Monday, November 24, 2008

PG update

PG=pregnancy FYI

So I am officially 34 weeks. Things are going pretty good. I try not to think of Labor and Delivery, I am always afraid this one will be the bad experience! With a little less than 6 weeks left I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and the pains that go with that. I am still forever grateful that I have healthy pregnancies and my pains are normal, nothing to cause concern to me or our little baby.

The real reason I was posting was to share a couple things the twins say about baby Jackson. We took Haylie, Hannah and Lauren to my last appointment and told them that they will get to hear the heartbeat. They thought it was pretty neat, not like Logan though. Lauren just looked at me with lots of concern I took it as "what the heck is that?" Then Jeremy said no she hears COMPETITION! I think he was more correct.

Since the appointment on more than one occasion one of the girls will lean against my ever expanding tummy and say I heard his "heartbeef." They may be right and I will give birth to a cow! Hannah will tell me what Jackson is doing. Yesterday he went for a walk in my tummy. He has taken a bath in there with pretend soap. Today he is getting ready for Christmas. It is quite funny, they really don't get it. I know for some babies in utero they get cramped and I realize the twins created a penthouse "sweet" for the siblings who followed them. Seriously though I don't think he has as much room as they think. I asked how big they thought he was in there and Hannah held up two fingers and held them about 1.5 inches apart. Haylie was probably a bit closer with both arms opened wide. So would you like to see the penthouse suite:

The doctor asked if my stomach was bigger than with my other pregnancies. Umm? hum? I am not sure, but it it does look like a good size watermelon is in my shirt! I do have to give him props he is very attentive when it comes to the size of this baby, he is going to try and "Stir things up" at 38 weeks (4 more weeks yeah-baby!) give the exit door cooperates and doesn't put me or the baby at risk. Yeah for caring and compassionate doctors! Lots of gratitude in our home! And with that here is another good cartoon for me!

pregnancy cartoon

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Christina said...

Cute cartoon. You're looking very cute! Funny about the doctor's question -- didn't he know you'd had twins?

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