Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our new baby!

Here is a little video of our little baby. A very special someone(s) gave me an amazing gift. I was able to see my baby in the womb. I am now 20 weeks pregnant. This is a 3D ultrasound. It is fantabulous. I can't believe that it looks so much like a baby! We are still trying to keep the gender a surprise so the sonographer kindly stayed away from "that" area.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I heard it's your BIRTHDAY!

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com - Image hosted by ImageShack.us
Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com - Image hosted by ImageShack.us

My little boy is growing up. He is four years old today. He had a stomach bug yesterday but today he is already into trouble. He is feeling better and going to have a great day!

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Mama's Right

OK the whole piont of a blog is to be able to complain and share stories about your life and family. Well that is all good but the biggest reason is to have a whole page to brag about your children. So as a mother it is my right to brag about Miranda.

We had our very first teachers conference for her. I knew she was doing well and loved school, but I also knew she is very social and nosey. As a child (OK I still am) I was nosey too. It took me through first grade to focus on my work and get it done. I had a fear she awquired that fault from me. Surprisingly enough, the teacher said the first two weeks or so of school she did have a problem, but it is expected with the newness of school, friends, teacher, etc. She said then she switched and is very down to business and gets her stuff done. She said she is a "joy to teach" amongst her other amazing accomplishments I would like to brag about this one. She commented on Miranda's singing, she said Miranda is always the loudest and most enthusiastic singer (which surprisngly isn't different at home). She went onto say that she gives all the kids S (Satisfactory) in the art areas, as long as they do it, they are expressing themselves, so she doesn't feel it is fair to grade them on the quality. She put an S down for Miranda and just couldn't leave it that way, she changed it to a E (Excellent). She said it was the only one in the class. She is my shining star. She is doing well academically, socially, physically and artistically. She has a few areas to improve on like all children, but I am a very proud Mama!


We were at a baptism for Brian S. (yeah for him!). The bishop happened to sit next to Jeremy, they always have "secrets" to tell, haha. Well Logan was sitting on Daddy's lap and figured the Bisop was a good friend, as he should be. Logan has also learned at a very young age that Bishop keeps candy in his office. So Logan grabs his head, mid-baptism (not the actual baptism but during a talk) tilts it so he could comfortably (for Logan not Bishop) whisper in his ear. He says "WE have candy in yours office?" The kind Bishop agreed but only after the baptism was over. The following Sunday we were having a difficult time getting the kids to stay with us as we moved our herd towards the door. Logan peeked in the clerks office to see if Bishop was in there, unfortunately there was only one of his counselors. Logan, the fearless leader that he is, asks for them to open the door for candy, meanwhile...Haylie is at the door waitng for it to open and Hannah is throwing herself on the floor because she wants to be held not put down. Miranda is waiting patiently for us. As soon as the door opened, Logan was at the candy jar, Hannah immediatly with the turn of the key stopped crying stood up and walked towards the jar. Haylie was curious at the sudden calmness, and slowly turned to observe this amazing feat, she quickly realized the jar was in smelling distance and ran to the jar. I can't quite remember how Miranda fit into it all but she emerged from the office with a piece of candy too. It may seem our kids eat a lot of candy but the really don't, it is probably one piece at home and one piece from Bishop each week.

The moral of this story, if you can't beat 'em let them smell candy they will be begging you to let them behave!

Church Prep Mishap

My dear husband, does his best to help me get the four kids ready for church before he heads off to his "before" church meeting. This particular Sunday he was on the ball. He had all the girls bathed, and Logan was in the tub. I was working on some project for my lesson, so I was the closest surpervising adult. Jeremy was at the computer basically on the other side of the house. Hannah who was all dressed and pretty for church was enjoying splashing the water at brother...can you see where this is going? I had been in there already to tell Hannah to stop splashing and then returned to my work. All of the sudden I hear a big splash. Thinking she just dropped the shampoo bottle into the tub. I come around the corner and saw this

She was the true definition of a "Cute" but drowned rat!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I am not sure if I should be proud or not but I wanted to compare what I lookd like with the twins vs. this singleton. So here is a picture of both.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

He's mine even if he is WHITE & NERDY!

This video is so funny. Several people have seen some similarities between this video and my husband. For those of you who don't know, my handsome husband is an avid action figure collector and and has been known to love reading comics. Also Star Wars can be related to any gospel discussion.

