Sunday, October 26, 2008

In honor of 300

This is post 300. Who knew I had so much to share! If you know me you may actually be surprised that this is ONLY post 300. If you don't know me then I am a very quiet person who hardly shares anything, so 300 is a big deal. In honor of post 300 I am here to announce I am officially 30 weeks along in this pregnancy. So I must share another cartoon.

pregnancy cartoon

This one is particularly funny to me since just this morning Logan said "Mom your belly is huge, it keeps getting bigger!" Well he may not have said huge but that is what I heard. As hard as it is to see my girth getting bigger, I am happy that Baby Jackson and I are extremely healthy, and I will say that my weight is mostly in the belly region and most importantly I am still a ways away from how much I weighed with Lauren and the twins. Nonetheless I am still huge. If you want to laugh at my aches and pains or commiserate, email me and we can talk. I'll give you a laundry list...well not that many, this pregnancy has been pretty good that was. Give it another week and I may be say "This is Terrible!"

Here's to 30 and 300! Please don't get them confused I don't want to be 300 weeks pregant!

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