Friday, December 26, 2008

Miranda Funny

It is not too often I get to report on something funny Miranda says. She cracked Jeremy and I up this morning. One thing about Miranda is that she is our pickiest eater. Textures bother her a lot and she has the mental capacity to make her self throw up just so she doesn't have to eat something. She is the one that will ask to go to the bathroom with a mouthful of food so she can spit it out in the toilet. She was caught now we do a mouth check before she can go potty during meal times. This morning we gave her some cereal, Lucky Charms. She will only eat a very small amount, like 1/8 cup with no milk. She was eating it then decided she didn't feel well. With the stomach flu going around we were a little hesitant but knowing her track record, we thought she could finish it. She got really pouty and sad. Everyone else finished and Jeremy asked who would eat Vienna Sausages. She brightened up and said she would. We looked at her and said but you are full and not feeling well.

"I was just saying that so I didn't have to finish"..short pause...smack herself on forehead "I just tattle-taled on myself!"

Jeremy and I started laughing and Miranda did too. Then Jeremy said that is a blog moment and I whole-heartedly agreed. That was when Miranda started crying and saying it wasn't funny. There were real tears, but I am too mean and it really was funny. So here it is in blog form, she may or may not ever know. **Hear wicked evil laugh here**

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Christina said...

So funny! We have one child who hardly eats anything. He's 6 and SO skinny it scares me sometimes. It's hard to know how much to push and how much to let go on that issue

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