Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Hammered" from a friendly blogger

OK, I know a certain someone who has a secret blog, I can't say who, but this was a hilarious moment about my son so I thought I would share it here since I can't link to the secret blog.

"Sometimes as a parent you feel like you are in a game of Clue. You are confronted with a situation and you have to figure out how it was done and who did it with what weapon (or toy). This "who-dunnit" game to find out what happened can really be difficult sometimes because everyone wants to blame everyone else. You have to go to the crime scene and investigate and look for clues to help you solve the mystery. And...then there is my son Logan (4). Logan is a great kid (and my only boy), but he also tends to be a boy and thinks that he can push the limits with his sisters. He tends to see how hard he can hit them before they will cry? How much can he tease and chase them before the girls will come tell mom or dad? All of that good stuff about childhood. He is close to getting his P.H.D. in this subject.

"This afternoon, Miranda (6) and Hannah (2) came to me holding their foreheads. Miranda told me that Logan had hit them in their foreheads with his toy hammer. Oh boy, time to go talk to Logan and have him put the hammer away and sit on his bed for awhile. I started back to his bedroom which was the scene of the crime and wondered how many pieces of the mystery would I have to find on my own, how many times Logan would deny the offense before he cracked, and the usual parent detective stuff. All of the sudden I hear Logan yell from his bedroom, "Dad! I put the hammer away and I am getting on my bed!" Am I that predictable? I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, mystery solved without any investigation - Logan - Hammer - Bedroom - Case closed (or, at least mostly closed).

"Here is my favorite part. I went into Logan's room to talk to him about what he did and find out why he did it. This also is a common practice of mine. Logan has this habit of forgetting why he is in trouble, so I just want to make sure he remembers. The conversation went like this:

"Me: Logan? Do you know why you are on your bed?

"Logan: Yes, Daddy. I hit Miranda, Hannah, and Haylie (she was in a different room at the time, but I think he was covering all his bases) in the head with my hammer.

"Me: That is correct. Why would you hit them with your hammer, Logan?

"Logan: Ummmmm.....

"Me: Logan, why?

"Logan: Because I thought they were nails.

"It took all of my inner strength to not laugh my head off at this point and I was not sure I could keep it in. I struggled through the next minute or so before I told him I would have to come back in a minute. Wow! That was a good laugh. I am not totally convinced he did not see them as nails in his mind. I think he has one of those minds like the lion in Madagascar that looks at the other animals and sees big steaks. I would love to walk around in his mind for a few minutes (just a few). He keeps us on our toes."

Thank you "mysterious" Blogger person!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Such generous friends.

We have been so blessed by a multitude of people. We got home from the hospital on Friday and I have yet to cook a meal. Our friends have brought delicious dinners every night. Then last week we got a delivery from Cookies By Design. It was from Jeremy's work. The cookies are delicious. You can't really tell but the bottom cookie reads 10lbs? I don't think they were sure if they heard correctly!

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous and caring towards our family. We have been blessed not only by great children but a wonderful group of friends and family. We are so well taken care of.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lauren's first bath!

Lauren got her first bath at a week old. She loved it all except the lotion at the end. She is such a sweet, easy going baby. I know she has only been here for a week but I can't imagine life without her, she fits in so well.

New life, old life.

Last week was a great celebration of life. Jeremy turned the big 3-0. Lauren was born, and we had our anniversary. It was lots of fun to celebrate and think of all the good times (minus the labor of course!) So here is a little downer. I was sitting on our couch that faces the back sliding door. Logan, Haylie and Hannah were standing close to the door and Jeremy was around the corner in the kitchen. All of the sudden I see this black thing and hear a thunk. Jeremy noticed right away that a bird flew into our window. I was certain that the bird knocked itself out. Jeremy said in a charade type manner that the bird had broken it's neck and was dead. Logan also believed this bird to be dead. After a couple hours I submitted that the bird was dead. Luckily Miranda was at school. I knew she would be really bothered by this dead bird so Jeremy closed the blinds and went in the backyard. We kept the kids away while he disposed of the bird. When we came home from picking Miranda up from school Logan went to show Miranda the bird and miraculously it was gone. We told Logan the bird must have flown away, it just needed a little rest since it bonked it's head. He looked at Jeremy with a face that said "OK Dad but that was a dead bird." He definitely didn't believe that the bird flew away. He is such a smart kid.

