Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kind of Funny

I was looking through my Facebook friends and came across this picture:

I think it would be very fitting for us except add a line or two mine should read:

So someone stole my FIRST Yes on 8 sign, then they destroyed my second sign and left it on my lawn, the THIRD sign has battle damage because we caught the teenager in the act and he walked away not looking back. Yet it is still standing strong.

They tried to take away my freedom of speech yet I still respect theirs.

What's next??? Calling ME hateful?

Rumor has it that this sign is close to a busy intersection, I may have to drive by and show my support.


Lacy said...

you don't have to drive far. I won't name names, but someone in our ward had a sign just like this made. Drive by my place and you will see it across the street.

Rebecca & Jeff said...

That is awesome!! I am amazed at some people, and yet we are always the bad guys.

April P. said...

Well my sign was stolen along with violent screaming and screeching then I put another one out, and not more than a half hour it was stolen AGAIN! I really want to put out a LARGE sign on my roof too!

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