Thursday, December 25, 2008

An update on Jackson

He's still living the suite life in my womb. I went in and am dilated to 1.5cm, good news right? But my little cervix that should have the process down by now is uncooperative. It has not softened or shortened. He was willing to "stretch" things but due to the unsoftness (? is that how you say it?) he couldn't. He felt around and thought maybe Jackson was no longer head down, turns out he is still head down but not "locked and loaded." Which made the doctor nervous. I wasn't terribly surprised since Lauren was still moving up until she was bound head down 4 hours before she was born. So we will not be having a December 2008 baby. My next appointment is January 5th, two days after my due date. He is still very aware of the size of Lauren so he is trying to make sure I don't have that same experience again. I am measuring right on, so I am hoping he is not growing too rapidly. Here's hoping that he will be here soon, healthy and a normal birth weight.

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Ranel said...

Well you still have a few December day's left for the 2008 tax credit, however I am voting on the first baby to be born on 2009 New Years day. Coming in with a bang and fireworks. ~mom

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