Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doctor's Report

Well I went to the doctors today. Expecting the depressing weigh-in, the exciting pee in a cup and the typical heartbeat and send me on my way. I passed the first two grueling tasks. I enjoyed hearing the little precious heartbeat that belongs to the baby who treats my tummy like a playground. The N.P. proceeds to feel where the baby is and much to my dismay she says I'm trying to feel where the baby is, it is definitely not in your pelvic area. So to answer many questions, no the baby has not dropped yet! Bummer! She continued to feel and and decided this baby is laying sideways. She then started saying horrible things like scheduling a c-section...Anyways, I have an appointment in two weeks and if the baby has not gone bottom up, they will try a version (not sure how to spell that or say it but flip the baby to a head down position). If the baby is typical of it's blood line and is stubborn, it maybe to the OR for me. I am still early and the twins were flipping surprisingly late in the pregnancy and as the N.P. stated because it is my 4th pregnancy I am "less toned" the baby can flip easier. So today I almost cried when she gave me the choice to flip the baby or schedule a c-section, but what ever it is I am sure I can handle it. Besides I have a great husband to pamper me if I can't go shopping the day we come home from the hospital!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm a Happy Helper

Miranda is getting ready for her new role as big sister of 4 young cuties. Here is Miranda excited and willing to change a poopy diaper. She does a great job if I do say so myself.

I know all you young moms are jealous!

Wow, what a trip...

Last Tuesday we received news that Jeremy's grandpa passed away. So Thursday we headed to Utah as a family. He was 98 years old and lead a great life. The drive was great, the kids were wonderful. Although I think the portable DVD player may get some credit! We stayed at a local hotel in Orem Utah. It had a full kitchen. I was worried I would actually have to cook and do dished, in the dishwasher of course. My hubby made sure that there was no cooking involved, except the frozen pizza we purchased the night before so we could keep the Sabbath.

On Friday we went and did a little touring of the area. We parked by Southridge where Jeremy and I lived while in Utah. We then hiked up the horendous hill on the south side of campus. It was fun to be back in the Provo area. That night we got together with the family. It was nice to be reacquainted with a few of the cousins I had met years ago, and meet a few brand new faces. I am sorry to say it has been over 8 years since we had seen this side of the family. I was blessed this summer to go to education week so I was able to see Grandpa Jacobs in August, unfortunately for Jeremy it had been a lot longer. Saturday we had the services in Orem then headed to Salt Lake where he was laid to rest along side his posterity. Although good-byes are sad, he led a long fulfilling life. We were happy to celebrate the life he had. And we also know this is not good-bye it is see-ya soon!

We then got to show the kids temple square and see the outside of the convention center. Much to our dismay it was the young Women's conference so we could not go inside.

On Sunday we went to church with Jeremy's Grandma Lee, Aunt LuJean, and Dad, Alan. The kids were great. It is a meeting in the rest home where she lives, so we literally had the only kids there and were by far the youngest people there, beside the guest vocalist and the Young Men who pass the sacrament. There was a short stint where Hannah kept repeating "Bahbee." Aunt LuJean leaned over to Jeremy and asked what she was saying. He translated it to be Barbie. All princesses are called Barbie in there world. We got to see the fish and birds. Grandpa Alan made a fast friend with Logan by giving him pennies. We had to get Logan to stop begging for money. Jeremy said it is hard to break that habit after he had been doing it during our street beggar days! And if Grandpa Alan couldn't get cooler he made Logan a paper airplane with the sacrament program. Miranda saw how cool it was and was lucky enough to get one too. We then went out to the pond and fed the ducks and took a few pictures. Logan and Miranda enjoyed getting to actually throw these cool planes that actually flew.

We later went to visit some friends from high school in Layton and Kaysville. It was so nice to see both families. Kevin and Kellie let us come even with there 6 day old son, who is so handsome. He definitely made me more excited to hold my own little one is 6 or so weeks. We then went to visit Stacey and Dave. In talking Jeremy found out that his cousin and Dave served as mission companions and were later roommates at BYU, being Mormon it is a small world! The kids loved being free to roam in both houses. They cried when we said we were leaving Utah.

We then returned to our hotel room and had dinner at the earliest yet this trip and were all in bed by 9:30 another early record. Our kids were sleep deprived, but as always we are proud that they behaved as well as they did, especially since the love being home.

