Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lauren's busy

She is not exactly walking independently yet. Crawling is still her preferred mode of quick transportation. She is however standing up on her own and taking multiple wobbly steps. Every once in a while she will take 6-7 steps that are very controlled. She will get there, she is just making it known she is going to work at her own pace. Her new favorite thing is pushing her stroller. Since we walk to and from the school 3 times a day, one of her siblings will push her to the school and as soon as we get there she gets fussy so I take her out. It didn't take long for her to push away from me. She has decided that she will walk home. So she holds on to her too tall stroller and pushes it. It is funny to watch!

The kids figured out a while ago that the play baby strollers work really well to push each other around in. Hard wood floors are excellent for mischief! Lauren has been using them to walk for some time but she has now discovered it is fun to push her sister in the stroller. Here is a little video of her giving Hannah a ride. On a side note she will push the stroller around and go up and down the steps. She has a hard time walking but she manages to take a step or two carrying the stroller to lift it up the step.

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smith scratch said...

She is doing AWESOME! I am so surprised! Fantastic!

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