They love their baby sister

Everyone is always asking how the other kids are doing with having a new baby. To sum it up here are a few pictures. All four of them ask constantly if they can hold the baby. Logan tells everyone he sees that Lauren is his newborn baby sister. Haylie and Hannah run to me everytime she opens her eyes or cries. They say "Baby crying" in the most serious, she needs attention now kind of tone. Miranda has stepped into the big sister roll. Jeremy caught her and Hannah in the bathroom. Miranda was taking off Hannah's diaper. When Jeremy asked what she was doing she said she was going to potty train the girls for us. She begs to change Lauren's diaper too. As I say in almost every post I am truly blessed. Each of my children are so special, and bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Here's a story...

OK, here is how it went down! I went in to be induced on Thursday at 6:30am. They got me all hooked up and decided to check and see if I was progressing from two days before. The only thing progressing was our little one kept moving. The baby was mostly upside down but the head was off to the left of the exit sign! So they were going to wait to do anything. Two hours later our little one was head down in the right spot. So at 9:30 they started the pitocin. The baby still moved off center again and then back. It was quite the drama. Whoever heard of a baby being so active. Jeremy said for sure it's a boy. He won't stop and ask for directions. Contractions started getting consistent without much pain. I said my contractions were getting painful...I did lie a little bit. I know the ones that really hurt happen after the bag of waters is ruptured. At 1:20pm they broke my water. The doctor said "how's that epidural?" I told her I didn't have one and she was shocked. I was at 4cm and went immediately to 5cm wahoo. About 45 minutes later I was feeling pressure, they checked and I was at a 6 boo-hoo. Things were starting to hurt. I told the nurse I think I want an epidural. She said give it a half hour. About 25 minutes later I was feeling the need to push, I was at a nine, within 10 minutes I was pushing. After about 13 minutes of pushing, I gave birth. Here are a few conversations that happened during the hour and a half of pain.

April "I don't want to do this again, I know you think it is because I am in pain but I am serious!"
Jeremy "I'll tell you what if it is a girl you can name her whatever you want!"
note: We hadn't agreed on a girls name yet

April (through a contraction whispering to Jeremy) "Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!" Once we are done having children Jeremy and I are taking a first class trip to Hawaii!

As I am pushing the head was out but I was in too much pain.
April "I'm done, I can't do this any more. It hurts too much"
Jeremy to himself "OK, you can stop, that's I'll help you off the table!"
All 5 staff members in the room "You can do it momma, you are almost there. You are doing great!"

OK so here is the important stuff. Jeremy was shocked to find out our little peanut was not a boy. It is a girl! She was born at 2:33pm on Thursday, May 17th, 8 years after Jeremy proposed to me. Here is what shocked me, my little peanut weighed 10lbs 5 oz. She was 22 inches long and her head was a whopping 14 3/4" around. If I can brag for a moment I did this with absolutely no pain medication, I don't tear, rip or need an episiotomy. I was very blessed.

So the name I chose was Lauren Grace. We have liked the name Lauren and it has been on our girl list for some time. We usually give all of our children a middle name after someone in our family. This one was a little different. When Grace came to mind it reminded me when we decided to have another baby. We both prayed about it, this was during a time when Jeremy's job was in question and we weren't sure if it was good timing. We received confirmation that it was time and we went for it. We know that because of the grace of our loving Heavenly Father we have been truly blessed. So this baby was given to us by grace. I don't want to forget the faith we showed, and knowing how much our Father in Heaven knows us, loves us, and wants us to depend on him. She is our little "big" blessing.

