Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Funny sayings in my life

The kids crack me-up sometimes. Hannah is always saying things that are funny hopefully I can communicate them so you can chuckle too!

Yesterday she picked up a Christmas card and said "What does this say?" I said like I always do "what do you think it says?" I love setting them up for creativity. She looked at the card and pretended to read "Dear Christmas, I love you, Santa!" I am sure he does love Christmas.

I can't remember the situation but Hannah said in her little three almost four year old voice. "I absolutely don't want to!" What little girls uses that word?

When she is done eating and still has a little left she never tells us No she won't eat it, she says "I can't know how to finish it!"

When we asked Haylie if she wanted homemade cookies last night or ice cream she said "I will have one of each, that OK with you?"

Although this was a while ago it deserves a mention. Jeremy and Logan were talking philosophically and Logan asked Jeremy "Where do Legs come from?" Jeremy trying to buy some time to think of a good answer said "what do you think?" Logan said I know, "from your bottom" Why didn't Dad think of that?

At Thanksgiving I was prepping the turkey and Logan asked what we eat on Thanksgiving I told him turkey so he asked "well what do turkeys eat?" I honestly said they don't, so Logan said that's right because they are cooked.

And lastly we were at Costco and Logan decided he didn't want to eat turkey for Christmas. I asked what did he want instead. He said "Pig" I think we might be a little too honest about what animal meat comes from.

Lauren although she thinks she says a lot he favorite command is "Na!" when she says it it is said with undeniable authority. Which means give it to me NOW! She also says Ka for sock and Zsh for shoes.

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