Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Really? Did That Just Happen?

Be grateful there are no photos!

Jeremy is starting his second Mission Prep class tonight and this is how it went down while he was out.  Jackson fell asleep crying because I was making him pick up 1 mess.  Even though his siblings clean up after him EVERY SINGLE DAY!  (SIDE NOTE:  Is it too much to ask a 2.75 year old to pick up little blocks and put them in the bucket that they are all surrounding?)  When he was awakened he wouldn't stop crying, so I held him to calm him down.  I told the rest of the kids to brush teeth and go potty then we would read scriptures.  All easy-peasy right? Not tonight!  Logan apparently was afraid to use our bathroom because of some creepy noise, thank you Halloween!  So when he went to use the kids bathroom, Miranda quickly got on the potty, isn't she clever?  Logan being 110% inventive boy decides to sit on Jackson's training potty, har-har!  Well apparently it is hilarious, which we do encourage laughter.  I wish it ended there.  Miranda was laughing so hard that she started coughing.  If you know Miranda at all you know the girl could pretty much throw up on command.  One thing that makes it easy is when she is coughing.  Low and behold, she threw up.  Again she is a regular so not a big deal, she knows how to clean herself up (but doesn't need to because she always...usually makes it to the potty).  This time it was in the sink of our long galley style bathroom.  Unfortunately Logan has a weak sauce stomach, but was trapped between a wall and a stinky throw-up.  I think his thought process went subtly like this "I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE PRONTO!"and proceeded to drop his shoulder like he was pushing through the offensive line in a football game.  Unfortunately the gagging got the best of him.  He on the other hand never throws up and when he does it rocks his world.  He made it almost to the door.  Because they were goofing off I said they had to clean it up.  Then Logan proceeds to dry heave.  If you have ever been near a male when they are tossing their cookies, you know that just their stomach contents is not enough, they go for all of their internal organs with the most forceful upchuck noise possible.  The third gag, ended in results, luckily he was at the toilet.  Unluckily he hadn't lifted the lid!  Miranda, bless her sweet little heart, was talking so nice to him to calm him down and even cleaned up the seat.  I sent them all to bed (after re brushing their teeth of course). Lauren was stuck between the dirty toilet seat and the pile on the floor, crying expressing her fear in being stuck between...well you get the idea.  She was able to escape and head to bed.  I cleaned up the floor and made sure the toilet seat was clean, then a thought crossed my mind which truly shocked me.  Not one time was I completely mad at Jeremy for not being here, that is unusual for me when I am cleaning throw up, and he is not.  Maybe I am more mature now that I am 34!  Nope! I just wrote a blog post about throw up!

Oh and I hope you don't mind all the words and no pictures, I was only thinking of you sweet reader, when I did not put them in!

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