And as you have been patiently reading here our a few pictures as a reward!

Tamra and James watched Lauren's siblings and brought them to the hospital to meet her for the first time. Hannah wasn't so sure about everything, but she eventually made her way over to take a peek. Since we've been home all four kiddos have been very thrilled with our newest little girl. Grandma Bev and Teri Rossi were our other visitors.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today is the day!

Wish me luck to day we get to meet our new baby....OUR NEW BABY! You would think after doing this three times I wouldn't be nervous, but I can't help it. I will be at the hospital at 6:30am. I can't wait to make the phone call to tell the kiddos if it is a brother or sister and what we are going to call the baby. Although Baby Jacobs has a nice ring to it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Keeping on my toes!

Well here is the latest and greatest for this baby. I went today for my non-stress test. I thought things were going great. The lady took the little paper with the recorded heart rate and contractions. Then I heard her talking about squeezing someone in and who the doctor was. Also mentioning this person was being induced in two days. I knew they were talking about me. The lady came in and said they found an arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat), so I would need to get an ultrasound to verify everything was OK. So I waited and it turns out some times the baby can have heavy breathing which will sound like an arrhythmia. She asked about caffeine, and I confidently said I don't drink caffeine, then she added chocolate. I did have chocolate milk last night so I figured that was the cause. After she monitored the baby she said the heartbeat was completely normal and I had a healthy good-sized baby. So this stress only lasted for about 30 minutes. It seems like the end of this pregnancy has been more eventful then my other three combined. One interesting thing is that this pregnancy has probably been during a more stressful time, especially with the last trimester of pregnancy. The interesting part is that my blood pressure has been lower than it has ever been. I can't complain though!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ups and downs to Mother's Day

Yesterday was great day. I woke up to Jeremy bathing the kids, followed by new flip-flops. I then received Lonestars greatest Hits CD, then he cooked breakfast while I took a long relaxing shower. When I sat down to breakfast I got another very cute pair of flip flops. We went to church and I got a rose. Then one of the primary classes made flower bouquets for all the ladies in primary. Afterwards I got two cute little purses filled with coupons and chocolate coins that Logan and Miranda made at last weeks primary activity. Then things started going down hill. I came home feeling nauseous and slept fittfully with contractions froma bout 12:30-3:30. Jeremy in the meantime changed diapers fed the kids and got them down for their naps. Which we all enjoyed. We then went to Jeremy's grandparents house where we got to visit with lots of family. I still continued to feel really bad. For some it would be a sign of impending labor. Not for me, I just didn't feel food. By the time we left at 7:00pm I was near tears not out of pain just because I felt horrible, nauseous, headache...We got home at 7:30 and I went pretty much straight to bed while Jeremy again took care of the kids and put them to bed. I felt a little better but slept until this morning waking up every hour or so and using the restroom almost as frequently. Come to find out at 4:00am Logan had an accident, and Jeremy took care of everything. He got back into bed and he had been waking up every 45 minutes. He had a major headache, was fighting a fever and was all around achey. We were quite the miserable pair.

Today he is feeling better, not perfect but he is a trooper and at work. One of these days he will be able to not be so stressed. This week he has a lot to do. He is going to take his final this week. Then with the baby coming may affect when he can take his exam.

Anyways, it was a great day after all is said and done, my family is the greatest. I love each of them very much. They make me look like a good mother and wife!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The week of the doctors

Haylie and Hannah had their two year check up yesterday. I know people love to hear about their growth and stuff. So here are their latest stats. Haylie weighed in at 24 3/4 pounds and is 33" tall. While Hannah weighs a little less at 23 pounds she is a little taller at 33 1/4". Another interesting fact is that Hannah's head circumference is 19" while Haylie's is 18 1/2". They are still at the small end of the charts but the doctor says they are growing at a consistent pace. After Logan and Miranda who would have thought we would have such petite little girls.

