Monday, March 07, 2011

Prayer Works!

I have been slowly working on my personal progress which is a program for the young women at church, ages 12-18. As Relief Society sisters (18+) we have been invited to participate as well. The first value is faith. With each value you need to complete 6 experiences and 1 project.  The first experience was to read some specific scriptures and prayer regularly in the morning and at night for 30 days then share your experience.

So I have been doing that.  I have surpassed the 30 days and immediately got a little lazy.  I noticed when I stopped talking with the Lord I got a little out of sync and more sensitive, emotional and depressed.  During this time I went to Martinez to get a copy of Lauren's birth certificate.  When I got there all BOTH of the free parking spaces were taken.  So I had to use a metered space.  I searched the car and came up with a nickel.  I had just purged the coinage the day before paying late library fees.  I knew a nickel gets you about no time on a parking meter.  So I prayed that it would work out.  In the grand scheme, it isn't that far of a drive and could be done another time.  I decided I could put in my nickel then run in and at least get it processed, drive around and hope I see some one pull away.  I got the two kids out of the car got them all strapped in the stroller, then was about to put my nickel in when the car in front of me pulled away.  He had about 11 minutes left on his meter.  So I left the kids on the sidewalk and pulled up the space and added my nickel to it.  Then I was pretty much going to follow the same plan.  I put in my paper work and figured I would wait for about 8 minutes, I got called right away and was back to the car with 1 minute left on the meter!  How is that for a blessing?

Fast forward to today, I have realized that one important thing about prayer is communication.  Heavenly Father wants us to talk to him and he wants us to want to talk to him.  Just like we want our children to come and talk to us, we want to know what is going on in their lives and we want them to want to talk to us.  Huge revelation that prayer is important!

This morning I was getting out of the shower and my ring caught on my towel.  I didn't think anything of it, until it caught on my shirt as I was getting dressed.  I looked at my ring to see if a prong was sticking up and my heart fell to the pit of my stomach.  My diamond was gone.  I had already been to exercise, in the car, put away dishes, brushed my teeth, thrown stuff in the garbage, not to mention shower with the big drain, you know how that works!  I was so sad, it isn't something we keep money for, but I also knew it was just a symbol, it was not life threatening, and it was replaceable.  I looked around the house and decided to head to the church like a friend had suggested (that is where we exercise in the morning).  I sent her a text and she said "I will be right there!"

On the way to the church I sent up a little prayer and said that if it is His will please help me find that diamond.  Then the doubt crept in and I really felt why would this happen for me?  Then I countered that thought with "remember the parking meter?  He cares about the small and simple things too."  We got to the church and my friend went on the stage to turn on the lights.  I walked in the gym and decided to start where I put my mat, which is in the same place everyday on a specific line of the basket ball court.  Sure enough, my diamond was right there.  We found it!  I could not believe it, not only did I feel so blessed but I felt so humble because I doubted when I made such a silly request to our Heavenly Father.

As I was sharing the little prayer I had plead on the way to the church, my friend said "It may seem little but He knows it is important to you!"  That is the key.  I can't tell you much I feel His hand in my life.  I can tell you though that I have no doubt prayer works, He is waiting for us to talk to him about the things that are important to us.

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