Monday, November 03, 2008

Family Home Evening: Patriotism.

As we are getting ready to vote tomorrow..(not me, mine has probably already been counted vote by mail wa-hoo!) Jeremy and I always try to have our own post-family home evening and discuss what is on the ballot and how to vote, make sure we are both understanding what the candidates stand for or the propositions etc. This year I thought with as much as the kids are hearing, yes elementary school kids are coming home saying I would vote for Barak Obama. Miranda's reason was that he has a daughter, Sasha the same age as her.

So I thought we could talk about Patriotism. It was linked to Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. This can be found in the Book of Mormon Alma 46. It is a great story about a man known as Captain Moroni. He was a righteous man. There was another man named Amalickiah. He wanted to be king and gathered people to follow him using "flattering words." Moroni was angry and "rent his coat" and on it he wrote "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children"

It seemed the perfect way to liken the scripture story to the elections. We talked of the story and then I shared a more grown up quote from a modern prophet Ezra Taft Benson. It says "Patriotism is more than flag-waving and fireworks. It is how we respond to public issues. If we ask only 'what's in this proposal for me?--What do I get out of it?'--we are not patriotic and we are not good citizens. But if we ask, 'Is this right?--is it good for the ...people?--would it preserve and strengthen our freedom?'--then we deserve to stand in the company of [great patriots]. Patriotism is trying always to give more to the Nation than we receive. It is selfless service."

Although Captain Moroni was "flag-waving" he was fighting for what was right, and willing to give more, his life, than he was given in return. This really hit home for me and this time of year. It was especially great because Miranda gave the lesson and told this scripture story in her own words. She got it, and because she taught it, Logan got it too. It was awesome! I added the quote more for the grown-ups but I did tell the kids while they are too young to vote they are never too young to be good citizens of this blessed land.

I am not sure why, if it is said, or just in pictures or if it has been my interpretation but the Title of Liberty is always yellow in my mind. So for our treat I made "edible Title of Liberties"
As I got to thinking about it I noticed a coincidence. The Prop 8 signs are done with mostly yellow with blue writing on it.
Our sign is a little worn, as I am sure Captain Moroni's coat was too.


Christina said...

Good for you! I just voted and feel so wonderful that we live in a land where we can choose our leaders. Our children's school did a mock election and Obama lost, but only by one vote. Weird, huh, at a school in the heart of Utah County? I'm keeping watch on Prop 8 and I hope all your efforts pay off today.

m_and_m said...

Love this.

Did you ever see the Cap'n Moroni and Samuel the Lamanite pics with the Prop 8 sign? This post made me think of that.

Wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog, too. Any friend of cheryl's is a friend of mine. :)

April J. said...

M and M. I forgot I had seen the Samual one but never saw/heard of the Moroni one so I "googled" it. Interesting. Looks like it got a few people stirred up?!

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