White and Nerdy

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This is really a picture of our LIVING ROOM:

If you can't tell yes that is a cabinet filled with action figures. He usually rotates them about once every couple of months.

Edited to Add: When Jeremy saw this picture he said to himself, I can't believe that she didn't set up Doomsday and Supergirl. If you will notice on the second shelf up on the right side two figures are lying down. I am not sure who else would notice that.

The Joy of Sugar!

Well we went to a few houses in our neighborhood for Trick or Treating. The kids ended up with a ton of candy. Is it just me or do people just not trick or treat anymore? We didn't run into hardly any fellow treaters. I do have to say though, because there are so few children out, they give the kids handfuls of candy, full size candy bars, and even offer some to the parents! So I guess you don't need to go to a ton of houses.

The kids really enjoyed getting candy. I mean how smart to reward kids for doing what comes naturally and that is look super cute! I do have to say the quickest learner was Haylie. If there was a window to see where the candy was coming from she had her head pasted to it. She also grunted while hold her little bucket so she would not get over looked. And last but not least she had no fear, she practically took out her big brother so she could get to the candy bowl first.

Here is a picture of our family. We went into Jeremy's work to show off our cute kids...and score some more candy of course...and we were able to get a family picture.

Jeremy is a 80's rocker, I am...well...just me tired and pregnant like normal. Miranda was Ariel, Logan was Buzz Lightyear, Haylie was Pooh Bear, and Hannah was the Purple Heffalump, Lumpy. Kind of funny that Haylie's twin sister is her worst nightmare! Anyways here's the picture I promised.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleep anyone???

This is NOT me!

Ok I know I am an old pergnant mother to four children, do I deserve a night life? The answer is no you crazy woman! My mom was staying with me for a few night and our only time to talk was at night, so I stayed up later than my average 10:00pm bedtime. (If I don't get 8 hours I am not terribly wonderful to be around!) Starting Sunday night Haylie woke up and would only sleep ontop of me so from 3:00am on it was a little rough. Monday night I went to bed a little late. Tuesday again late, but Weds. I took my mom to the airport and woke her up at 3:30am I did get back home at 5:30am so I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. This is where my huge down fall was...mind you I didn't even get to take a nap. Wednesday night I went to a ModBod Party...super cute...and what was I thinking, clearly I wasn't! We stayed and chated until 4:00am! I am not kidding. Hubby asked what we talked about, honestly it was 4 in the morning do you expect me to remember. I think we were all pretty incoherant at that point. And our gracious host let us park it and talk. It was fun but highly not recommended when you cannot sleep in the next morning.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Prayer of a Child

So the other evening we were saying our family prayer. A little back ground...we are all sick except for Daddy. So Logan was chosen to say the prayer. Amongst the other typical things like "we're thankful that we go to church tomorrow (everyday) and we're thankful we have a safe drive to Disneyland tomorrow..." He decided to pray that we would all feel better. His prayer went something like this "...Please bless my cough to go away, please bless Miranda's cough to go away, and twinies, and Mommy, and ummm...and nobody else..." It may not come across as funny but the only person he left out was Daddy. True enough he was not sick so as Logan was going through the list of family members he got to Dad and realized he didn't need to feel better so he just covered it up with "...and nobody else" It was truely cute. You have to love the way these little children see the world.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I went to the doctor today and got good news and bad news and just plain news. The good news is there really is a tiny little baby cooking away with a perfectly beating heart! The regular old news is that there is only one baby. I am excited to have ONLY one to cuddle and love, but the idea of two sounded like a wonderful challenge. The bad news, I found out I was pregnant really early, like 1 week from conception, so instead of my due date being May 8th it looks more like May 17th. And with that bad news also comes good news. I always go late, and my anniversary and Hubby's birthday are the 19th. So I won't be miserably tired just miserably pregnant. We will actually get to go out for our anniversary and will still be able to find a sitter for our clan. (That is not a complaint about the future just an observation and fact.)

