Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat and annual Chili Cook-Off. Although Jeremy said my chili was first to be emptied, the Bishop won first prize. For those of you who are wondering what trunk-or-treat is, here is your answer. People from church park their cars, some even decorate, and then sit on their bumper or trunk of the car and pass out candy to the kids. The kids run around like crazy sugar induced hybrids and do laps around the parking lot until the last bit of sugar has been claimed.
As part of it they do a costume contest. This year it seems the adults won more prizes than the kids. All Logan could talk about was how cool his costume was and that he was for sure going to win. I tried to explain that there would be lots of people dressed up and even if he didn't win I thought he would be the cutest cowboy there. He corrected me by saying "you mean the c-c-coolest" (He's working on beginning sounds at school!) I agreed he would also be the cutest. So on to your favorite part the pictures. I took the route of I am pregnant and being a cow twice is a little humiliating, so here is my Bah-Humbug for costumes this year.

Jeremy- well he dressed up as...his favotie answer was Tim Doll 10 years ago. He won for the wildest costume. Although every one tried to discretely ask Who is he?

Miranda - a fifties girl

Logan - a cowboy

Haylie - Minnie

Hannah - Aice in Wonderland (although she wanted to be Minnie instead)

Lauren - a Hybrid between a Pegasus (cause she had wings) and a Unicorn because she had a horn.

And finally my festive family. Hannah is frowning because she doesn't like Daddy's wig.
We won the award for cutest family group. Well-Duh! Just kidding, but they were cute. I think we won since we out number most families.

In Jeremy's defense he does have a better costume for Halloween, we just hadn't got the pieces yet so he dug through and had a couple ideas. I voted for K-Fed, If I hadn't borrowed all my costume parts I would have dressed up as Britney Spears.
Note my "No photos" hand gesture. I was born to be a star! Oh and my tank top said "I have the Golden ticket" with an arrow pointing to my belly!

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Carl said...

"Tim Doll 10 years ago" or 10 minutes ago, I think either one would work. Hilarious costume!

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