Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Welcoming Christmas

On Friday Jeremy woke up at 4:45 and did a little Black Friday Madness Shopping. He came home about 8:00am and brought edible gifts of donuts. That started our day. We then went out as a family and did a little more shopping. We came home and then went to get a beauty of a crooked tree! We have had a little tradition that Jeremy has had nightmares about since the day we were going to buy our tree. The tradition is one we want to get rid of and thus far have avoided. Our Christmas tree falls over. Usually after it has been decorated. Although battle damage has occured we have had no complete casualties. I have learned two things that, although they bug me, they don't bother me for any length of time. These two things bother Jeremy to no end, like he can barely think of anything else it bugs him so bad. Are you curious? 1) Ants and 2) The Christmas tree falling over. It is so bad he woke me up at 4:00am to tell me his solution to not having our tree fall over. Solution one which is reasonable. He said put the heavier ornaments towards the bottom. I agree although the most fragile are usually the heaviest and need the strongest branches wich are located where? That's right, towards the top. And the second which I think is unreasonable and he still believes it is a good idea, to anchor it to the wall! The second is slighlty in jest but i am sure if I agreed he would be all over it! It is enough to almost convince him to buy a fake tree, that is saying alot if you know him.
On Saturday night we finally decorated the tree. We made the kids sit on the step and wait until they could put the ornaments on. We had to get lights, tinsel (I always called it garland but Jer's family calls it tinsel) and of course the star on top.
I think I saw it on a movie once, Jingle All the Way, where the dad always did the star on top so I insist Jeremy do it too. It helps that he doesn't need to stand on anything to do it either.
So we bit the bullet, bought a smaller tree than last year and only used half our ornaments!
This is our tree before the ornaments. It stands a little crooked and the star wobbles like a bobble head on top but it is our perfect tree, it fits right in. We love it.

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