Sunday, November 09, 2008

A day in our life...

It seems Jeremy and I can agree about 2 weeks ago we lost control of the volume in our house. The kids have learned one noise level, near or far, inside or out, the level is FULL BLAST! It seems conversations at the dinner table are extremely loud. Jeremy and I used to be able to hold conversations, the kids have caught on extremely well and all talk at once. This may sound like a complaint and by the end of a meal it probably is. I love these kiddos and all their noise, the fun things they are interested in that make no sense to me at all. At times it gets to be too much but I know how blessed we are. Hannah is becoming quite the singer with Haylie close behind. I find them singing more and more of those one liners repeated over and over. Today Haylie and Hannah were sitting on the couch singing from their library books. Songs which of course had nothing to do with their books or each other! After about 15 minutes of this "noise" Jeremy quietly asked me to film it. So here is a little video of the girls singing. Hannah is by far the louder one and you can hear her singing I am a Child of God and If the Savior Stood Beside Me amongst other words.

At one point you hear Haylie say "Stop it Hannah I'm trying to sing!"


Braeden and Jackie said...

April, your girls are too cute!! I love Jeremy's 'quiet tolerance' in the background. The rubbing of the face is priceless.

Christina said...

So funny! That sounds just like my house.

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