Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls Night Out

I have been so excited to see Twilight, I am not going to lie. I really enjoyed it. I partly wished I hadn't read the book first, then the book gets to fill in the gaps instead of noticing missing parts. I went in with very low expectations, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed if I expected bad. It was pretty good, especially since they didn't expect it to make too much money. The special effects were cheesy but hopefully with the next one they can do better since the investment will be worth it.

So on to the night. I made dinner for 7 great friends. I choose the only real meal shared in the book that happened to be the only real date too. I made ravioli's then added breadsticks and salad. I also served Pepsi, as I don't like coke. Dinner was good the conversation was fun. I let everyone take candy from our ginormous Halloween stash for movie theater snacks. As we were leaving my friend April asked "you have the tickets right" I replied "yep except Heather has her own" do you see where this is going? We wanted to leave about 1.5 hours early so we got to sit together. We pulled up to the theater about 1 hour before the movie started. There was hardly any parking in the nearby garage. It was my lucky night I found a spot. We get out of the car and I go to hand everyone there tickets, then realize I took only my wallet to the school craft faire and left it in the stroller...not the one in the car but the one I leave at home! Stupid, Idiot, Lame....These were all words that went through my mind with the mental word lashing I was giving my self. Luckily my friend Tara decided to drive home with me to get the tickets. If she hadn't I probably would have cried for all the prep I did to make everything work out timing wise. We laughed a lot, but when you are with her it is kind of a given. Great story teller, reminds me of Lucille Ball with her facial expressions! We made good time, we got the tickets and were back with in half an hour. Tara gracefully passed tickets off to Jen on the curb in front of the theater so she could run in and give the tickets to the rest of the group who were waiting in line. We got a way better parking spot. We made it! Come to find out the worker lady at Cinemark/Century Theatre held up the line until the tickets were there for our group. It was awesome and made me feel less guilty. (A little plug for the theater go to CineMark theaters!)

Backing up a little I planned this dinner thing and fully intended to let Jeremy relax while I did it all, since I am the one always coming up with these ideas. He was the perfect hired hand. He did all the last minute prep...which was everything since it was one of those 15 minute dinners, while I got to socialize. I did help a bit but he really went above and beyond my expectations. Then he fed the kids, helped clear the dishes while we continued to chat away. When I go back home from the movie, it was all cleaned up. It was awesome. I feel so lucky to have him as my partner, best friend, and example. He made it such a nice and relaxing evening. If only I hadn't forgot the tickets at hope it would have been the easiest girl's night in/out ever.

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Janelle said...

Oooh sounds fun. I was picking up my MIL from the airport. She came for a surprise visit.

Lots of people have mildly good things to say about the movie. Which is good. I bet you're right and the next one is better.

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