Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To List Follow-up

Here are the results of my To-Do list:
1: Get off the computer:  (Please note, cleaning off the computer desk was NOT on my to do list!)
 2, 4, 6, 10: Do dishes, I did not take a picture every time, but trust me when I say I did a TON of dishes yesterday...and I didn't even cook dinner!)
 3: I did bake over 12 dozen sugar cookies that I will frost tonight after the kids go to bed.
 Unfortunately I got a little sidetracked with one batch and they got a little too crispy, I guess "that's the way the cookie crumbles!" name that movie!
 4:  This is Miranda scooping the 3rd batch of cookies.  She did make all the dough, and I cleaned up all the dishes.  The cookies and write-up is complete.  I will carry over the poster board completion for today's to-do list!
 7:  The dessert for Logan was using Vanilla wafers and some dark chocolate and mint chocolate chips.  We melted the chocolate chips and dipped the wafers in them.  They were like home made grasshoppers or Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Delicious.  This showed resourcefulness "because we melted chocolate and dipped the vanilla wafers" according to Logan.

8:  As for the centerpiece showing resourcefulness, we were told to use something that they made.  Well Logan loves putting together Legos so we brought one of his Lego Ships.  It was from a kit, but he has made some pretty fabulous things from his own imagination.  Logan is also a pretty fabulous artist remember this he was 4 when he drew it!

9:  I sewed on one patch and Logan earned another, so I guess it washes and will continue to be on my to-do list!

12:  Jeremy was able to find Logan's scout book, as it turned out we had done it all already and I just needed to sign it off.  Logan now knows the scout motto, theme, sign, what WeBeLOS means, and a few additional things pertaining to scouts.  So here is Logan with his Bobcat patch!  Way to go Logan.  He did his "good turn" before leaving by helping clean up while other kids were playing.  He turned his patch right side up!
16:  The kids did eat lunch and it was actually soup, rolls, fruit, and I think candy.

It was a busy day, I had to count to ten several times to not blow my top, which I did, right before Jeremy walked in the door.  He came home from work an hour early just to help me.  That was an AWESOME surprise!  Then I had to apologize to Logan for loosing patience with him.  I am so grateful he loves me.

All in all it was a good day, and this day is looking good too!

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