Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They called him on a Mission...

...12 years ago. I am not sure how to write this quickly but, in Jeremy's home ward he knew a girl who later married a boy. The day Jeremy left the mission field this boy entered into his same mission. It's a small world! Now the four of us are good friends. So Matt, who is the "boy", had a business trip scheduled for Pheonix/Tempe Arizona where they both served. He ended up getting a friends fly free ticket and his lovely wife said "besides babysitting, I think Jeremy would enjoy this trip more!" So that is how Jeremy got invited. He was able to drive around while Matt worked for a living. He had some great experiences. The one phone call I will remember most was when he called and he was speechless, yes you read right Jeremy was speechless (I love you honey!). He was in total shock how developed his area had become. In the following video there is an intersection that used to be 1 flashing red light, it was next to the one little gas station in Queen Creek and the little mini mart. Now it is a huge intersection. That is the only way I know to describe it. Just know HE was SpeCHlEsS! He did have some spiritual experiences as well but they are for him to share. It was such a neat trip. He did make contact with 2 families that he taught and that was awesome too. I know he will never forget and can't wait to go back.

You eat what you are!?

They say you are what you eat...well I have been calling little Lauren my lollipop. She has a little twig body but a perfectly beautiful yet round head with chubby cheeks! So today Hannah gave her a lollipop. Lauren was very happy. So she eats what she is, kind of like the chicken before the egg thing!

FYI: This little cutie will be one whole year old soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Superman...I'm sure it meant Super Woman!

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New Favorite...

I have a new favorite product. As most of you probably don't know or don't care, I am lousy at laundry and even more lousy at stain care! My friend Jen mentioned a product and she said "I know it sounds weird but it works!" It is called Fels-Naptha. Apparently it has been around for a while.

In the Wikepedia it says this used to be the preferred method for washing you child's mouth out...I always thought the bar of soap in a Christmas Story was HUGE!

So back to informing you this little bar costs about $1.00 and it is like stain magic, the super-hero, no-brainer stain remover. It is fabulous. I have to admit that I am glad that my kids are at the stage where their clothes don't last too long because of childhood stains and such, but this is simple and easy. I will run clothes through the washer and dryer and see a stain. No problem just get the clothing wet and rub the bar across it and let it sit for 1 minute, and throw it back in the wash. Wah-lah! Stain free clothes, which is awesome for a number of reasons!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dinner Menu

I know I haven't done this in a while. I am typing it up now in case I loose my list today. I will add links to all the recipes later;

April 25 BBQ hot dogs and Burgers, with potato salad
April 26 Pizza and green salad
April 27 Chicken Cheese Enchiladas, green salad
April 28 Lasagna, green salad, Garlic Bread
April 29 Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
April 30 Taco Pizza
May 1 Bow Ties with Ham
May 2 Super Speedway Taco Pie
May 3 Ravioli with Chicken, veggies
May 4 Chicken & Rice Casserole
May 5 Ground Beef & Twice Baked potato Pie, veggies
May 6 Creamy Chicken Soup with Open face Cheese sandwiches
May 7 French Toast with sausage and Fruit
May 8 Pigs in a Blanket, Tater Tots, veggies

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

not original, I know, but such is what it is!

Today we were watching The Fox and the Hound. Sorry there may be a spoiler here! Todd, the fox, gets abandoned for his own safety, he was a house pet so doesn't understand the "real world". As it is raining he is trying to find safety and a friendly animal comes and invites Todd to stay with him. I asked Logan what kind of animal it was and he said "the pine cone one" I thought it was cute. Then I asked if it was because he had pine cones on him and Logan gave me the a-firm. Then I burst his 5 year old bubble by smiling and informing him it was a Porcupine.

Then as I was children, Haylie asked me when do you get baptized. I was proud of the question, even though it was random. I informed her when you are 8. She then responded "Is Daddy going to be baptized?" I am assuming she didn't think he was eight but children are sometimes brutally honest!

So there you have it another installment of "Out of the mouths of babes!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time is on Speed!

So I have spent the last two days beautifying my blog...not my house, not my children, not my mind and definitely by no means myself. But I think it looks good. So now the thing is to actually update it. I don't have a lot of time seems how I am picking Jer up from the airport to say good bye again tomorrow. So my goal is to write something everyday. If I can remember something that the kids say it will be easy.

Todat Logan cracked me up, hopefully you will find it almost as comical. Logan asked me today:
"Mom, where do legs come from?"
I tried to buy myself some time because my answers are always wordy and not terribly easy to comprehend for most adults let a lone a child whose attentions is shorter than his little legs, so I said:
"Where do you think they come from?"
He responds matter-of-factly:
"from your bottom!"
What do you say to that!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gratitude at a cost...

It always happens that in order for you to know gratitude you have to be able to compare the good from the bad. Let me preface this by saying I will get no sympathy and maybe even shunned for this. Jeremy has been abundantly blessed by his skills of course but by timing as well. He started at his job 8+ years ago as an errand boy/box mover between his mission and his first semester at BYU. Right before we got married we moved back here and he got his job back, I think he moved right in to the loan department, then as luck would have it he was able to take over the loan department. After getting a few things in order he got the opportunity to be the Executive Vice President of the credit union, his title has since changed because of growth and circumstances but his job really hasn't he is still second in command (unless you count the Board of Directors) I am very proud of him for what he has accomplished at a relatively young age. With this being said I will now commence with how spoiled I am. His job is 5 minutes away from our house, he comes home for lunch, he gets to help out in Miranda's classroom, he has either come to all my pre-natal appts. or watched the kids so I could go. He has been able to take multiple weeks off for each child, he gets lots of vacation time, he works only 8 hour days. He is home no later than 5, usually 4:45. He rarely has to work late, like once every 4 months, and when he does he has usually gone to work let to balance the hours. He travels maybe twice a year. This is where it is put into perspective. Jeremy is in Boston right now, a trip I really wanted to go on. He will be there for 4 days, come home long enough to re-pack and then is taking some vacation time to Arizona where he serve his mission. He will be gone for 7 days. I have planned something to look forward to everyday. I know keeping busy will keep the time going. It is hard being with out him because he is such a hugemongous help, but sometimes he needs to leave me so I can remember to be grateful for what we have. I am very blessed by his job and diligence in all aspects of life. He is amazing. I love him very much, and miss him!

