Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you Katie~

This blog's for you!

Just in case you are not clear on what is happening here, Logan is swallowing air and making himself burp. Of course when the camera is rolling they are pretty week but he belched pretty good as soon as I stopped. It is not easy to hide the fact that I was impressed that he could do this so young. I think Katie wasn't good at it until she was in 5th grade! The girls tried a pathetic imitation but it is really just a growl more than a burp.

Scavenger Hunt

Here is the long awaited video of our Scavenger hunt date.

Attempted kidnapping...

This is Jeremy's new all time favorite embarrassing story from my life. He was even more thrilled that he got to watch in unfold, partly thinking to himself..."MAKE HER STOP!" Here is how it went down...

We were in one of our favorite stores in Disneyland the Star Trader, you know the Star Wars one. (Let me digress for a moment: Jeremy came across a saying called "seeing birds" What it means is that one gets easily distracted and forgets what he/she should be doing. For example one needs to go to the bathroom but sees a dirty sock and puts it away, later remembering you were on your way to the bathroom, now I will continue the story) We were actually done and ready to leave when I decided to window shop and Jeremy was about done. I reached down to where Logan was and gently steered his head towards Jeremy and said come on Logan. I continued to "see birds". Logan kind of moved his head to get my hand off him. Jeremy then called my name. I then gently try to lead Logan away...again. He was not moving. Jeremy called my name again. I was getting frustrated because he was hurrying me. So I look down to tell Logan firmly to follow me. Logan had a toy in his hand and was playing with it. I go to reach for the toy as I am asking him where did he get it. Then I realized at that same time Jeremy was calling my name for the third time that this boy whose head I was using as a joystick was NOT my son. His dad was standing right there and never said a peep. I then tried to fumble through an explanation. I don't think he thought it was funny but he was not upset, I am sure he was debating who would last longer if the boy came with me.

After a good time of thinking (and Jeremy practically busting a gut) I should have said " We have a hard time having boys I was trying to even out the playing field and your boy was cute enough!"


Well none of my adorable kids actually call it that. Hannah says sketty. If you haven't figured it out I am talking about Spaghetti. It is a meal that we typically avoid even though it is a favorite amongst the pint size cuties. The reason has to do with the mess factor. That's right this is amongst the messiest of meals. Not only that but the staining of clothes. On a rare occassion I will make this meal in hopes that no clothes will get ruined (I do not do the laundry nor am I a stain master, but I should think of learning.) This is one of those rare occassions where I thought I would embrace the mess. Suck it up and then clean it up while giving myself a lecture as to why I should not give the kids sauce with their noodles. Here are a few pictures of the twins while commencing with the mess. Jon this is for you!

As you can tell I was pleasantly surprised how neat they were. Hannah actually used silverware, what a novel idea.

Our little Performer

Yesterday I had the fun opportunity to see Miranda perform in a weather play. She was a cat as in raining cats and dogs.

This was the song she sang:

Raining, raining Raining cats and dogs See the Saint Bernard splash down Raining-Watch out for that basset hound. Raining, raining Raining cats and dogs Pouring labradors so hard Raining-Beagles flooding out the yard. A shower now of kitties Oh no, oh no A shower now of German shepherds And oodles of poodles in puddles wherever you go! Raining, raining Raining cats and dogs Can't you smell that wet sharpei? Raining-Raining cats and dogs all day. (CATS and DOGS do the Cat and Dog Dance, or THEY can hold the stuffed animals and "dance" them around) CATS and DOGS and CHORUS: Raining, raining Raining cats and dogs See the Saint Bernard splash down Raining-Watch out for that basset hound. Watch out for that basset hound. Raining-watch out for that basset hound.

At the link above you can listen to my next favorite song Warm/Cold Air Mass. This was sung by 8 boys dressed in baseball attire. Acting like opposing teams it was great!