So anyways I am still super excited for this little one and the twist it adds to my journey through life. I went to the temple and was reminded that we have children so that we can share in their joy and happiness. How lucky I am to be a part of something so amazing and miraculous. I sometimes say it is not fair that women get such a raw end of the deal with monthly pains, hormones that are usually out of control, pregnancy and labor discomforts...but in the end we get so much more out of being a woman, a mother, and a wife. Life is a little loud at times but boy it is GOOD!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well I get to go away for the weekend and guess what happens...everyone falls apart!!! I was packing up to come home and my hubby calls and reports Logan has the Chicken Pox. Later on the drive home he calls and says Hannah has a 102.4 fever. He is having a hard time with work, and I had motion sickness or pregnancy nausea, either way it is an evil feeling. Miranda and Haylie were OK, thankfully. Needless to say when I got home we were quite the traumatized family. Well OK it really isn't that bad, a little Tylenol cured Hannah, Logan's pox are mostly on his arms, a few on his legs, and a few on his face almost microscopic. I was mostly just sleep deprived. That brings up something else. We as women, get a rest from the kids, do we sleep NO! We stay up until the wee hours of the morning then wake up early, well 8:00-ish, because we want to scrapbook. So not only are we not rested when we get back we are more tired then if we never took a break in the first place!

Although everyone was in a state of less comfort I had a great time and I always enjoy the friendships I share with the 9 crazy, beautiful, creative, crazy, sincere, fun...did I say crazy, gals!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Emotions Schmotions!

AAKKKK! The prego hormones are at an all time high! I feel sorry for my dear sweet almost innocent husband, since he helped get me into this. I feel like a huge tug of war inside, I want to cry, scream, laugh, sleep...all at the same time. I feel sorry for those around me. Usually it is only Jeremy that worries what I might divulge in a moment of weakness, but now I am a little worried also. I can usually control my little annoyances until I am in the safety of my bedroom with only Jeremy to listen to them. I think right now I might just tell you "you annoy me." That is not a good thing, especially since I am going away for three days with some of my closest of friends. If you are reading this: I am not annoyed with you...but I could be in the next minute or two, so be on the look out, evil, emotional, pregnant woman could be right behind you!

The twins have arrived!

On Saturday we had a little family time in our oh, so lovely backyard. One of the these years we will actually have green grass again ugh! Anyways back to my story. We were out in the back yard playing...the kids were enjoying the play structure. I was shocked to find out my little twins are part monkey. They are my first real climbers. Hannah is a little more adventurous. So anyways they would climb up then go down the slide. We got a kick out of watching them and thought you might too.



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Room Mom sorta..

Life is exciting, I signed up to be assistant room mom for Miranda's Kindergarten class. Which really means ...well...I am not quite sure. Whatever it is it will be fun. I talked to the other room mom, and she was trying to figure out who I was. So she found out who my daughter was and then asked her son which girl is Miranda. He said the one who wears her hair on the side of her head like teddy bear ears. Isn't that sweat. That better be all for the nice comments!!! After all it is only kindergarten.

I also signed up to help with Motor Skills on Wednesdays. So I will get to work with Miranda's class for about an hour playing games and such. Jeremy will work late on those days and stay with the rest of the crew. He is so flexible for ME. We are lucky that he works where he does. I can't say it enough, we are truly blessed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Logan, you kill me!!!

So I am sitting at my computer, as always, and Logan is sitting under the desk. He started pulling on the mouse and I scolded him slightly. Then he got Hannah to join him in his little hideout. So I about to send an email or something uber-important and I here zhooooo, as the computer shuts down. He turned off the power strip. I instantly look under and see his little hand coming away from the strip. I tell him to go on his bed. When I went to talk to him about it he said it wasn't him. I asked if he was lying, he said no "baby did it!" I told him I saw him. He said "You saw me did it?" I said yes. He said "You saw a little hand did it?" Again I responded yes. Then he said "That is baby's little hand not mine. Mine is big!" Then he admitted atleast he told Hannah what to do. Needless to say I was trying to be outsmarted by a 3 1/2 year old.

Her tooth went bye-bye!

Take 1:

Well, it has been an excting month. Miranda came home from her third day of school and had a loose tooth "from eating an animal cracker." Later that day she woke up from her nap and had another loose tooth. On Monday night she showed us her tooth and it was bent forward hanging by...I don't know a nerve, a root...anyways Jeremy asked if Miranda wanted him to pull it out. She happily agreed.

Take 2:

The next morning Miranda was happily surprised that the Tooth Fairy very sneaky like swapped her tooth for a dollar. Life is so good when you are little ain't it!

