Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It is a clean slate

What I choose to do with it, that is the real question.  A friend asked me today if I had any New Years resolutions.  I said "Of Course" in a monotone voice "the usual, loose some weight, get more organized, you know what I resolve to do every year." 

While those are true, I set those goals at least every Sunday.  One thing we are going to work on as a family is to read the Book of Mormon.  The theme in Primary is "I know the scriptures are true."  What better way to supplement what they are learning at church then studying it at home.  In my useless web surfing I found this great book mark incentive idea.  For each book that you complete as a family they have goals that you can tie to the book completed.  So much fun.  We will be editing the prizes to fit our family, but will totally be enjoying this.

Also this year, Jeremy and I have been asked to help at Girl's camp this summer.  It is for girl's ages 12-18.  It will be a first for both of us.  This ties to my goal to complete the Young Women's Personal Progress Program.  I get to go as the Personal Progress Person which I am barely familiar with, so I figured I would start now and see how much I can get done.  It will help while I am there, but also strengthen my testimony of a fabulous program that will turn nice young ladies into well rounded and well prepared young women.  This is probably my favorite and most exciting goal.

With this goal I am debating if I should use this blog as my Personal Progress journal or if I should keep it more private...decisions, decisions.

Other things that I am planning on doing this year is beating my time from last year's See Jane Tri event.  I am already registered (for FREE, thanks!) and looking forward to lighter mornings when I can train with my good friend Teri...and any other lady that is interested.

In other 2011 news, Jeremy has completed his Bachelor's Degree through the BYU General Studies Program.  While this is actually 2010 news, we are going to take a family trip so me and the kids can watch him walk and accept his degree.  We are truly proud of him and think it is a very neat experience for the children to know that it really is a big deal and it is really important to Jeremy.

What are your 2011 hopes, dreams, goals?  And how do you plan on accomplishing them?  With out a plan how do you get started?

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Angie Miller said...

April - I think it is so great to get your medallion - you are a rock star. I re-received mine a few months ago, and it was such a wonderful experience. I would LOVE to read about your journey on the blog if you decide to go that route! (Even to give us a few snippets.)

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