Why..oh why...

...have I not been posting....

Life has been super crazy, but I am beginning to think no matter who you are life and crazy are synonymous! I have a confession to make that proves my slight...uh-um.., irresponsibility. I, as of late, have been obsessed with a little game called Zelda on our N64, yes we have a game system, actually two, we have a PlayStation also and a total of 4 games one for the PlayStation and 3 for the N64. OK so I lost my train of thought for a minute. Back to my obsession. So for those of you who know me when I like something I get a little OK a LOT focused, the world around me no longer exists. This would be fine if I didn't have three ingenious children and a newly mobile yet very inquisitive baby! Since I have started playing I can't tell you how many tissues were wasted, how much food was sneaked (or is it snuck) out of the refrigerator, how much tear-able stuff has been destroyed, how many keyboard setting windows on the Internet have been opened, OK so you get the picture. Well I decided it was the beginning of a month and that I should download all the pictures from my memory stick. I put it in the computer and probably caved into Logan's request that I play Zelda. I forgot! Three days later I went to upload pictures so I could blog about some fum moment we had, low and behold, it was gone, a full 2GB memory card was gone! When we got our new camera Jeremy made me promise that I would take care of it and not leave it within arm's reach, well pretty much out of site from my twin-ados. Our last camera bit the dust when Hayley damaged the lens by what I can only assume to be Lucky Charms and a few nice drops. After a week being camera-less and a Christmas tree purchase in-site we purchased a new camera. We had decided that no more damage could be done to the old camera, so Jeremy dropped it a couple more times, and wouldn't you know it works! So that was an expensive lesson for me. I guess I am still learning or need specific instructions. Lucky for me, he never specifically encouraged the same respect for the memory card. Jeremy went through both garbage cans in the bathrooms (I am married to an amazing man I should have had that gross job), which is where the girls insisted it was. We moved our entertainment center another place they insisted they put it, I cleaned the middle children's room from top to bottom, I have vacuumed everything, and looked in all couch crevasses, luckily I cleaned under the cushions a couple of weeks ago, man was that embarrassing! It is no where to be found. It has been about two weeks since the discovery and we caved and bought a 4GB memory card this past weekend. I am now waiting for the old one to show up.

Just in case you were wondering, Logan thinks I am awesome because I play Zelda. When his little friend Ben comes over he says whose mom is better mine or yours? I tell Logan all boys think that their own mom is the best. Please note Ben ALWAYS pleads the fifth. I sometimes give him good stuff so I am sure he doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him, ha-ha!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rag Doll

Here is the Rag doll Pose
And my five little munchkins! Look at Lauren compare to H & H!

Swingin' Good Times!

A friend took some pictures since I no longer carry my camera with me. Hannah was in the swing and I wanted Lauren to swing too. This is what happened:

It is so nice having warmer weather. We have visited several new parks and have enjoyed the fresh air. It is moments like these when I am reminded how adorable my children are and how much they really do love each other. I do have to say, all of the older ones adore Lauren. they always are tyring to play with her. I am still trying to convince Logan she is not a rag doll!

Monday, April 07, 2008


The kids always (mostly Logan at this point) say the funniest things. I always think if I repeat it in my head a billion times I am sure to remember it. If I do happen to remember it then I tell the story a billion times to ensure that it is still in my memory. There have been a couple instances lately that I really want to remember the quotes but alas, they are gone. This one I do remember:

We were coming home from a friends house and we were driving passed land that houses Llamas, yes that is right llamas. (Don't you just love the randomness of California). Logan says "Mommy, when are we gonna get a llama?" I am not sure why this was so funny other than he asked it in a way that suggests everyone has llamas, or that it was already on our to-do list. I am sure we only hear half the funny thoughts run though their heads.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jelly Belly!!!

Here are a couple cute pictures of the kids on day trip to the Jelly Belly factory. Thank you to Hayley for taking them for me. The older two were there just not as cute...just kidding, I forgot my camera so I mooched off of friends!


OK I have one of many love hate relationships. One being exercise. I always feel that if I could be like a few stalwart people and learn to love exercise it would be fabulous. To be able to get into a routine and actually force myself to miss a day...that would be ideal. So in sharing these feelings I was surprised to find out that it isn't easy for my sweet hubby to get up three days a week at 5:30 to go running (4.5 miles way to go stud!). He said he has to talk himself into it. One feeling I do have in common is I have yet to regret getting up and "moving" early in the morning. Knowing that I am not the only person that has a stern one-person conversation with myself is so helpful. I have two friends that I can go walking with...along with the child count totalling 8, 4 are mine, luckily one can walk most of the way. I think pushing a stroller with 3-4 kids should count as a combination of weight training and aerobics! Then two days a week I have come to know a lady who does fitness training at our church. It is not always easy but I have been there and I am doing my best to not miss anymore. It has been long enough that this baby weight can't park on my abs (well what used to be my abs before children decide to kick them to shreds before evacuating the premises) any more. It is a lot of fun. I know I complain in a humorous way when exercising, but bear with me I am having a great time, I am just trying to laugh through it!

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