Monday, September 11, 2006

What a date!

My hubby and I went out on a date. It is not that we never go out, I just spent a lot of time away from home. Three weeks in Ohio with the kids, but without my hubby and then I went to Utah for 8 days without the kids or hubby. So it was nice to be alone with my sweetheart. We didn't do anythng that wold make you jealous. We decided to got to a new place for dinner. When we pulled up it was closed, I gather for good. So we went to plan B. We were pleasantly surprised. After we ate our fill of good Italian food we went to our favorite place...Fenton's. It is an ice cream parlor. They have the BEST caramel. It was a fun evening just us and whatever two person conversation we wanted. To end our perfect little date, DH was in pain from eating too much, and I had an emotional "episode". Gotta love being pregnant! He is the best, I love him very much.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Our perfect little angels

Here our our four precious cuties. We were getting ready for church and I found the perfect opportunity to take a picture. All of them are growing so fast. It is hard for me to imagine how much each of them have grown and changed. Each of their personalities are unique and special. I feel truly blessed to be a stay at home mom.

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!

...We are expecting #5!

We found out this weekend we are expecting our fifth child. We are so excited.

When the kids found out:

Miranda age 5 1/2: She gave me a big hug. She wants 1 boy and 1 girl but thinks it will be two boys.

Logan age 4 in December: Stared at us blankly (he just woke up). He wants a little brother

Haylie age 19 months: Pretended to ignore us.

Hannah also age 19 months: She cried like a baby.

Needless to say we are going to have fun adding another little one to our family. Our newest blessing should be here sometime in May.

She's grown up!

My little baby started school. She barely even looked back. I thought I would be a wreck sending her off into the great big world of Kindergarten, but I was actually OK. It is so exciting to be such a big part of this next phase of her life. As much as I would like to be with her and protect her all the time, I feel blessed that I can be here when ever she needs me. To kiss all her boo-boos and help heal her hurt feelings. I know there really isn't much I can do but at least I feel like I have a purpose. I love this little girl with all her spunk, her sparkling eyes, her desire to make friends and especially her laugh and ability to enjoy life. How lucky I am to be a part of that.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My baby is a little girl!

Only 11 days until my little girls goes out into the big scary world of school. I am such a paranoid parent, like most I'm sure. What if those horrible kindergartners hurt my baby's feelings. Also I am going to be out of town on picture day. So my dear perfect husband is responsible for doing her hair! Yikes. He is completely compitent but it is kind of a girly thing. How many of you have a school picture where Dad did your hair? The ones I have heard of are not to comforting. The funny part is the dad's look at these pictures and they think "it looks fine to me." Enter under-cover mother. I have enlisted a few trusted comrades to check up on him. If they see her and she looks a little ...well not picture perfect, they will try to help. Such a vain mother, she will look beautiful no matter what. Oh but the joy of giving Daddy a hard time. When the pictures get back I will have to post it to either scream RETAKE! or brag about how good he really is!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Funny Logan story...

The other day he was doing something wrong, I can't quite remember. Something like playing with something he shouldn't. He came out from his room and I asked him about it and he said "You see me did that?" I told him Daddy saw him. So then he admits he was guilty. That little booger wasn't going to admit to anything unless there was proof...will he grow up to be a lawyer or criminal?


Logan can swim...well not really but he can sorta swim with water wings. He puts his face in the water and moves his arms, kicks his legs and moves forward. It is so cool. Miranda, Haylie and Hannah also love the water. Miranda saw Logan get lots of attention for learning how to swim so she finally decided she could get better too. Haylie and hannah have these cute little tubes that they can sit in. They love just floating in the water. Needless to say we are grateful to Aunt Katie for letting us go to her pool every week. It is making this a super fun summer!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Who's me?

Some days this is the question...I am a stay at home mom to 4 perfectly delightful and might I add completely gorgeous children, who are full of energy, creativity, and unfortunately don't tire easily. This is not to say that I can or do keep up with them. I am no fool, I am no match for their genius, luckily I have a trump card...I RULE!

I, for lack of a better word, try to be the perfect Molly Mormon wife. Man, I don't like her very much! I TRY to cook, clean, teach, pray, read, mediate, play, excercise, and relax, everyday. I do succeed at a select few everyday. I will not divulge which ones. There is more to me than this but I will save it for another post. It makes for exciting readers.

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