Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A coupon Redeemed

Stampin' Up has a now retired stamp set called Create-A-Coupon. My friends and I have had fun making coupons for our husbands and a few husbands have made some in return, including Jeremy. This is about a coupon I made for Jeremy. One of our new found favorite date nights is to eat dinner together after the kids go to bed and watch a movie. So I made a coupon for him that said I would make him a dinner of his choice, and the movie of his choice was assumed, even though he considers my opinion in that category.

His Menu:
BBQ Tri-Tip (Costco has the best pre-Marinated Tri-Tip)
Potato Cakes like those served at Claim Jumper
California Mix Vegetables
Snickers Salad (Thanks Hayley!)
and for Dessert:
Vanilla Ice Cream with Magic Shell (What can I say he is a kid at heart!)

I did actually BBQ outside in the cold, if I wasn't pregnant I would have said no way but being that I am perpetually hot the crisp air felt fabulous. The kiddos were asleep at 8:00, by 8:30 dinner was ready.
The Snickers Salad didn't turn out in the picture but it is delicious, I think like most fruit salads some may call it dessert but we call it healthy fruit! Just in case you are curious we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I made it though dinner but had to lay down because of my back, needless to say I snored, in a nice feminine was of course, through at least half of the movie. The dinner was delicious though and worth the work, plus Jeremy loved it. As long as he knows how much I love him that's all that matters. I love you Jer!

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