Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweet Lauren

The kiddos have been into playing games. It is nice since Miranda reads she can help the kids play games, which they all love. Today Haylie and Hannah wanted to play a game and introduce Lauren to the game closet which equals lots of little pieces. I looked down the hall and Lauren was looking in the closet. I told her no and then I looked up and she was gone. What an obedient child NOT! I walked down the hall and this is what I found:
She didn't walk away she walked into the closet and closed the door behind her. I was walking to check on her and the little imp was in there and proud of her sneakiness! I even walked back to get the camera and she stayed there and was ready to pose for a picture.
She had dumped out a game, luckily it is mostly cards and only one choking hazard, a large dice. We have been blessed with babies who are not extremely oral with the need to put things in their mouths! I am embarrassed to say even when she is devilish in her antics she is dang cute!

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