Thursday, July 31, 2008

Forwarded email

Jeremy forwarded me this video:

This guy is hilarious. You can go to his website where he has several little clips. My favorties were Cletus take the Reel to the tune of Jesus take the wheel and the one on products...oh and the parenting one was funny too. He promotes himself as a clean comic. Everything we saw contained no bad language or anything that make you wish it wasn't in there

Monday, July 28, 2008

Midnight Extravaganza!

We have been trying to think of things that the kids can get one on one time with Jeremy and I. I cam across a Midnight release of the Clone Wars action figures. Although Jeremy is not into collecting these figures, I knew Logan would love it so Jeremy took Logan. He said it was worse than the day after Thanksgiving. There was lots of puching and shoving. Jeremy said he was stretching to grab a figure and was just inches away and someone took it! It is a good thing Jeremy is so tall he was able to stretch while Logan held onto his shorts. Jeremy worked so hard to look at couple figures he ended up getting them just as a reward for the hard work.
Just so you son't think we are bad parents we put Logan to bed at his normal time and then Jeremy woke him up at 11:30pm and took him so he didn't miss out on too much sleep. He loves his figures.

Here are a couple pictures from this random adventure: Note the empty display!

The Bad:

The Good:

Embarrassingly obsessed

Ask Jeremy he will confirm that I am a little well a lot obsessed with Twilight. It is awesome. I know it isn't for everyone and if you don't care for it that is OK too I can still like you and respect your opinion. Today a spoiler was revealed. It was just what I wanted to know but I am absolutely positive it will not ruin the book as it happens very early on she states. If you are interested click here. Again WARNING it does give away a little of the book! Or you can wait the four days until you can read it yourself.

I do love this story and I love the way she explains the love of Edward and Bella. She does it in what I would think of as a respectful way not lustful or dirty. I know lots of people think "Wow, if I could just find my Edward" well I am lucky enough to have married mine. Like Edward he probably pursued me against his better judgement but he would never regret it even on the hormonal pregnancy days, which has been most of our marriage!

So just so Jer doesn't get a complex I will state why my hubby is as good as Edward if not better!
  • The obvious, Jeremy warms me up , he is never cold, or at least I have never witnessed it!
  • We get to be together forever no blood/biting involved and we both get to keep our souls! (Remember Edward is a vampire!)
  • Jeremy loves to make homemade gifts and they are perfect for me.
  • He is always there to protect me
  • He spoils me
  • He loves me
  • His world revolves around me and the kids too
  • We can have kids
  • He sleeps...rather well I might add.
  • Sometimes he responds to my tears the same was as Edward does to Bella "Are you crying?"
  • I love the sound of his laughter
  • His voice puts me to sleep
  • He is WAY strong

Alright, I guess that is enough mushy for now but I wanted to let everyone know I would never want Edward when I could have Jeremy. Is is way better, plus if Edward really looks like the Edward in the movie...ICK! Not beautiful in my opinion! ha-ha!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Child Labor

A couple weeks ago we were driving home and we saw a lemonade stand. We took advantage of it. It was fun to pay the quarter and drink some lemonade. We even got to choose between pink and regular, fancy I know. From that moment on all Miranda wanted to do was have a bake stand. She decided lemonade had been done and she had experience in 1st grade doing a bake sale with her class. We decided to do it while family was in town. We planned extra well and of course not intenionally, we not only had family over but some good friends visited us from Utah. They generously bought some of our goodies. Miranda made $10.00 and didn't even have to go outside yet.
This is our cute neighbor. Her husband asked about advertising. I told him this was the initial investment once we gain some capital we are going to get us a sign spinner!

