Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trick or Treat

There is another writing assignment from this blog. I am not necessarily having much inspiration but I thought this could challenge the inner me dying to get out, was that Halloween-ish enough?

I too am blessed with an October birthday, three days before Halloween. You would think that would stir up lots of good memories. I am really struggling here, although I have them, they are just in the dark recessed cob webby portion of my brain that I never use. I think with most birthdays, starting in October through the end of the year, get squeezed in around the busyness of the holidays. Of course October is a lot better than a week before Christmas like my sweet son.
The memories I have are short little quips verses good stories. I remember in around 5th grade coming home and having every single piece of candy closely inspected for pin pricks or other dangerous obstacles. I believe I dressed in a yellow/gold dress like something from a southern plantation. It was the same year that I went through my first haunted house. I have finally come to grips with the fact that I really don't like being scared.

If you look through my years I think I appeared as a Baby the most, Punk Rocker was next on the popularity. Seriously Halloween is the one time of year that it is acceptable to be something you are not. I never have been a punk or rocker type with lots of make-up and spiky colored hair. I was a 50's girl too. My mom made an adorable powdered blue felt poodle skirt with the little poodle with leash and all. She is an amazing sewer, seamstress...whatever you call it she is crafty with fabric and a sewing machine. Since being married I have been pregnant every other Halloween. One year I came across the most classic costume. I was about 5 months pregnant with the twins. And my future of being a milk factory loomed near so this is what I prepared my self for:
I am glad to say that I was not the last person to wear this awesome costume. I can't remember the comment that the nice young gentleman made to his wife but this was the result:
He was a good sport but not too happy about the costume. I guess there is nothing too monumental to share. Except I love when my kids get Butterfinger Crisps in their Halloween Bags, I steal them!

Since joining Jeremy's family they have showered me with traditions. Jeremy's Mom makes donuts for her kids at school and they get to decorate them. So it is tradition that she makes a ton more for her kids and now her grandkids. We eat them after we are done trick or treating. Then we have the problem of do we let the kids eat candy or donuts before we hurry them off to bed. Good thing Halloween is on a Friday this year.

One thing I am tempted to do is buy a pumpkin or two and make home made pumpkin puree then experiment with some delicious pumpkin recipes. This should go over well since this household isn't really pumpkin fans. At least I can say I tried!


Lacy said...

Please update on your pumpkin puree! We carved one this last weekend and I was craving pumpkin, but I couldn't go buy a can since it was sunday. I honestly thought about making it from the pumpkin we had carved, but chickened out!

The costume is great!

Christina Bartholomew said...

LOL about the cow costume being perfect for a pregnant woman. I usually don't dress up; I figure if all the kids are dressed up, I've done my job.

Hayley said...

I love the picture. The comment had something to do with becoming a milk machine because I was pregnant. I thought that he deserved a try at feeling like the milk provider for the night. It did the trick and I have never heard anything other comments about nursing.

Amanda D said...

Great post! I love the costume, and the milk factory comment cracks me up.

I also don't like being scared. I dread the day when my little ones want to go to a haunted house. Ugh.

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