Monday we drove home. It was pretty uneventful. Smooth sailing until we got to Reno for dinner. It was so windy. Then Jeremy pointed out the window and said those clouds don't look so good. He was right. If he had known what we were going to be driving through we would have stayed the night in Reno. My valiant husband drove over Donner Pass for about 1.5 hours at 30 miles per hour. It was scary. It snowed quite a bit in that time. I wish we had a video so you can see we are not as wimpy as it sounds, well maybe we are but it was still scary. There was no chain advisory when we started but about 20 minutes later there was. By the time we got to the other side, everyone was required to have chains. At one point were were driving slowly passed a semi-truck and it spit up so much dirty brown snow Jeremy had practically stopped until we could see again. He was pretty nervous but he did good. I tried to crack jokes to hide my nervousness, but I think it just annoyed him. The crazy thing is that we had just driven though there 3 days before and had a hard time seeing any snow, now we were in a winter wonderland where you couldn't even see the ground! We are wimpy Californians who don't get along well in the snow!

Here is a little video of our trip.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A holiday tradition starting today!

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We celebrated our first St. Patrick's Day. I made Corned beef and Cabbage. As I was searching for the best recipe to try, I found out they only make this delicacy for tourists. Irish people don't eat it in Ireland. They say it is unhealthy. Why would 265% of your daily sodium intake per serving be unhealthy??? So we celebrated a holiday eating a meal that isn't really even eaten there. Then while eating we discussed why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Jeremy said because of a saint who chased the snakes in Ireland into the ocean. What do you think? Here are a few pictures of our fantabulous feast.


So we just got back from doing a little shopping and Jeremy in true fashion vacuumed and was cleaning then he disappeared for a bit. He came back into the room and told me not to look. Well being 100% woman I had to know so I peeked and he had in his hands a few tapes. No big deal right?! So I had to leave the room for the umpteenth time, remember I am pregnant! And he questioned why I was leaving. I come back and low and behold he is playing a blast from the past. New Kids on the Block. My all time favorite boy bad through Junior High. It was fun to lip sync to the songs. Jeremy and I still knew the words, which surprised me, I can't remember what day it is but I can remember all the words to Please Don't Go Girl. Jeremy was using the Apricot Jam bottle as a microphone and me a pen. Miranda caught the groove and was rocking out too. Jeremy said this was the perfect blog moment.

He then said if you do blog this don't forget to mention a good friend of ours did a lip sync to Cover Girl. And that amzing moment was given to us by Tim Doll. What ever he got from that competition must have been great because he now has a wonderful family of his own. I also wanted to brag for a minute and let you know I got to see them two or three times in concert. Once they performed with Tiffany at Great America...good times Andra! I guess that is all I can divulge about myself and my secret past.

My sweet Logan!

Well I had to post this. I have been having a hard time with Logan he has been emotional, some times unreasonable, angry...I think I complain about him a little too much. I know he is a great kid and I wouldn't change him for anything. Well last night I got a sweet reminder of why he is the perfect son. We were eating dinner and he cleaned his plate, and thanked me for the yummy meal. He thinks I am the "best cooker" ever. Next to Jeremy he the biggest fan of my cooking. After he was finished eating, he cleared his plate and got his applesauce and dish for him and his sisters. He then grabbed the twins plates and cleared them too. He did all of this without being asked. I think the part that touched me the most was when he thought of his sisters. There are so many times we get caught up in our own selves that we forget to do little things for others. So not only am I proud to be his mother but I learned something from him too.

Friday, March 16, 2007

You have an assignment...

OK we have 8 weeks to come up with a boy name and girl name and I would love any opinions. So I have two polls a boy poll and girl poll. Please vote! If you have a comment please leave one by clicking the link below. Of course this is for fun and we may not pick the popular answer but it is nice to know what people think!

If it's a girl the name shall be...
Rebekah Claire
Olivia April
Reyna Kimberly
Lacey Esther free polls

And the boy name shall be...
Nathan Jeremy
Noah Jackson
Gideon Christopher
Jackson Benjamin free polls

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life is SOOOOOO good.

I am sitting here and I wanted to do a little video clip of my lovely, charming, darn near flawless family, ha-ha! And as I finished putting it together I was listening to the lyrics of the song. It is called just another day in paradise. And I truly feel that is my life. Yes the kids cry, whine, fight, complain, need...truth is so do I! But I also know that they laugh, say funny things, give the best hugs and kisses, etc. There was an object lesson that I read about, it had to do with going through trials in life. They said get ingredients to make cookies, keep them separate, and let everyone taste the ingredients. Some of them taste really bad, like the salt or baking soda, some taste really good like the brown sugar and chocolate chips, some may even make you sick like eating raw eggs. Then when you mix them all together you get scrumptious cookies. To get those cookies tasting so good you need to add some things that taste bad. That is the way it is with life too. You need some of the bad or hard times to make you really appreciate the good times, or even to relate when others around you are having a hard time. You may meet some one or know them and feel life is perfect or easy for them, everyone has their own trials and blessings, some are just more apparent then others. No matter how rough things are they can get worse so DON'T ASK!