Haylie and Hannah loved putting the money in the box.
One thing we decided was that she had to give a reason for why she was trying to earn the money. We think spending money and knowing it is going towards a good cause is good. The girls we bought from said "I don't know" So we talked with Miranda and she kept saying "I want to buy Daddy dinner for our date night at the A's game ($1 tickets and $1 hot dogs)" I thought it was cute that she thought of him and I felt it was worthy enough for me to donate the time to bake the treats too. Of course when she was asked the day we opened for business she told our friends "I want to buy clothes!" not that this is a bad thing, in fact it is very responsible of her it just took me by surprise that she changed her mind.
Another funny thing was that Miranda was saying she was hungry or thirsty. She said she didn't want to go back outside it was too hot. She had been out there for about 3 minutes...maybe! I told her working is not always fun but if you want to earn money you need to just do it.
A few special thanks to the Jacobs, Murphys, Romers (both families), and our neighbors. Even to Aunt Tamra who stopped by in her patrol car. We sold a batch worth of brownies and Rice Krispie treats. Because of the heat they were served warm. Fancy that. It was a success, I am thinking of giving up my day job! Well maybe not my job pays well and the benefits are out of this world!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Midnight Madness

We have hopefully started a tradition. Since half the family is not available when the other half is we like to take the rare opportunity when we can get together and have a sleep over. The kids get to stay up late and watch movies and the adults get to stay up later and play games uninterrupted by the 8 pairs of young feet. So we took the journey out to Aunt Tamra and Uncle James awesome abode. They seriously have the coolest backyard. The kids got to play on their play structure and more fun was the slide!

I know it isn't easy giving up free time (plus both had to work the night shift the following night) but they were awesome hosts and fed us well. We even got blueberry waffles the next morning. It was lots of fun to laugh and hang out. We did come to the realization that Logan will never get tired of video games. The nice thing is that he really only needs to be able to watch them being played...for hours. So sharing is not that big of an issue for him. It is funny Ethan and Caleb, their twin boys, each have a friend, Ethan and Miranda play well and Logan and Caleb play well, Haylie and Hannah each have each other and Hunter taught Lauren how to use Legos as drums. By the next morning he did a great job of playing with the bubbles with Haylie and Hannah. I wish I had a picture of that!

Thanks for having us over we had a great time!

Finally her check-up

We scheduled Lauren's 1-year appointment for July at 13 months. We were concerned that she wasn't eating well and getting too skinny. Who would of thought our big baby at birth would be so tiny...weight wise. The appointment got cancelled, which turns out to be a good thing. It got rescheduled for about 3 weeks later. A little frustrating at the time, but she started eating a lot better and bulking up, in a petite way of course. So I went in pretty confident that my only concern was that she wasn't cruising or walking or really had no desire to walk. They weighed her at 13.5 months the scale was teetering between 17.15 and 18 pounds. Turns out she is in the 2.87% for her weight and completely off the charts for her length-for-weight. Her height had usually been up to the 75+% and is now around the 55% Her head though is staying on the larger end! She is eating really well so I am hoping she will catch up soon. The doctor agreed that she is eating well and eating high calorie foods and is glad she didn't see her a month ago because she would have been extremely concerned and was glad to know that it was something that she just went through. Although she recommended the butter and oil addition for her food to chunk her up. While still too early to be concerned with her not walking she wanted to see us again at 15 months (August) to see Lauren's progress. If she is still not walking she will look into physical therapy. In the mean time she gets lots of floor time and a line of goldfish crackers along the couch to encourage cruising. The funny thing was that before yesterday she was starting to pull herself up but she would not lift a foot to move in either direction. Yesterday at the doctor's office I put her feet down and what did she do? She started lifting one foot at a time. Then we got home and she was at the coffee table and she turned around to the couch. Who knows having all these kids running around her must be so entertaining and crawling is quite efficient she feels she doesn't have the time to learn to walk and keep her balance. On a side note the doctor did say she is not locking her knees when she stands which is a good thing, if she did that would mean low tone and physical therapy for sure.

She is still not saying words but is mimicking some sounds. So that is another thing we will work on. This morning I was saying "Mooooooo" so she put her lips together and said "Mmmmuuu". Needless to say the doctor held off on the MMR shot to see if things catch up next month. We will see. As always Lauren is a pretty fantabulous kiddo. Her smile is contagious and as always been my medicine when feeling in a rut. She loves to play peek-a-boo and clap her hands. She especially loves following her big brother and sisters around. At her tender age it is so funny to see how cool she thinks she is because she hangs with the big kids. Logan loves to run from her and Lauren will follow and "scream" and giggle while speed crawling after him.

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