Here is a little video of her singing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Who can complain about looking at more pictures of Lauren. She really is a perfect baby...although not sleeping through the night again...I see white spots promising more teeth. She is sitting up really well so the sink is a fabulous place to bathe her. Here is my favorite picture. Lauren must have been concerned since her little ducky friend was not breathing. She decided to give her little friend a little mouth to mout resuscitation. I knew she was an angel but I didn't expect one so young to be willing and able to help a friend in need.
On another note Lauren is 9 months old. Holy moly she is growing so fast. She is crawling and moving it is soo cute. She does the army crawl quite effectively.
Her hair is long enough to do the cute pony tail on top thing. It sticks straigh up about 2 inches.

New obsession

OK I am sure this too shall pass, but I can't wait. Several people over the last 6 months or so have brought up the book Twilight and highly recommended it. Not only did they enjoy it but their hubbies did too. That had my interest peeked. What could a book offer both genders and be so fascinating that the men were almost stealing the sequels before the women could finish. I broke down after Christmas and finally bought it. Then a friend asked if I had read those books. So I finally found the time to read it Thursday. Then we went to Target where I bought the other two books, New Moon and Eclipse. I told my self it will be my reward for loosing 10 pounds. Jeremy said "Just try to read them a piece at a time. And that is the last thing he said to me for two days! Well not exactly but I read the other two very quickly. They are great books. I would highly recommend them to any one who likes romance and adventure. I have to say if Edward were real there would be a lot of women fighting over him! Not me of course, I am married to my own Edward...except that ONE thing! The fourth book is coming out in August, I can't wait.

A few other awesome series have new books coming out too. The Inkheart Series has it's final book in the trilogy coming out Inkdeath. It is a great series of books about books really coming to life...literally. It should be out in March 2008 (or Spring at least). She is definitely more a childs author but this book is for an older group probably the same Harry Potteresque crowd.

The other fabulous series Eragon has another book due to be released September 20, 2008. It shall be called Brisinger. It was originally supposed to be a triligy now it is a cycle. He couldn't finish it in the third book so there is now a fourth book. Ohhhh, I am excited what a year for books. This author is amazing Christopher Paolini was 15 when he started his finished his first draft for Eragon. The KID is 22 now and has two very popular books with promises of two more. If I had to pick between this series and Lord of the Rings I would pick this. They have a lot of common themes but are very different. Besides what can't be exciting about a Dragon rider...

I am in total awe of each of these authors. There creativity blows me away. If you haven't read any of these books I would really recommend them. Do you have any books that could make me ignore everything I love for a day or two...OK edited for JEr's response...one that I could read slowly but enjoy immensely.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things to do:

I have gotten my very first..."so you haven't posted in a while" reminder. This is not a real post but a to do post. Here are a list of things to post about:

The Stuart's visit (= 9 kids only two boys)
New Years Eve
Lauren in the bath I mean sink
Lauren turned 8 months
Scavenger Hunt Date
My attempt to kidnap a boy in Disneyland
Haylie and Hannah turn 3
Game Plan Movie night

I thinkI have some posts started but I wanted to add pictures so maybe I will bite the bullet and let you use your imagination as to what it really looked like! So be excited for the fabulous things to come

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Girls Night In

A couple of weeks ago, a friend organized a fabulous girls night in. A friend's sister who is now a friend too...just completed all her training and is a certified beautician (I think that is the right word!) She came and was willing to cut everyone's hair who wanted it done. Since she couldn't cut all our hair at once we had a friendly game of Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii (WHICH IS THE MOST FABULOUS GAME SYSTEM EVER!!!) I am pretty much the most uncoordinated of all my fabulous friends! In fact I down right stink. Teri, Janelle, and Tammy are Pop stars at it! We had a great time, thank you Tara for putting it together and thank you Janna for cutting my hair. It is my absolute favorite haircut ever!
If you are looking for a hairstylist I will give you her information. She works in Walnut Creek. Also you know it always looks best when the stylist does it, so please forgive the fly away hairs!

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