Monday, December 15, 2008

A Perfect Day

We are not a very involved family, no lessons, sports, etc. however, we do usually have social commitments or church, not to mention the regular trips to Targets and the things that just NEED to get done. It makes for very busy Saturdays. We wouldn't trade that for anything but it is nice when we have a good family day. This Saturday was one of those days. Jeremy had a couple things in the morning so I was with the kids. We got to finish up an art project. They each got to paint their own frame on Thursday then Saturday they got to stamp them and decorate them in their own way. It was fun and I got to help them all individually. Then Jeremy got home and I left to run an errand. He had things he wanted to do such as mow the lawn but he decided to play some games with the kids. One game was Pretty Pretty Princess. It is the funniest thing to see Jeremy with dangly earrings and sometimes a crown. This is one of the funny hazards of being dad to so many girls. These are the times when we know we are making good memories with the kids.

1 comment:

Gie Bergmill said...

Pretty Pretty Princess is one of Beni's favorite games too. And Carl's, I'm sure!

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