Monday, September 12, 2011

I hear it's your birthday

Ok not yours, but mine. Yes I am officially one year older and wiser too! Jeremy took the day off and we lounged around the house. I then got to work in Logan's classroom while Jeremy did the Costco shopping with the four little ones, I know he is amazing! After that a good friend showed up with goodies in her hand. After welcoming her in and talking for a minute, Jeremy says "I haven't told her." She was there to watch our kids so we could go out to lunch, eat SLOW and TASTE the food. It was really nice, I am grateful for such a wonderful friend. Then we hung out and Jeremy cooked me dinner, Tri-Tip and baked potatoes. Then I made dessert, Apple Turnovers, those were almost as good as the Tri-Tip. While things were cooking I got to open my presents.

Jeremy decided to switch things up this year. He handed the kids a baseball cap with slips of paper in them. I got to pick out a paper, one at a time. As I quickly found out, the slips of paper held the clue/location of each of my gifts. There was a gift hidden in the bathroom, our bedroom, mixed in with jeremy's GRAPHIC NOVELS aka comic books, my china cabinet and a few others. It was a fun way to receive gifts. The kids and I enjoyed running around the house to locate my treasures. I felt extremely spoiled.
Thank you to the man who takes care of us, even though his plate is jam packed with responsibility. We are still number one to him and he spoils me even when I am a little less than deserving. Thank you for all you do and thanks for the fabulous gifts. I love every single one!

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Ranel said...

OK madam... this is your mother and I know when you were born... whats up with the early Birthday?

Looks like a great one though!!!

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