Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm flooding your inbox

When I went away in August, Jeremy surprised me by taking the kids to get their photos taken. We were supposed to get them via the Internet but it never happened so I finally got around to scanning them in. In order of appearance (in our lives):
Miranda Leigh "I'm so grown up" 7 and a half
Logan Michael 5 and three quarters just about to start kindergarten
Haylie Anne (Orange) followed by Hannah June (Yellow) 3 and a half

Lauren Grace 15 months
The first picture was the best group shot they could get. After They were done looking at all the pictures there was no one waiting so the lady brought them back in and took the two pictures that are "tall" or portrait style like the first one. Jeremy liked how the older ones were looking over the younger ones. Props to Jeremy for all he does. He is never afraid to take the kids all out. He took them shopping to get similar shirts and did a great job with the colors. Miranda did her own hair but Jeremy did the twins hair. He was made to be a dad and loves every minute of it!


Alice said...

Those are so cute!

Hayley said...

I love all of them. The twins are looking so grown up. Watch out momma, youv'e got some gorgeous girls on you hands.

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