Friday, December 12, 2008

A Star is Born

It is no secret that Miranda loves to perform. Her strengths are a few of my many weaknesses. Back in September she got to sing with two older girls for our Primary program. She had no fear or at least it appeared that way. She did amazing. It doesn't take much talent to be in a required class play but it is still always a little nerve wracking getting up in front of people. She did it and she was fabulous. I love to see her in front of people and not be shy. Here she is in her class Thanksgiving play.
She also got to play Mary in a Nativity scene for our church (ward) Christmas party. I was "backstage" so I didn't get to see how it went. Thankfully Uncle Chris was there to represent with the camera. Thanks Chris for always being there to take pictures!
This is a post about Miranda but I had to add that Logan was one of the Wisemen, the green one!
His buddy Caden is the purple Wiseman. They are 6 weeks apart in age and happen to be in the same class in Kindergarten. Logan will be the next shining star. He will be in his class "Holiday" Performance on Monday, I will make sure to take pictures and post them soon.

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Ranel said...

So many star's in our family. Miranda you make a perfect Mary and Logan you make a perfect wiseman. Love you Grandma Nel.

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