Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Week of 31

Last week I turned 31 in years and weeks. I am officially 31 weeks along (now 31 and 4/7) That means only 59 days to go until I will probably cry or laugh that my due date is coming and going with no baby. Hopefully reverse psychology works and I will have a 12/30 baby. Any-hoo I thought the cartoon for this week was kind of lame so I thought I would take a picture of my large and in charge belly. Here is me a 31 weeks after swallowing a 4lb pumpkin:
Stay tuned next month to what I look like after eating a 6 lb Turkey!


Christina said...

You look adorable! I turn 31 in a week, so we're the same age. Next time you come to Utah, we really ought to get together.

Alice said...

Hooray! And you look so cute:)

Lacy said...

You look really cute, April. I am envious you are already in the 30's. I can't wait till I am there.

i love your shirt as well.

Mama J said...

Lookin cute as ever! Boy has this pregnancy gone by fast...at least for me cause I'm not carrying him!

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