Saturday, November 01, 2008

Can you feel the rain?

As the end of this election year is coming to a close, I can not lie and say I will miss it. I have shared with many friends that this campaign for Prop 8 has been the hardest thing I have been asked to do since I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While I still feel I have not done much nor enough, I have been emotionally involved, and it is exhausting. Some compare this to the early saints of the Church who left everything behind, as they were threatened with their lives again and again, and move to a new place. Finally ending with the long walk to Salt Lake from Nauvoo, Illinois. These people left everything they could not carry in a small wagon and sometimes handcart. Some walked through snow, lots buried their husbands, many children. Yet they still endured. Some had carried their things almost the whole way only to find out they couldn't bring them over the mountains and had to leave what they cherished most. So I can honestly say this is not THAT hard...for me. This IS the hardest thing I have done so far. While I am aware of many blessing I receive from my Heavenly Father, I am sure I am unaware of those tiny yet valuable moments that He has protected me from hard things.

On to my point. It is raining here, pretty hard at times. I was sitting at my table reading, while Jeremy has headed out to stand in the pouring rain, preparing to get absolutely drenched, yet doing what he has been asked to do, and with a good, willing attitude. I am sure this has not been an easy campaign for anyone, whether it is blogging, participating in public forums, knocking doors, making phone calls or holding or placing signs, it is ALL hard and makes you as an individual vulnerable. I get Jeremy called to say he was there and people were indeed out there in the rain holding signs. Within about 10 minutes of his call, I looked up from my book and it had stopped raining. At that moment I felt the love of my Heavenly Father. It was one of those small blessings that reminded me that He knows that this is hard and He loves us for doing what we are asked to do, which is protect marriage, the marriage he created when he united Adam and Eve. He is always there to comfort us when we need it. I know how much He loves Jeremy and the other hundreds of people who are doing the same thing. So in a time when rain is much needed I am grateful that He stopped the rain for a time.


Mama J said...

We weren't as lucky over here. Jeremy and his buddies stood in the rain holding signs under an umbrella. They were completely drenched, but all for a good cause. Tuesday can't come any sooner, can it?

Cory and Becca said...

great post April. I thought you might find interest in this blog for Prop 8:

Christina said...

I admire the efforts you're making! Just two more days.

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