On to a lighter note my kids and husband are my life they make me so proud, they make me want to be a better mother, wife, and person. I am so lucky to have them and that they love me flaws and all, because I feel the same about them! So this is my little video introduction. I hope you enjoy it, and it makes you think of all the good things in your life too!

Sound Clips of our lives....

You know how Bill Cosby always says "Kids say the darnedest things", well it's true. These are a few funny comments that were made in the last couple of weeks that are worth quoting.

Logan, who is all boy, continually is grabbing his area. Well whenever we notice we tell him to go potty. Half the time he goes potty, and the other time he stops grabbing. This particular time I told him to go potty and he turns to me and yells, well says in a frustrated tone "I don't have to go potty I just itching myself!"

As shown in a previous post, my good friend Hayley and I have pretty much gone through pregnancy together. Well Logan is fascinated with my ever impressive and growing belly. Logan always asks "Is your tummy going to grow bigger tonight?" But the most memorable comment was when he said "When is Hayley's tummy going to be as big as yours?" Unfortunately for me Hayley's will get smaller before mine since she will be delivering about three weeks or more before me.

Jeremy took Miranda on a few errands, one of which was the comic book store. Miranda happened to like a Wonder Woman action figure and Daddy gave in and got it for her. Here are a few comments that followed this trip. "Daddy why does Wonder Woman have those things that mommies have after they have babies" It is probably the first time that Jeremy wished I was there to field the question. Later Miranda says "Daddy we should open our own store" Daddy says "What will we sell?" Miranda "dot coms!" Daddy "dot coms?" Miranda "Yeah like,,, we can even sell" And the last quote of the trip: Miranda is really into her imaginary friends. They pulled up to Safeway and Miranda asks if her Super Hero friends can come too, of course Jeremy agrees. She then proceeds to tell him that she is a super hero too. Daddy "What are your super hero powers?" Miranda "I have two, one is singing and dancing, and the other is making people look pretty when they go on dates!"

Last one that I can think of at the moment: today Miranda grabs my face and says "Mommy even though you are getting old I still hope you are pretty!" I love these kids and the way they make me laugh. In all their innocence they really do say some funny things.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Queen for....

Well I shared a bit ago how Jeremy, with some help, pampered me with a massage and facial. I guess he was just warming up. We planned on an overnight excursion with no kids. I got the babysitting and he did the rest. I had no idea what was on the itinerary. He told me to get all dressed up in fancy schmancy clothes and be ready by 5:15pm. It was the first time in a while I actually felt beautiful. He surprised me by taking me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was fabulous. It has raised the bar for steak by a mile. It is melt in your mouth delicious. Not to mention the sides and dessert...FANTABULOUS! Then we went to the movies and as I requested we saw Ghost Rider, staring Nicholas Cage. Yes it was a very dark movie but it had enough humor to keep it light. Anyways the ticket taker took Jeremy's ticket and said "Man, you are WAY to dressed up for this!" The movie was great, even though it didn't have a hint...well only a hint, of romance. As we left my directionally challenged husband asked me how to get on the freeway. I told him how to get back to Concord and jokingly I told him unless he was heading to Lafayette, completely kidding. He crossed two lanes to get to the turning lane and headed towards Lafayette. He got off at the first exit. We stayed at the Lafayette Park Hotel. It was amazing. It was a fancy hotel, that would fit perfectly in a quaint little town. Our room was gorgeous. There was a wonderful fireplace, that provided the most romantic glow in our room. It was so nice to have so much time with my hubby and get to talk about what ever we wanted and not be interrupted or sidetracked. The evening felt magical to me. The next morning we got up and lounged around. We had breakfast at Marie Calendars, did a little birthday shopping for Miranda's 6th birthday at our favorite store, Target. (A video in her honor will be on another post.) Then we got to see our baby at Prenatal Peek for the last time before we meet him or her in person. Surprisingly enough we still don't know the gender of our gorgeous baby. About 2:30pm on Saturday we returned home from the great date. It was so relaxing and wonderful.

Here are a few only regret is we didn't take a picture the night before.

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I thought I would share these two pictures. These are me and two of my good friends. We have enjoyed going through pregnancy together, and being able to relate at roughly the same time all the joys and pains of pregnancy. This is us in September 2006.

This is us again in March of 2007.
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