Also at the check up it was discovered that Hannah has an ear infection in both ears. She is on Amoxicilan for the next little bit. It is still hard to believe they are little girls not just baby twins.

I do have to give Jeremy a big job well done. He helped at Miranda's school yesterday morning as he does every Wednesday, fulfilling my commitment. Immediately following he took me to the doctors. We came home for a little bit then him and Logan went to get Miranda. Jeremy being the good father that he is brought Miranda her scooter and Logan rode his bike. He came home and continued to do laundry and straighten things up. Then it was time to take the girls to their doctors appointment, which involved getting shots and going to the pharmacy. On the way home he stopped at the grocery store. When he got home he cooked french toast for dinner. He then proceeded to do dishes and bathe the kids. You may wonder what I did all day...nothing! I laid on the couch except for the doctor's appointment of course. So he took the day of to give me a day off and probably worked harder than he would have if he had been at work. I love this man so much, he is the greatest!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The doctor said...

I went into day to verify that the head is down, and it is, wa-hoo, so my scheduled version was canceled. I go back in on Monday for an appointment and then on Tuesday for a Non-Stress Test. Wednesday I get the day off, and Thursday, if I make it that far, I will get induced. So that is the up to the minute update on this crazy pregnancy! Also in the mix jeremy will be taking a final on Wednesday so hopefully the baby won't interfere with that. he is a little concerned as timing is everything!


Alright, here is the latest. I called my sister a little teary eyed at the thought of having a c-section. She is a LVN for a local hospital. She went and talked to a doctor that she works with who had lots of positive things to say, includig babies can flip until the last 10 minutes before delivery. He also pointed out that since I did have twins there is probably a little more room than normal. Anyways he suggested heating the outside tip of my pinky toe. It makes the baby active and it should make the baby go bottom up! Then my sister called back and said he wold do it if I came in, so I packed up the kids and decided it couldn't hurt. He actually did accupuncture by sticking needles in my two little pinky toes. I can't exactly tell you where since I couldn't see my toes. So I sat with needles in my toes for 15 minutes and I lost hope, I didn't feel any big movements from this child. When he came back in he felt around and said the baby was head down. So the way things are going I may see him everyday until I get induced. I hope my doctor says, we better induce while the baby is head down and it comes before the 17th. I can't complain though the 17th is a special day for me, but getting this baby out without a major incision is what I want the most.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Doctor's Report

Well life is always full of surprises. I am not dilated anymore than I was a week ago. That is kind of the good news. When he went to check, he couldn't feel the baby's head. So he got out the ultrasound machine and discovered this baby is laying sideways again! This is also good news since the baby isn't settled into the pelvic area. I go in tomorrow morning and fill out "a lot" of paperwork for a possible c-section. They will try and flip the baby, but I am far along so it may not be too easy. What is in my favor is the baby appearantly has a lot of room still, thanks to Haylie and Hannah, so it is still possible the version will be successful. I just have to wait to hear when they can fit me in. So my pregnancy discomfort may come to a close in an undesirable way by the end of the week. Hopefully all this excitement means this child will be a piece of cake to raise. In all honesty I think this baby is thinking "I gave you 9 months to plan and you still don't have a name for me, I'll teach you to procrastinate!"

The time is at hand

Well not really, but tomorrow is my due date and unless something miraculous happens today I will see another due date come and go. Since I know I have yet to go into labor on my own this is expected, so I am not totally disappointed. I do have a doctor's appointment today, so I will give an update to see if anything changed from last week.

As I was sitting thinking about my children I wanted to say what is special about each one of them. So here is a great opportunity to share with you why I love my little darlings so much.

