Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blogs are for bragging right?

We had a super crazy busy Saturday (Do I hear a oh yeah? I am sure mine was busier?)!  It ended with the culmination of Miranda's first year of being on swim team.  They expressed that starting after the age of nine is hard and it only gets harder from that point on.  Since they are swimming against people who have been on swim team for years!

Miranda got her trophy and it was a gold trophy (well the name plaque anyway).  I learned that 1-15 PBs (personal bests, popped times or you may easily say, beating their fastest time recorded) gets you a silver, 15-50 gets you a gold and 50+ gets you a green (I am sure it has something to do with the GATORS!)  Well Miranda got a gold.  I am so proud of her.  Every time she went out and performed and got better every time practically.

When she started the year her breast stroke was a combination of breast and butterfly, it was actually comical. I thought she would get DQ'd (disqualified) for incorrect stroke but they said it was fine.  It has been so amazing watching her grow.  As the season progressed she smiled less when she swam and wore a more serious game face.  She WANTED to do better, but was so happy to participate in any race she could!

Which leads me to her next award.  Most Improved.  There were a lot of first time swimmers, like Miranda, this year which means lots of room for improvement.  The coaches picked one boy and one girl from each age group.  They gave a nice intro using phrases like "this girl" so we didn't know until the end.  Then I was bummed that I didn't record it.  The words were so nice I wish I had!

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