed. It is a typical surgery and will be home the same day. I think this is the only way he will actually get to rest. He should have about a week off of work, hopefully a couple days will be slightly enjoyable.

It is a no-big-deal kind of surgery but I want him to know how much I love him. He does an excellent job of taking care of me and the kids. He works hard and is ever pressing forward to better himself and our lives. I am truly blessed to call him mine!

Monday, January 29, 2007


It has been a while since I had anything interesting to write about. I still have nothing...well I do have exciting news for me, my due date is officially the 9th of May. That's right folks I will be having this baby in May for sure. Just the thought of being pregnant in June was scary for me. I always go late, so I am aiming for my hunny's birthday and our anniversary. Why not get it all done in one day, huh? I also looked at my little pregnancy counter and I only have 100 days of pregnancy left. How cool is that, down to two digits. I am no fool that it is a count down to closeness, I will not have my baby on that day but it will be close.

I can tell you this "Super Mom" is getting worn out. I've surrended volunteering on Wednesdays for Motor skills with Miranda. Jeremy now goes in my place. He is a fantastic (and super-intelligent) husband. He went last week for the first time. He was like a giddy school boy when he came home and he knew everybody's name. He had lots of fun. So now I am down to working in the classroom 1 day a week. Life is so easy.

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