Miranda is our first born. I was telling Jeremy that I am glad that she is the oldest. She is not perfect but she is a great example and really wants to make the right choices. She has an infectious laugh. When she does something we should be proud of she will give us a big grin looking for praise. She is very articulate in what she says and blows me away with her vocabulary. Most of all I love looking into her big hazel eyes they are beautiful, and full of young spunk.

Logan our only far. I give him a bad time but he has a special place in my heart. Although he is still young he know how to use those gorgeous blue puppy dog eyes. He can turn on the charm like the best of them. He loves to be cuddled and loved. He is probably the most sensitive to my moods and feelings, even though I am not sure he has made that connection, when I am off he is off. Which is to be interpreted as having a bad day. He has so much energy. I will never forget after being cooped up for the rainy season, we went to the park and he just ran laps by himself at the park.

Haylie the oldest twin, is a little serious. She has a bad habit of biting everyone but mostly Hannah. I would call her Daddy's girl. Every night she goes to Daddy to put her to bed. Also in the morning she usually wants me to get her out of the crib she will be the first to go lay down with her dad. She loves to carry around her baby doll with a blanket, always with a blanket. She also will use the toilet every once in a while.

Hannah our baby by five minutes, is a little more independent. She laughs alot. Although she used to scowl when she wasn't pleased with you. Hannah is probably more of a Mommy's girl which is nice since she is usually a pound lighter then her other half. She loves to be held especially after her nap. She has a great smile and is very friendly.

It is hard to talk about the girls as separate and not compare, both are equally beautiful and loving. As with all four of my children I am so proud to be the their mom. each of them brings something special to our family. I love them all so very much.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Party Pictures

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ahhh, dentistry...

Miranda and I went to the dentist today. Jeremy likes to call him Dr. draws blood, we haven't told Miranda that she still thinks going to the dentist is exciting. She gets a very cool toothbrush that suction cups to the counter! I went in and got the teeth cleaning I pain, no ... clean teeth??? I kind of hoped the excitement of teeth cleaning would start labor pains, obviously a trip to the dentist doesn't encourage labor! I forgot to remind Jeremy of the appointment so he was only able to stay for my cleaning, then I sat with the three younger kids while Miranda got her teeth cleaned. Anyways then Miranda went in and we found out she has her first cavity. The dentist asked if I wanted to fill it today, I thought sure why not. So he gets right to work. The kids are getting restless and then I hear Miranda crying. I felt so bad that she was back there all by herself. I couldn't leave the kids because they were wreaking enough havoc with me I paced back and forth feeling horrible. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I took the three kids and strapped them into their seat belts and peeked in on Miranda. She was laughing. She cried at the shot but she did so well. I was the one with tears in my eyes and she was so brave. She even still likes the dentist. Imagine that.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lots of good stuff

Well it started on Friday...we have lawn wa-hoo. Of course there is still work to be done but we will have grass for the kids to play on.

Saturday, I successfully pulled off a surprise party for Jeremy. He is turning 30 and it may be overlooked because of the baby coming. It was lots of fun, lucky for me I have a great sister and great friends who picked up the slack as I was running out of steam as we waited and waited and waited for Jeremy to show up. As soon as I get around to it I will post some pictures of the backyard and the party. Wait until you see the cake, all your boys will be jealous!

Last but most importantly, I had another doctor's appointment today. Jeremy thinks I am getting a little aggressive. I asked to be checked to see if there is any hope of this baby ever coming out. Sure enough I am dilated 1.5 cm (8.5 to go), 50% effaced and at a -2 station (the goal is a +5. The last thing I worried about was maybe the baby would flip but he was able to feel the babies head. So we are progressing towards seeing our baby. The last aggressive move I made was to ask for an induction date. I told the doctor I knew it would be at least a week after my due date but it would be nice to have a final end point. So I have a scheduled induction on May 17th. This baby will not bump my anniversary to third position which is more good news. Just to clarify, Jeremy's birthday our anniversary is a little later in May on the same day.

So this is my wonderful post of a very happy, uncomfortable and whiny pregnant woman.

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