Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My baby is a little girl!

Only 11 days until my little girls goes out into the big scary world of school. I am such a paranoid parent, like most I'm sure. What if those horrible kindergartners hurt my baby's feelings. Also I am going to be out of town on picture day. So my dear perfect husband is responsible for doing her hair! Yikes. He is completely compitent but it is kind of a girly thing. How many of you have a school picture where Dad did your hair? The ones I have heard of are not to comforting. The funny part is the dad's look at these pictures and they think "it looks fine to me." Enter under-cover mother. I have enlisted a few trusted comrades to check up on him. If they see her and she looks a little ...well not picture perfect, they will try to help. Such a vain mother, she will look beautiful no matter what. Oh but the joy of giving Daddy a hard time. When the pictures get back I will have to post it to either scream RETAKE! or brag about how good he really is!

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