Monday, January 01, 2001

100 Things~ME!

I have seen this on lots of websites and thought what a great idea. This is a list of 100 things that are mostly positive about me. They are in no particular order, just how they came to mind.
1. I am a wife
2. I am a mother to 6.
3. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
4. I love to scrapbook
5. I try to be crafty.
6. I love to make plans, charts, lists...but rarely if ever follow through.
7. I love to organize, again rarely keep it organized
8. As chaotic as you think my life may be it isn't that bad.
9. I love my hubby, I think he can walk on water if he puts his mind to it...well not really but he is pretty perfect.
10. My children are great and that is how Heavenly Father created them!
11. I am a sucker for chick flicks, please give me suggestions.
12. I wasn't always a reader but I am now. I am not particular about books, as long as they are good...and not smutty.
13. I know almost as much as my crazy hubby about Lord of the Rings. I have beat him in LOTR Trivia once.
14. I like Math it makes sense unlike grammar and English.
15. I LOVE to bake, cook and be in the kitchen.
16. I am a bit of an experimentalist in the kitchen, beware of what you eat at my house.
17. I see birds alot...which means I get distracted very easily.
18. I usually can't have a regular complete conversation with the kids around, if I seem aloof or distracted I probably am because of my kids.
19. I love to TALK
20. I love to learn about people
21. I think my sense of humor has been affected by my hubby, it is more dry than it used to be.
22. I have read all the books in the Anne of Green Gables series...and I love them. I am not a fan of the third movie though.
23. I am a sucker for Country love songs
24. I have lots of friends whom I admire and wish to emulate their qualities.
25. I am a good friend, I love to listen and did I mention talk!
26. I love my Levi jeans, I get compliments when I used to wear them, I still have a few baby pounds to loose before they fit me marvelously again!.
27. Speaking of jeans nothing feels better than great looking jeans and boots.
28. I use the words "I want" a lot but have everything I need.
29. I love Disneyland, especially with my family.
30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to the point of addiction Ice Cream.
31. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchen Aid Mixer.
32. My favorite other kitchen item is The Alligator it's awesome for dicing onions which I cook with a lot. J discovered this on his own what a catch!
33. I spend lots of time on the computer.
34. Blogging is therapeutic.
35. I like the idea of running to be fit, but not actually doing it.
36. Anytime before 6:00am is not my friend, preferably 9:00am but I have adult responsibilities now.
37. Having a kindergartner was exhausting, so I will only do it every other year.
38. Having twins is eventful, I am grateful they are adorable and smile ALOT!
39. My son warms my heart with his grin.
40. My kids mostly think I am the best "cooker" Logan says everything I make is " 'licious"
41. I love to make cookies with my kids, and I especially love watching them eat them.
42. I really don't care for seafood, I am not sure fried shrimp, fish sticks and tuna fish sandwiches count.
43. I am learning I don't do good at one-on-one conversations in person, IM'ing is great though, it works as a filter system from my brain to someone else's ears...or eyes!
44. A friend said something about "Testimony Remorse" regretting or wondering what came out of your mouth, I always have "Conversation Remorse" (especially after 10:00pm) and think about what I say after I can't take it back, worry about it, then apologize if I get the courage only to find out they don't know what I am talking about!
45. I love the water, although swimsuits don't love me.
46. The thought of tattoos confuse me I just don't get it.
47. My ears are pierced but I seldom wear jewelry.
48. I haven't worn my wedding ring in over a year, that makes me sad. ETA: because of the previously mentioned baby weight, seriously why do fingers have to gain weight?
49. I sometimes think the Tyra Banks show is great.
50. I always have an opinion but try to sugar coat it.
51. I don't really like reading instructions, I am a more dig in with both hands and hope I did it right. Hubby is trying to change that.
52. I am a sucker for the idea of a nice romantic vacation.
53. I am jealous that hubby has been on a cruise and I have not.
54. I would love to go back to school and learn about architecture or design.
55. I love to clip coupons but more often then not forget to actually use them.
56. I would really love to buy a pair of Lucky jeans I hear they are the best.
57. I think I look good in pink and am not afraid to say it.
58. I love my hair color, even with the grey that is sparkling through.
59. I do wish for re-dos in life then think I wouldn't change where I am for a better memory in the past.
60. I still make wishes when I take the first scoop out of Peanut Butter and Butter, why? because when I was little some one told me too and she made it look fun.
61. I am a dreamer I love to dream and sometimes sell myself on the future. That is why Hubby is so great, he keeps me in reality and grounded.
62. I have more now than I ever thought possible.
63. I miss going to the temple once a month with my hubby.
64. My favorite place I have ever eaten was Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, I am not sure if it will ever happen again but what a great night!
65. I am silently competitive. I hate loosing and I hate not feeling as good as the next person.
66. I have two full sisters, have 4 daughters and four nieces. I know girls I understand them...they make no sense, I accept that! Boys on the other hand scare me!
67. I am a little terrified of heights. I have a desire to hike Half Dome with Hubby, I am not sure how that will work.
68. I love the outdoors, I just don't know what to do when I am there.
69. I would love to go on a church history tour in a motor home, thanks to the book Legend of the Lamp (also a gift from hubby).
70. I know where ever I live, I will be happy as long as my family is with me.
71. I am very lucky to have married my best friend.
72. I really would like to see Wicked the Musical. ETA: Jeremy surprised me with a road trip for my 30th Birthday and we saw it in LA..woo-hoo!
73. I don't like making phone calls, I will e-mail you all day without a problem.
74. Speaking of phone calls, you would laugh at me if you saw me while I was talking to you on the phone, I can't sit still so I fidget with anything.
75. When people tell me I am an amazing mom I feel deceitful, I am so winging it!!!
76. As much as I love the idea of fine china and pretty things, I am more comfortable with paper plates and plastic ware.
77. Glamour is not my forte.
78. I am told Miranda looks just like me, I think she is far prettier.
79. I cry when I watch The First Daughter...every time!
80. I am not sure of the purpose of making my bed, so usually it is only done when there is company and then I close my bedroom door so they can't see it anyways.
81. I love get togethers that revolve around food.
82. I would love to learn how to do cake decorating. ETA: I have since taken a class and have enjoyed expanding that creative talent.
83. I can usually dish it out pretty well but can't take it. Although I realize this and try to laugh about it.
84. I love food that has cheese in it, on it, or next to it!
85. I am not a breakfast fan...too often.
86. I have more friends now then I did growing up and I love them too!
87. I love to talk but somehow I can't seem to keep plants alive. (I think there is a saying about talking and plants.)
88. I drove to Ohio and back with four little kids and my Grandma the shocking part is I would do it again.
89. I am a lot stronger (emotionally) than I usually believe. (AND NO I AM NOT ASKING FOR THAT TO BE TESTED!!!)
90. I don't mind crying, I just don't like people to watch me do it.
91. I like frozen yogurt but feel I am cheating on Ice Cream.
92. Growing up I thought I loved soccer, I am not sure why, I don't know how to play it.
93. Shopping is very therapeutic for me.
94. I really have the desire to re-do our kitchen as a do-it-yourself project.
95. I love to write letters and make cards for my honey.
96. I may not be one-in a million, but there will not be another one like me!
97. I love to make people laugh but I am not a good story teller.
98. My house has the best floor plan ever. My Mom helped me design my dream house and I kept the same basic floor plan, one story but 4,000 square feet.
99. My husband has the best job ever, even if I still believe he doesn't get paid enough, did I say I think he could walk on water if he really wanted to!
100. I got stumped at #45 so I am not sure what I shared after that. My real #100 is I do like who I am flaws and all.

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